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RSE Club Report – It’s a parkrun kind of week!

Cheltenham parkrun

  • Paul Beaumont – 23:46

Queen Elizabeth parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 25:58
  • Felicity Crotty – 35:06

Cirencester parkrun

  • Daniel Drayton – 23:52
  • Steve Sandercock – 25:18
  • Ben Chapman – 25:37
  • Richard Edwards – 26:46
  • Kathryn Cowdall – 31:32

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 31:32

A huge well done to everyone who ran a parkrun this week!

parkrun Cup!

Something is returning and it is called the 🥁🥁………….RSE Parkrun cup!

This is a competition that puts everyone at all abilities on an even playing field. It’s for all runners, from beginners to the experienced – any pace, any level. Everyone who enters will be drawn 1 on 1 against an opponent, but those with faster previous parkrun times will receive a handicap.

For example –

  • Coach Dave’s Cirencester parkrun PB is 19 mins
  • Ellie Taylor’s is 24 mins

If they were drawn against each other, Dave would need to beat Ellie’s time by more than 5 mins on the day to be able to progress to the next round.

The competition will start on the 11th June with round 1 – that gives only 2 more weeks to set your Cirencester parkrun time!

The final will be in September – you have until June to set your starting time!

For the rules/ guidelines for the competition, or if you would like to enter please message David Witnall.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 

Championship 2022 – Update

Hi all,

Sharing an update of results for this years club championship. We have returned to the short, endurance and overall championship format this year, plenty of club races to get your teeth stuck into.

We have had 4 club races so far – 2 endurance, 2 short, and a fantastic turnout at all of them. It looks like we’re going to have an exciting year of racing, with a lot of names in the mix for possible prizes.

Endurance Expert 2022:

In our endurance category, race distances range from above 10km distance to marathon. The first race was the Wiltshire 10 miler in February, then the Berkeley Fission 20 miler in March.

Endurance Results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 18 points
  2. Elaine Chapman – 15 points
  3. Nadine Brown – 14 points


  1. Dave Witnall – 19 points
  2. Phil Southworth – 17 points
  3. Kevin Joynes-Creed – 11 points

Short Stuff Specialist 2022:

In our short stuff category, race distances range from 1 mile to 10km. The first race was the Linda Franks 5 miles in January, followed by the Highworth 5 in April.

Short Stuff Results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 19 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 14 points
  3. Kirsty Pitts – 11 points


  1. Mark Garrett – 20 points
  2. Dave Witnall – 18 points
  3. Darren Jenner – 13 points

Overall Championship 2022:

For the overall championship, the top scoring 4 races for each runner are taken from each category to get a combined score.

Overall results so far:


  1. Rosie Hartland – 37 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 27 points
  3. Elaine Chapman – 22 points


  1. David Witnall – 37 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 30 points
  3. Phil Southworth – 25 points

It is very exciting to see so many names in the mix this year, although it is still early days and there are plenty of points to pick up. Our next Endurance race will be the Stratford Half marathon, and our next Short Stuff race will be the Cirencester Summer Sizzler 10km race.

For any information on the championship or upcoming races please speak to myself or Dave, your club captains.

Happy Running!


Ladies Club Captain

RSE Club Report – How hard can it be?

Silkin Way Ultra

Organised by How Hard Can It Be Events, the Silkin Way Ultra takes runners from the south side of Telford by the River Severn, to the northern side in Brockton. Once refuelled in Brockton, runners travel back through Telford, before turning west towards Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge. The route includes running over the world’s first iron bridge erected in 1779.

A huge well done to Nadine Brown who, not content with the comparatively short Fission 20-miler the week before, completed the 29.5 miles route in 5:02:56!

Found it challenging after last week’s race but the route was varied and the gorgeous weather made it an enjoyable day out!

Nadine Brown

Incredible running, Nadine!

Weston Super Mare Half Marathon

Starting at the iconic Weston Super Mare Grand Pier, this half marathon takes runners through the surrounding picturesque Somerset villages. The race is tipped as fast, and allows runners to finish half a mile out to sea!

Running a new personal best was RSE’s Katy Miller, who finished in a brilliant time of 1:56!

It was a wonderful day and amazing weather. Sections along the beach on hard pack sand and a couple of small climbs but nothing too much – Finish along the grand pier. All in all a lovely day out the seaside!

Katy Miller

Well done, Katy!

Calne Clock Change Challenge

Waking up an extra hour earlier is never easy, so what better way to start the day than getting up and running a fast 5k race! The Calne Clock Change Challenge is popular race amongst RSE members, with options for a 10k, 5k or 1.5k fun run. Each option is fast and flat, taking runners on an out and back along Calne’s country lanes and finishing at the leisure centre.

A huge well done to Team Pitts who took on the 5k challenge!

  • Kirsty Pitts – 25:51
  • Martin “Ted” Pitts – 26:17

Well done to both of you! And we are loving the spring medals! 🌼🌞


Lydiard parkrun

  • David Witnall – 19:22

Hove Promenade parkrun

  • Sarah Page – 25:24

Cirencester parkrun

  • Steve Sandercock – 25:01 – New PB and 1st in age group!
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 27:46
  • William Gardiner – 27:50
  • Kathryn Cowdall – 29:48
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:52
  • Louise Hayes – 30:40
  • Caroline Joynes-Creed – 32:08

Witney parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 22:24

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 29:28

Stratford Park parkrun, Stroud

  • Jon Collins – 28:13
  • Cathy Steer – 34:34

Dietenbach parkrun

  • Andy Sworn – 24:51
  • Carol Sworn – 26:55 – 2nd lady overall!

Durlston Country Park parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 29:09
  • Felicity Crotty – 35:53

Parkrun result not mentioned? It may be that you’re not listed as Running Somewhere Else in the parkrun results online. For information on how to change/add RSE as your listed club, click here.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 🙂

RSE Report – A Race of Two Halves and Two Half Marathons!

Fission Half Marathon and 20 Mile

Starting on the outskirts of Berkeley, these races take place on the flat country lanes near to the river Severn and through the villages of Ham and Rockhampton. The half marathon takes on 1 lap while 20 mile entrants are treated to a 2nd lap of the route. While scenic for the countryside views, the race is also known for some long runs into the wind.

Fission 20 was the next race in the RSE club championship, which meant there was a higher-than-normal turnout of club members for a 20 mile run! It also tied in well to training plans for those running a spring marathon.

Half Marathon Results:

  • Tim Wainwright – 2:02:46
  • Kirsty Pitts – 2:02:46

My fastest half in 7 years – really enjoyed today! Thanks to Kirsty for pacing me.

Tim Wainwright

20 Mile Results:

  • David Witnall – 2:38:06
  • Phil Southworth – 2:50:17
  • Nadine Brown – 2:55:29
  • Rosie Hartland – 3:00:20 – New PB!
  • Ellie Taylor – 3:02:18
  • Elaine Chapman – 3:05:13
  • Sarah Page – 3:06:25 – 1st in age category!
  • Roger Woolford – 3:21:06
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 3:21:07
  • Liz Farooq – 3:23:02
  • Vicki Mason – 3:31:21 – New PB!

A huge well done also to Nadine, Rosie and Ellie who came 3rd place in the Ladies Team Challenge!

A lovely route – I prefer a longer race to have laps so I know what I’m getting myself in to! Special thanks to those that helped push me round the course 😊

Ellie Taylor

Forest of Dean Half Marathon

It comes as no surprise that the Forest of Dean Half marathon surrounds runners with natural beauty, following the forest trails across a multi-terrain route. Although the website states there are ‘gentle inclines’, the gravelled, uneven tracks make this a tough course for runners.

A huge congratulations to Zoe Markham-Lee for completing the course in a time of 2:30:49!

Honestly, the hardest race I’ve done to date. I actually gave blood and sweat today, but luckily no tears!

Zoe Markham-Lee

Well run, Zoe!


Lydiard parkrun

  • Richard Edwards – 33:39

Cirencester parkrun

  • Campbell McIlroy – 24:47
  • Steve Sandercock – 25:19
  • Sylvia Warman – 36:12

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 29:44

Central parkrun, Plymouth

  • Felicity Crotty – 30:35

Parkrun result not mentioned? It may be that you’re not listed as Running Somewhere Else in the parkrun results online. For information on how to change/add RSE as your listed club, click here.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 🙂