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RSE Captain’s Time Trial – Fairford 2020

As announced during the AGM, your Club Captains (Elaine Chapman and David Witnall) would like to run a 10km time trial at Fairford. We’re hoping this will be an opportunity for club members to get the chance to do a covid safe race/event before the end of the year.

The date for the event is the 15th November and the first wave will be setting off at 10:00. We’ve done a lot of research into how we can run a covid safe event – for example we will be setting people off in small waves of 5/6 runners with a decent gap between groups. For more information, look at the link below

Finally, we are in the process of setting up the event on the run together app so you can book in. More info will follow. For now, if you are interested, drop a message to Elaine or Dave.

Cotswold Way 2020

The Cotswold way relay is a favourite club event. This crazy year meant that the official event was cancelled. The good news was that Team Bath decided to run a virtual event instead. We had until the end of July to complete and record our times for our assigned legs. A few changes to the format meant that we could choose to run all 10 legs, or choose to run the legs closest to you – Northern legs 1-5 or Southern legs 6-10. We decided to go for the Northern legs.

20 of you were keen to take part, so we had 4 virtual North teams.

RSE Mens team: Mark Manley (1), David Daniels (2), David Witnall (3), Ollie Hazel (4), and Henry Church (5)

RSE Ladies team: Sarah Reynolds (1), Elaine Chapman (2), Ellie Taylor (3), Nadine Brown (4) and Sharon Smith (5)

RSE Mixed 1 – Liz Farooq (1), Ben Chapman (2), Martin Sherriff (3), Kevin Joynes-Creed (4), and Sarah Page (5).

RSE Mixed 2 – Ann Gardiner (1), Vanessa Poole (2), Felicity Crotty (3), Gareth Roberts (4), and Cathy Steer (5)

We all had great fun getting back out on the Cotswold way, it was great to have the opportunity to take part. There were many adventures, and several members took a few detours!

The results have been added under the Cotswold way section of the website, where you will find your individual times and positions for your legs.

In terms of team results:

RSE Men finished in a time of 9:15:33, and were 5th in the mens category (5/10).

RSE Ladies finished in a time of 11:02:08 and finished 5th in the ladies category (5/8)

RSE Mixed 1 finished in a time of 10:58:26 and finished 8th in the mixed category (8/10)

RSE Mixed 2 finished in a time of 11:27:56 and finished 10th in the mixed category (10/10)

Well done to all who took part and thank you for sending us your results.

Elaine and Dave (Club Captains)

Coaches Challenge Week 1

Well done to all our runners who completed the first of the coaches challenges! A great start with lots of runners completing the challenge. The first challenge was to run at least 3 x 5km’s in the week. You could also count longer runs.

In no particular order, well done to:

Elaine Chapman, Ben Chapman, Kevin Joynes-Creed, Caroline Joynes-Creed, Mark Manley, George Rackley, Tim Wainwright, Amanda Ball, Jo Wood, Sharon Smith, Caroline Terry, Pauline Tilbury, Sarah Page, Cheri Edwards, Sarah Reynolds, Elliot Gardiner, Liz Farooq, Kirsty Pitts, Felicity Crotty, Andy Masser, Becca Wilson, Nadine Brown, Vicki Mason, Nia Glover, Elizabeth Anderson, Laura Lucking, Martin Sherriff, Zoe M, Carol Sworn, Ellie Taylor, Ollie Hazel, David Witnall, Rosie Oates, Gareth Roberts, Linda Edwards, Tom Razanan,

Happy running!


Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2020 – Round 1

The first race of the RSE Short stuff specialist championship was at the Chilly 10km in Castle Coombe. As well as being chilly, it was also windy and rainy. Tough conditions didn’t stop our runners with 7 Men and 7 ladies competing. Some fantastic performances also saw RSE picking up the Men’s and Ladies team prizes.

Men’s competition

What a fantastic start! First through the finish line for the men was 2019 Club champion Dave Witnall. But he was closely followed, by not just one, not two but three of our club runners! Mark Garrett, Tom Razanan and Mark Manley all finished within 3 seconds of each other. It’s going be an exciting competition!

Results so far:

  1. Dave Witnall – 10 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 9 points
  3. Tom Razanan – 8 points

Ladies Competition

First lady through the finish line was Nia Glover in her first club race. Nia also smashed her PB by 2 minutes to pick up the 10 points. Rosie Oates had an eventful race! Starting at the back and nearly missing the start, she fought her way from the back to be second lady for the 9 points. Elaine Chapman picked up the 8 points as third lady.

Results so far:

  1. Nia Glover – 10 points
  2. Rosie Oates – 9 points
  3. Elaine Chapman – 8 points

Great start to the 2020 racing season. Fab running by all. Our next short race will be the Highworth 5 in April.

Happy Running!

Elaine, Club Captain