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RSE Club Championship 2022 – Final Results

Here are the final results to this year’s RSE club championship. Well done to all have raced this year, it’s been brilliant to see so many yellow vests out there at so many races. A total of 20 Men and 34 Ladies have taken part in club races in 2022.

Endurance Expert Category:

This category included races with distances starting at 7 ish miles at Stroud Beer race to Marathon distance. 5 out of 8 races needed to be completed to qualify. It was a close battle for both the ladies and the men’s competition.

Endurance Expert Ladies Top 3:

  1. Elaine Chapman (43 points)
  2. Eleanor Witnall (41 points)
  3. Sarah Page (30 points)

Endurance Expert Men’s Top 3:

  1. Mark Garrett (48 points, won on head to head)
  2. David Witnall (48 points)
  3. Phil Southworth (42 points)

Short Stuff Specialist Category:

This category included races with distances starting at 1 mile to 10km distance. Again, 5 out of 8 races needed to be completed to qualify.

Short Stuff Specialist Ladies Top 3:

  1. Nia Glover (50 points)
  2. Eleanor Witnall (42 points)
  3. Elaine Chapman (37 points)

Short Stuff Specialist Men’s Top 3:

  1. David Witnall (50 points)
  2. Mark Garrett (47 points)
  3. Phil Southworth (35 points)

Overall Championship Results:

To qualify for the overall championship, 4 races from each category needed to be completed. Sadly this year, only 2 ladies qualified, and no masters trophies will be handed out either.

RSE Overall Ladies Club Championship Top 2:

  1. Eleanor Witnall (70 points)
  2. Elaine Chapman (65 point)

RSE Overall Men’s Club Championship Top 3:

  1. David Witnall (79 points)
  2. Mark Garrett (77 points)
  3. Phil Southworth (64 points)

Congratulations to Dave and Ellie, our 2022 RSE Club Champions – who are also the first married couple to both win!

The updated spreadsheet with all results is now on this website, under the championship section. We will be announcing the 2023 races soon. Any questions or queries speak to your club captains, Elaine Chapman and David Witnall.

Happy running all, well done for all who have taken part in our club races and bring on 2023!

Championship 2022 – Update

Hi all,

Sharing an update of results for this years club championship. We have returned to the short, endurance and overall championship format this year, plenty of club races to get your teeth stuck into.

We have had 4 club races so far – 2 endurance, 2 short, and a fantastic turnout at all of them. It looks like we’re going to have an exciting year of racing, with a lot of names in the mix for possible prizes.

Endurance Expert 2022:

In our endurance category, race distances range from above 10km distance to marathon. The first race was the Wiltshire 10 miler in February, then the Berkeley Fission 20 miler in March.

Endurance Results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 18 points
  2. Elaine Chapman – 15 points
  3. Nadine Brown – 14 points


  1. Dave Witnall – 19 points
  2. Phil Southworth – 17 points
  3. Kevin Joynes-Creed – 11 points

Short Stuff Specialist 2022:

In our short stuff category, race distances range from 1 mile to 10km. The first race was the Linda Franks 5 miles in January, followed by the Highworth 5 in April.

Short Stuff Results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 19 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 14 points
  3. Kirsty Pitts – 11 points


  1. Mark Garrett – 20 points
  2. Dave Witnall – 18 points
  3. Darren Jenner – 13 points

Overall Championship 2022:

For the overall championship, the top scoring 4 races for each runner are taken from each category to get a combined score.

Overall results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 37 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 27 points
  3. Elaine Chapman – 22 points


  1. David Witnall – 37 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 30 points
  3. Phil Southworth – 25 points

It is very exciting to see so many names in the mix this year, although it is still early days and there are plenty of points to pick up. Our next Endurance race will be the Stratford Half marathon, and our next Short Stuff race will be the Cirencester Summer Sizzler 10km race.

For any information on the championship or upcoming races please speak to myself or Dave, your club captains.

Happy Running!


Ladies Club Captain

Championship 2021 – Final Results

2020 was the year of no championship due to Covid restrictions. After a cautious start to the year, we were able to have a club championship in 2021. As it was late to start, and events were still uncertain, we returned to the original format of one championship with a reduced number of races, including a very low key club time trial in Fairford. With a few changes as the year progressed, the Secret Santa 10 mile race in Hullavington was the final race in the 2021 Running Somewhere Else Club Championship.

It was so lovely to be back out racing in our yellow vests, we certainly had a strong field in a lot of the races. As a team we’ve shown spirit and support, and we’ve even picked up a few prizes on the way. I think I can speak for myself and Dave when I say we are very proud to be club captains of such a fantastic bunch!

The complete results are available here. Here is a summary of the prize winners:

Men’s Championship 2021:

1st Place – Mark Garrett

2nd Place – David Witnall

3rd Place – Paul Robertson

Masters trophy: Darren Jenner

Ladies Championship 2021:

1st Place: Rosie Hartland

2nd Place: Sharon Smith

3rd Place: Elaine Chapman

Masters trophy: Sarah Reynolds

Well done to our new club champions, a new name on the ladies trophy and a familiar name on the men’s trophy! Well done to Mark for competing in the most club races this year too.

Thank you to all who took part in our championship this year. Fingers crossed we can have a good year’s racing next year.

Happy Running,

Elaine and Dave, Club Captains

RSE Championship 2021 – We’re Back!

After a break in 2020 due to Covid, the RSE Club Championship is back for 2021. We are sure we speak for many in saying that it has been fantastic to be back racing in the yellow vest.

We had a delay in starting this year whilst awaiting the lifting of restrictions. We also wanted to ensure the safety of our runners, before starting the championship again.

This year, we have returned to the old format, and will not have the 2 sub-categories (endurance expert, short stuff specialists) – there will be 12 races, best 7 results count.

We have run 3 races so far – Fairford 10km time trial, Bourton mile and the Stroud Beer race.

Fairford 10km:

We eased into our championship, with a quiet time trial held at Fairford, setting people off in small waves, club captains timing the race. 8 ladies and 4 men competed.

Fairford results: Ladies top 3

  1. Rosie Oates – 10 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 9 points
  3. Sharon Smith – 8 points

Fairford results: Men’s top 3

  1. Tom Razanan – 10 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 9 points
  3. Darren Jenner – 8 points

Bourton Mile

Second race was the Bourton Mile. A smaller turn-out this time (3 ladies and 4 men), but some great results, including 5 county medals!

Bourton results: Ladies top 3

  1. Rosie Oates – 10 points
  2. Elaine Chapman – 9 points
  3. Felicity Crotty – 8 points

Bourton results: Men’s top 3

  1. Mark Garrett – 10 points
  2. David Witnall – 9 points
  3. Ollie Hazel – 8 points

Stroud Beer race

Race 3 in the championship is a new race to the championship, a lovely race near Minchinhampton common, with just a few hills. We had a fantastic turnout on a warm summer evening – 11 ladies and 2 men!

Stroud Beer results: Ladies top 3:

  1. Rosie Oates – 10 points
  2. Nia Glover – 9 points
  3. Sharon Smith – 8 points

Stroud Beer results: Men’s top 2

  1. David Witnall – 10 points
  2. Istvan Vegh – 9 points

Ladies overall results so far:

3 races in, and an amazing start by Rosie Oates, full 30 points! It is close between 2nd and 3rd place, with 1 point between them. Still early days though, with plenty more races still left to go!

  1. Rosie Oates – 30 points
  2. Sharon Smith – 16 points
  3. Elaine Chapman – 15 points

Men’s overall results so far:

The men’s competition looks like it will be an exciting competition this year, with 2 runners currently tied for first place, but still early days, and many good runners to challenge for the top spot too.

  1. David Witnall and Mark Garrett – both on 19 points
  2. Darren Jenner – 15 points
  3. Tom Razanan – 10 points

Our next club race will be the Two Tunnels half marathon near Bath.

Remember, any questions or queries about the championship, please speak to Dave or Elaine – your club captains.

Happy Running,

Elaine and Dave, Club Captains