A friendly running club based in Cirencester!

RSE Club Report – A sea of yellow!

Stroud Beer Race

Starting at The Old Lodge in Minchinhampton, this road race is described as ‘undulating’ on the race website, which many may say is a very generous description. The 7.2 mile course follows 3 laps around Minchinhampton common, including a very long down hill followed by a very long, and steep, uphill. Runners are treated to a half pint of beer at the finish.

  • Jon Last – 47:32
  • Nia Glover – 50:26 – Course PB!
  • Sharon Smith – 55.06 – New PB!
  • Jenni Glass – 55:53
  • Daniel Drayton – 56:20
  • Darren Jenner – 59:17
  • Felicity Crotty – 1:12:17
Ignorance is bliss, I’ll have to think carefully before doing that one again, very tough!
Jon Last
I’d never done this race before and it was hard! Three laps of steep and long hills. Great support from RSE along the way made all the difference.
Jenni Glass
This was the third time I have run this race, not sure why... what's worse than a hilly race? A three lap hilly race so you know what's coming! I was keen to do it though as it was part of the AAAs and RSE championship, as well as seeing if I could benefit from the marathon training. As it turned out I did benefit from the training and got an 8 minute PB!! 🙂 Darren also ran it for the first time (after hearing all of the awful stories about it) and did it in 59:17, which he was happy with as he wanted to get in under the hour!!
Felicity Crotty

113 Middle Distance triathlon

This small, family-run, event takes place at Ashton Keynes Water Park, a beautiful, quiet part of the countryside. Consisting of a 1.9km swim, 90km cycle and half marathon, the course is fast and flat making it perfect for those attempting to smash a PB.

A huge well done to Katy Miller and Sarah Reynolds for taking part!

  • Katy Miller – 6 hours 13 mins
  • Sarah Reynolds
We had perfect weather conditions for this middle distance triathlon held from Lake 32 (just down the road from South Cerney). It consists of 1.9km swim, 90km bike and half marathon. After illness and injury to start the year, I had let go of any any specific time and just wanted to enjoy and get around with no issues. Turns out that was a good strategy as I ended up doing far better than I expected, but also had a huge smile on my face. Great support from several club members around the bike and run course. And Sarah and I even managed to cycle home!!! Great organisation, great support and great weather!
Katy Miller

Pembrokeshire Coastal 50km Ultra

This picturesque ultra follows the Pembrokeshire Coast path, a designated national trail along ‘Britain’s most breath taking coastline’. The route includes rugged cliff tops, sheltered coves, wide-open beaches and winding estuaries, as well as stunning views.

A huge congratulations to Rosie Hartland for completing the course. Rosie was raising money for Maggie’s in Cheltenham.

  • Rosie Hartland – 9 hours 25 minutes
This was an awesome race following the Pembrokeshire coastal path from St David’s to Dale for an epic finish along an old airfield runway! This was my friends first ultra so it was very special to do it with her and raise money for a fantastic charity at the same time. A huge thanks to all who donated! It gave us a big spur on! The race was spectacular, the scenery was just beautiful, and in all it was superbly organised!
Rosie Hartland

Fairford 10k

It’s the RSE club race! And what a brilliant one at that. As well as organising and volunteering, club members took to the 10k course, which led to a brilliant atmosphere on race day. The route includes a few hills in the first half, but a downhill ending leads to a strong finish.

Well done to everyone who helped out, ran the course or came to support!

  • Jenni Glass – 45:58
  • Sharon Smith – 46:33 – New PB!
  • Steve Sandercock – 50:54 – Course PB!
  • David Witnall – 52:26
  • Ellie Witnall – 52:27
  • Sue Navin – 56:01
The memory of how hard the hill and the last 2k was is fading and what I'm left with is the wonderful support along the way. Thank you everyone. And then there was the wonderful surprise of winning a voucher in the bib number lucky dip! I now have new running shoes 😁
Sue Navin
Great race. Challenging course and brilliantly organised with lots of support from RSE.
Jenni Glass

Cirencester Park Summer Sizzler 10k

This tough hilly course is home to a surprising amount of PBs. Starting at the Old Kennels in Cirencester park, runners head towards the centre avenue where a short downhill then turns to the long upwards stretch around Ewepens farm. Runners are then rewarded with a long downhill back through the centre avenue. The course is 2 laps before finishing back at Old Kennels for a beer and BBQ!

Well done to all the RSE club members who ran!

  • Jon Last – 39:58 – New PB, 2nd MV50!
  • Nia Glover – 41:23 – New PB, 3rd FSen!
  • Philip Hudson – 42:47
  • Jenni Glass – 44:41 – New PB, 2nd LV55!
  • Sharon Smith – 45:38 – New PB, 1st V70 – Sharon’s time puts her 1st in the UK for this year!!
  • Daniel Drayton – 46:23
  • Alan Powderhill – 47:41 – New PB!
  • Elliot Gardiner – 49:28
  • Steve Sandercock – 49:51 – New course PB!
  • Ellie Witnall – 50:13
  • Charlie Austin – 1:12:15 – New PB!
  • Kirsty Pitts
  • Sammie Ward
  • Katy Miller
  • Maria Yates
  • Linda Edwards
  • Martin Sheriff
  • Mark Garrett
  • Laura Kirk
  • Libbie Butler
  • Phil Scoble
  • Sarah Juggins
  • Rebecca Southerington
  • Kerrie Wallis
  • Zoe Markham-Lee
  • Hollie Matthis
  • Edith Putt
  • Alison Walmsley
  • Jeremy Benton
  • Ben Mutlow
  • Elaine Chapman
Still nursing a calf injury, so only decided to go ahead and run it on the way to the start line 😬 Took the first 5K very steady to test the calf and then pushed on in the second 5K once I thought it could take a faster pace. All in all a success, as I was chuffed to get a sub 50 when not fully fit and worried I might have to drop out 😅 Was worth attending for the burger and beer at the finish 🍔🍺 Great turnout and support from RSE as usual on home turf!
Elliot Gardiner
Great event with amazing support from the RSE team. I just dipped under 40 mins for the first time.
Jon Last
A great event with two laps and some hills, really well organised and the RSE support was as fantastic as usual.
Philip Hudson
A very surprising run for me, beating my PB by over a minute. I was nervous coming into this as I wasn’t sure what speed I had. Never the easiest 10k course, but over the moon to achieve my time and as always great to do it in the company of so many other brilliant RSE runners.
Alan Powderhill

Swansea Half Marathon

This half marathon boasts an iconic route that is arguably one of the most scenic coastal half marathons. Starting in front of the iconic Swansea Arena, runners pass the historic Brangwyn Hall and Castle ruins before heading towards the National Waterfront Museum, and Mumbles with the lighthouse in view. The route follows 5 miles of stunning views across Swansea Bay before finishing at Swansea Arena.

A huge congratulations to Jamie Donald who completed the course with his daughter!

  • Jamie Donald – 1:54:26
This was my second time running the Swansea Half. It's my home town and I love running there. I also get to catch up with my family and old school mates when I go. It's a flat and fast course with nice sea views, but tends to be pretty warm running in June. This year I ran with my daughter, helping her to pace her first HM event (and carry her water for her!). She came with me last year to support, and said she'd like to do it by wasn't sure she could run that far. She trained hard over the past 6 months, and beat her best target (2hr) by over 5 mins, despite me using the wrong pace setting on my watch 🙁 A fantastic day out!
Jamie Donald

parkruns - 8/06/2024

Cirencester parkrun – Beginner’s Take Over!

  • Phil Hudson – 21:06
  • Jon Campbell – 23:24
  • Paul Billinghurst – 23:31
  • Darren Jenner – 25:21
  • Cheri Edwards – 27:18
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 27:19
  • Vicki Mason – 28:24
  • Felicity Crotty – 29:29
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:56
  • Phil Scoble – 30:00
  • Linda Edwards – 30:37
  • Samantha Ward – 30:43
  • George Rackley – 32:19
  • Richard Woodsell-Taylor – 32:53
  • Rachel Weaver – 34:23
  • Clare Wood – 34:26
  • Paul Robertson – 35:10
  • Alan Powderhill – 35:10
  • Caroline Joynes-Creed – 36:24
  • Jessica James – 37:06
  • Cathy Steer – 37:07
  • Ellie Witnall – 37:22
  • Sylvia Warman – 39:12
  • Elaine Chapman – 39:13
  • Nadine Brown – 39:58
  • Tracey Pitts – 40:45
  • David Witnall – 41:25

parkruns - 15/06/2024

Lydiard parkrun

  • Mark Garrett – 21:11
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:37

Evesham parkrun

  • Rachel Weaver – 30:22

Birkenhead parkrun

  • Felicity Crotty – 31:00

Cirencester parkrun

  • Jon Campbell – 22:02
  • Paul Billinghurst – 23:29
  • Daniel Drayton – 23:36
  • Sue Navin – 27:41
  • Maria Yates – 30:39
  • Sylvia Warman – 36:17
  • Paul Robertson – 38:42
  • Alan Powderhill – 39:15

Save the date!

  • 20th June – RSE AGM 7:30pm @ Somewhere Else
  • 23rd June – Rounders & Afternoon Tea – RSE vs Bourton Road Runners @ Stow Rugby Club
  • 6th July – Cotswold Way Relay
  • 12th-14th July – Hope Trail Festival
  • July (date TBC) – Family fun & BBQ @ St Michaels Park
  • 3rd August – RSE Summer Pool Party @ The Open Air Pool
  • 11th August – Solihull half marathon (RSE Championship race)
  • 7th September – Cranham Boundary Chase (RSE Championship race)
  • 22nd September – Chedworth Roman Trail (RSE Championship race)
  • September (date TBC) – Quiz & Chips for charity
  • October (date TBC) – End of Season social

RSE Race Report – Under the canopied trees!

Westonbirt Arboretum 10k

This beautiful race offers a varied and interesting run around the stunning Westonbirt Arboretum.  Based near Tetbury, the Arboretum is home to over 2,500 different species of tree and is one of the most important plant collections in the world. The one-lap race route takes runners along trail paths under the canopied trees.

  • Phil Hudson – 44:07
  • Vicki Mason – 55:46
  • Sue Navin – 58:22
A Pretty route which weaves its way around the whole arboretum. Much better organised than when I ran it previously, though due to the narrow paths the start was very congested. I ran with a friend from work, so an enjoyable evening and pleasantly surprised with my time.
Vicki Mason
My second 10k, it still feels like a long way to run... But lovely to run through the trees.
Sue Navin
A great event running through the grounds of Westonbirt Arboretum, trail running with a few challenging inclines to get the heartrate going. 762 running in this sold out event.
Phil Hudson

parkruns - 26/05/2024

Beckton parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 25:46

Cheltenham parkrun

  • Vicki Mason – 30:01

Didcot parkrun 

  • Samantha Ward – 31:30

Parke parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 26:53
  • Felicity Crotty – 33:06

Cirencester parkrun

  • Phil Hudson – 21:10
  • Paul Billinghurst – 23:19
  • Daniel Drayton – 23:33
  • Phil Newman – 24:29
  • Sue Navin – 28:54
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 30:41
  • Maria Yates – 32:43
  • Alan Powderhill – 35:22

The Cinder Track parkrun, Whitby

  • Sarah Page – 28:36
  • Linda Edwards – 28:59
  • Cathy Steer – 30:08

parkruns - 1/06/2024

Newbury parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 43:50

Aberystwyth parkrun

  • Mark Garrett – 20:08

Cirencester parkrun

  • Phil Hudson – 21:11
  • Daniel Drayton – 23:55
  • Jon Campbell – 25:14
  • Phil Newman – 25:23
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:16
  • Wayne Edgington – 29:22
  • Sue Navin – 29:33
  • Samantha Ward – 30:27
  • Maria Yates – 32:19
  • Sylvia Warman – 39:05
  • Alan Powderhill -46:32

Severn Bridge parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 25:12

Warwick Racecourse parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 24:14
  • Felicity Crotty – 28:53


Save the date!

  • 3rd June – Stroud Beer Race (RSE Championship race)
  • 5th June – Hop on the Bus – after club social @ The Hop Kettle
  • 8th June – Beginner’s graduation @ Cirencester parkrun
  • 9th June – Fairford 10k – Hosted by RSE!
  • 12th June – Cirencester Summer Sizzler (RSE Championship race)
  • 23rd June – Rounders & Afternoon Tea – RSE vs Bourton Road Runners @ Stow Rugby Club
  • 6th July – Cotswold Way Relay
  • 12th-14th July – Hope Trail Festival
  • July (date TBC) – Family fun & BBQ @ St Michaels Park
  • 3rd August – RSE Summer Pool Party @ The Open Air Pool
  • 11th August – Solihull half marathon (RSE Championship race)
  • 7th September – Cranham Boundary Chase (RSE Championship race)
  • 22nd September – Chedworth Roman Trail (RSE Championship race)
  • September (date TBC) – Quiz & Chips for charity
  • October (date TBC) – End of Season social

The next RSE club report will be Sunday 16th June/Monday 17th June

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to fill in the form below by Sunday 5pm.

New RSE Club Report – Scampering around!

Bourton 1 mile

This poular race is notorious for its slightly chaotic start, as runners line up on the road a mile out of town, only to hear ‘Car’ and have to move back to the side. Once the race gets going though, it’s an interesting challenge for the entrants, as they try to gauge what speed you really need to run for a mile. Tough, fast and flat, the Bourton mile is one for the calendar.

  • Alan Powderhill – 6:29
  • Steve Sandercock – 7:13 – 2nd in age group!
  • Sarah Page – 7:37
  • Sue Navin – 7:56 -2nd LV65!
  • Liz Hulcup – 12:00 (Tail runner)
  • Jo Wood
  • Vicki Mason
  • Zoe Markham-Lee
  • Libby Butler
  • Jennifer Glass
  • Darren Jenner
  • Kirsty Pitts
  • Elaine Chapman
  • Felicity Crotty
  • Charlie
  • Ben Chapman
  • Mark Garrett
Always one of the toughest races due to being at an uncomfortable pace from start to finish. Really happy with sneaking under my target time of 6:30! Brilliant day with fellow RSE runners as always 🏃🏻‍♂️💪
Alan Powderhill
Always a tough race but good atmosphere and support
Sarah Page

Leeds Half Marathon

One of Yorkshire’s biggest event of its kind, the Leeds Half Marathon attracts thousands of runners each year. The race boasts vibrant atmosphere, an event village and pacers. The course is out and back starting and finishing at the renowned Headingly Stadium.

A huge congratulations to RSE’s Monica Farthing who completed the course!

  • Monica Farthing – 2:29:04
Fab race so worth the trek! Well organised event with both the full and half starting and ending in the same venue. Streets lined with support most of the way. Was warm!!! And pleased with my result and scored a PB 🙂
Monica Farthing

Stroud Trails Quarter Marathon (ish)

When you hear ‘Stroud’ or ‘Minchinhampton’ + ‘Race’, it can be certain that there will be a hill or 2 involved. The Stroud Trails event is no different, with a challenging mixture of hills, towpaths and disused railways for runners to enjoy. But with hills comes spectacular views of the Cotswold Way and the knowledge that times don’t really matter!

  • Paul Beaumont – 1:36:49
Thought would have a go at this as I can’t do other runs in the next few weeks and, anyway, I wanted to know what a trail run was like. Well, I found out that this one is hilly! Also, it was rather warm and, in one place, pretty muddy. The information said it’s nearly 8 miles. However, this assumes a basic level of competence in following signage, which I clearly haven’t got. I made 3 errors I can remember, although none of them serious. I don’t have a great record on this sort of thing – I recall last summer on an RSE Monday session, running back along the canal at Siddington with Mick; we came back to the road and I couldn’t find the path on the other side! Anyway, this may explain why my watch said I’d done 9 miles. It was definitely the hardest race I’ve done (by a country mile, I suppose!). However, when I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to live near such beautiful countryside. Then, when I looked at the result, I found I’d come 5th out of 34 runners so I was pretty happy. To put the result in perspective the person who came first was nearly 40 mins quicker than me (but I bet he didn’t enjoy his gin and tonic as much). Overall learning point for me about a trail run? – maybe not think about the time or anything like that, just appreciate what I am seeing.
Paul Beaumont

Sherborne 5 miler

This challenging race includes steep sections, varied terrain and natural obstacles. But alongside the challenges comes the beautiful scenery. which is why we love trail runs. The route starts at Sherborne School and takes runners through the beautiful National Trust Sherborne Estate.

Congratulations to Elliot Gardiner who took to the course!

  • Elliot Gardiner – 40:52
  • Mark Garrett
I haven’t done many trail races but this one might be my favourite so far! (Despite the first mile being all uphill and in a temp of 24° 🥵) it was a very scenic trail run across the top of the hills and through the woods with some amazing scenery. It was all extremely well organised & separate timing chips were provided. There were plenty of friendly marshals in all the right places, who were very supportive & encouraging. The race HQ was at the primary school and the school kids did the registration, the medals and provided some much needed refreshments at the end including a bbq and a cake stand! 😋 I would highly recommend this race to anyone looking for a local scenic trail race! 👍🏻
Elliot Gardiner

TEC Wye Valley Ultra

The Wye Valley is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offering stunning riverside walks and lush bluebell covered forests. The ultra marathon follows the River Wye Path down river for a number of miles, before crossing the river and picking up the Offa’s Dyke Path. Runners are then lead to the Highmeadow Woods for a tough woodland circuit before crossing the river via the swing bridge to the finish!

A massive well done to Nadine Brown for running the 36.3 Mile course!

  • Nadine Brown – 8:06:41
Beautiful sunny day spent in the Wye Valley, if a little too warm at times! A good mix of fields, river views, bridges and climbs. Although last 7 miles was more technical and required some crawling under and climbing over fallen tree branches! A fun day out!
Nadine Brown

North Cerney Scamper 5k & 10k

It has been 50 years since the last North Cerney Village race, so its revival is long overdue! Organised by RSE’s very own Jess James, team RSE were out in force to support. The route was predominantly on local trails and farm tracks, with a short road section and a good hill! 

Well done to all those who took part!

  • Sue Navin – 34:27 (5k)
  • Gemma Wright – 1:05 (10k)
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed
  • Amanda Ball
  • Cathy Steer
  • Caroline Joynes-Creed
  • Anne Gardiner
  • Becca Wilson
  • Jo Beames
  • Kirsty Pitts
  • Anna Field
  • Anne-Marie Davies
  • Daniel Drayton
  • Rebecca Southerington
  • Mary Shepherd
Lovely, fun route to run. Apart from the steep hill! And fantastic, friendly organisation by Jess
Sue Navin
Congratulations to Jess and the team for organising a great event and raising so much for North Cerney School. Personally I was chuffed to bits to be awarded the prize for ‘muddiest male finisher’ 😎 Hopefully it’ll become a regular fixture as I look forward to doing it again.
Kevin Joynes-Creed

Thank You

A big thank you for the lovely RSE's support at the North Cerney Scamper. So kind of everyone to come, and we made £1300 to support the village hall and primary school. Everyone was so supportive!

Jess James

parkruns -11/06/2024

Hampstead Heath parkrun

  • Jenny Hoffman – 35:44

Tonbridge parkrun

  • Samantha Ward – 29:43

Cirencester parkrun

  • Phil Hudson – 21:38
  • Paul Billinghurst – 23:38
  • Phil Newman – 23:46
  • Daniel Drayton – 24:17
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:31
  • Wayne Edgington – 29:42
  • Kathryn Cowdall – 35:53

Severn Bridge parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 23:13
  • Felicity Crotty – 28:20

Seven Fields parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 31:33

Edgbaston Reservoir parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 26:25

Kingsway parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 27:29

parkruns - 18/05/2024

Bushy parkrun

  • Phil Newman – 23:54

Cirencester parkrun

  • Paul Billinghurst – 23:41
  • Steve Sandercock – 26:09
  • Wayne Edginton = 29:00
  • Andy Sworn – 30:14
  • Maria Yates – 33:29
  • Alan Powderhill – 36:26

Sharpham Estate parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 25:06
  • Felicity Crotty – 37:26

Tamworth Castle Grounds parkrun

  • Linda Edwards – 28:53

Save the date!

  • 3rd June – Stroud Beer Race (RSE Championship race)
  • 12th June – Cirencester Summer Sizzler (RSE Championship race)
  • 23rd June – Rounders & Afternoon Tea – RSE vs Bourton Road Runners @ Stow Rugby Club
  • 6th July – Cotswold Way Relay
  • 12th-14th July – Hope Trail Festival
  • July (date TBC) – Family fun & BBQ @ St Michaels Park
  • 3rd August – RSE Summer Pool Party @ The Open Air Pool
  • September (date TBC) – Quiz & Chips for charity
  • October (date TBC) – End of Season social

The next RSE club report will be Sunday 2nd June/Monday 3rd June

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to fill in the form below by Sunday 5pm.

RSE Club Report – City Streets or Country Trails? Why Not Both?

Boston Marathon

Now in its 128th year, the Boston Marathon is one of the world’s oldest marathons, beginning in 1897. It is one of the World’s six marathon majors and attracts amateurs and professionals alike. Despite, this the Boston marathon is notoriously undulating and the interchangeable weather makes it a tough race to train for. The course is a straight line, starting in Hopkinton, MA and ending in Boylston Street.

A huge congratulations to Jennifer Glass for running the course!


  • Jennifer Glass – 3:53:01
It felt like a big achievement to qualify for Boston. I’d never travelled so far to get to a start line but on arrival it felt as if the whole city was excited about the race. It was an A to B race and runners were taken out to Hopkinton 26.2 miles away and then you simply ran back to Boston. Transport to the start was on yellow school buses - which I and the other English runners on my bus thought was pretty cool. The support along the whole route was incredible and every inch of the way we were cheered on loudly. It was a tough race for me, it was hot with little shade along the route plus the serious hills start from about 18 miles. Heartbreak hill lived up to expectations and the last 6kms were not fun. I was very glad to see the finish and make it across the line. However it was an amazing experience and the best organised race I have ever done. It was also the best supported race I’ve done.
Jennifer Glass

Newport Marathon 2024

This popular race is a firm favourite on the Welsh running calendar, boasting one of the flattest marathon courses in Europe. Over 70% of all finishers have claimed a PB on a route that offers iconic landmarks, like the city’s Transporter Bridge and the stunning scenery of the Gwent Levels. The course has been named in a list of ‘10 of the fastest marathons in the world’ by Runners World.

Congratulations to the RSE club members who took on the marathon challenge!

  • Darren Jenner – 3:58:11
  • Jo Wood – 4:05:45
  • Elaine Chapman – 4:23:02
  • Paul Robertson
Heading out of Newport over the iconic city bridge and into the flats of the Usk Mouth, this was a relatively flat course with plenty of switchbacks meaning that the "sights" were, in actual fact, the other runners! Great for keeping a tabs on other Club members and for cheering each other on!
Jo Wood
Very happy that I managed to go sub 4 hours and a achieve a new PB by 12 mins and 20 seconds. The course was flat with a lap of the city centre before heading out into the countryside. Good weather and good support from Felicity Crotty on the course. Great to catch up with team RSE before and after the race to compare notes!
Darren Jenner
I was so anxious about this race! Training had not gone well with back problems, so was not in form and not feeling good about it! But ended up running strong and really enjoyed it - I'm actually smiling in most my race pictures!! It was flat anyway, but new course was even flatter! Great support from team Chapman once they'd finished their fry-up 😂
Elaine Chapman

Butcombe Trail Ultra

The official Butcombe Trail is a 50-mile route around six pubs in the Mendip Hills, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). The route is mostly off-road and takes in beautiful running country and fantastic views as it criss-crosses the Mendips. The organisers, marshals, and checkpoint crews are all runners, many of whom regularly run ultras and know what’s needed to make a great race and help people get to the finish.

A massive well done to Cheri Edwards for completing her first 50 mile race!

  • Cheri Edwards – 13:15:00
My first 50 miler! I’m so proud to have completed it. The route is fabulous, basically designed as a pub crawl around the first pubs to stock beer from Butcombe Brewery. So a nice variety of tracks, woodlands, commons, fields, old railway lines etc, going up to viewpoints and down into villages for checkpoints (which were mostly at the pubs!). The checkpoints were great: well-stocked with a good variety of snacks, enthusiastic volunteers and most had the luxury of indoor toilets too! I ran with my friend from work James (his first 50m too) and we had a great time. No navigational issues, no stomach upsets, no injuries and we were thrilled to be 2 hours ahead of cutoffs. The medal is a huge gold cowbell and we got some Butcombe beers too. I’d highly recommend this race if you’re looking for a friendly well organised trail ultra.
Cheri Edwards

Great Birmingham Run

This popular race was completely sold out with more than 14,000 people taking part. Starting & finishing in the heart of the city, the course boasts on route entertainment, an event village and carnival atmosphere. There are 10k, marathon and children’s races available, making it a great family day out.

Well done to Paul Robertson for completing another race! How many is that in the last month?!

  • Paul Robertson – 1:57:48
The course is definitely one to do if you like entertainment, crowds and shopping. The course itself is not too bad, a few inclines in the first 10k and a nice amount of downhill to finish those last few miles! Undecided if it’s a PB course or not, you could definitely give it a go and use the down hill finish. Would definitely recommend and do again!
Paul Robertson

Pewsey Downaround 35

Starting at the Pewsey Scout Hut, this 35 mile course follows footpaths and bridleways with beautiful views over the Vale of Pewsey and Marlborough Downs. The route visits many sites of archaeological interest, including Avebury Stone Circle, Windmill Hill, and passes close to the Stone Avenue, Silbury Hill, the Sanctuary and the Long Barrow.

A huge congratulations to the RSE club members who took to the hills!

  • Nadine Brown – 09:01 something…
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed
  • Lesley Hinsley
LDWA events are tried and tested; they are well organised and always have well stocked checkpoints! Really enjoyed this run, with a relaxed feel and no worries about cut offs! After a cold start, weather improved and was better than expected. Team that with great company, it made for a lovely day out!
Nadine Brown

parkruns - 27/04/2024

Forest of Dean parkrun

  • Vicki Mason – 32:25

Riverfront parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 28:07
  • Felicity Crotty – 30:27

Cirencester parkrun

  • Ben Chapman – 23:02
  • Paul Billinghurst – 24:11
  • Phil Newman – 25:17
  • Samantha Ward – 30:58
  • George Rackley – 33:27

Marlborough Common parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 33:17

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Phil Hudson – 21:56

Quakers Walk parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:24

Gloucester North parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 29:04

parkruns - 04/05/2024

Cirencester parkrun

  • Paul Billinghurst – 24:02
  • Daniel Drayton – 25:05
  • Steve Sandercock – 25:31
  • Sue Navin – 30:43
  • Samantha Ward – 30:43
  • Rachel Weaver – 57:40

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Phil Hudson – 23:14

Seven Fields parkrun

  • Paul Robertson – 28:19
  • Taryn Hancock – 31:07

Central parkrun, Plymouth

  • Felicity Crotty – 30:54

Save the date!

  • 9th May – RSE Skittles Night for TIC+
  • 10th May – Bourton Mile (RSE Championship race)
  • 3rd June – Stroud Beer Race (RSE Championship race)
  • 12th June – Cirencester Summer Sizzler (RSE Championship race)
  • 23rd June – Rounders & Afternoon Tea – RSE vs Bourton Road Runners @ Stow Rugby Club
  • 6th July – Cotswold Way Relay
  • 12th-14th July – Hope Trail Festival
  • July (date TBC) – Family fun & BBQ @ St Michaels Park
  • 3rd August – RSE Summer Pool Party @ The Open Air Pool
  • September (date TBC) – Quiz & Chips for charity
  • October (date TBC) – End of Season social

The next RSE club report will be Sunday 19th May

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to fill in the form below by Sunday 5pm.