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RSE Club Report – A Day of 10ks!

Tough Runner Run Free 10k

Tough runner races are unsurprisingly tough, so what better way to test your abilities than with a free event. Their March course followed a figure 8 around the Notgrove estate and boasted over 700ft in elevation, putting runners through their paces at the Cheltenham location.

Vicki Mason entered for RSE, a huge well done!

  • Vicki Mason – 1:08:22

A trail 10k at the Notgrove Estate, near Cheltenham, free to enter which seemed too good to be true, but it was actually a great race. Rolling Cotswold hills made for a challenging route and this week’s weather added to the challenge with extra puddles and mud to battle through but there were friendly marshals and a fab wooden medal at the end. Clearly making it free was a marketing drive, but for me it worked, I’d definitely consider signing up for a Tough Runner event in the future.

Vicki Mason

Wolverhampton 10k

Starting and finishing at Molineux Stadium, this 10k follows a gently undulating route through the closed roads of Wolverhampton city centre. Around 1,400 runners took to the streets for the race, and with free entry for spectators into the stadium, the event boasted a buzzing atmosphere with great support.

Congratulations to Cathy Steer and Linda Edwards who completed the course in RSE colours!

  • Cathy Steer – 1:02:33
  • Linda Edwards – 1:02:51

You may be wondering why myself and Cathy Steer were running the Wolves 10k, starting and finishing in the Molineux. My husband is a wolves supporter and I thought it would be nice for us to run together. Unfortunately he was injured and Cathy was happy to drive up to take his place. Cathy sadly didn’t realize the clocks went forward when she accepted the place and had to leave the house at 5.15 am with little sleep. Whilst packing my bag in Dudley the night before, I realized I had forgotten my trainers. Cathy came to the rescue with a pair of oversized trainers – It’s amazing what two pairs of insoles and thick socks can do. The race was fun with good support en route. The spectacular stadium made it a great finish.

Definitely one for any football fan.

Linda Edwards

Langley Burrell 10k

Held in Chippenham, this is a fast and incredibly flat 10k, with only 14ft of elevation! Named the Lightening Bolt Fast 10k, just like the Tough Runner series, this race does what it says on the tin, and is perfect for PB chasers. With less than 100 entrants, the Langley Burrell 10k still manages to maintain it’s local village atmosphere – if you’re interested, a second race is held in April!

Well done to Sharon Smith, who ran for RSE!

  • Sharon Smith – 50:59 – 1st LV70!

Described as flat and fast – I have ran other races that say that and it’s often not true! But Langley Burrell is flat and it’s quite boring without hills. I was hindered slightly by the two cocktails I had last night (thought they were alcohol free!) and my sister’s support which took the form of insisting I stop for a coffee from her flask halfway. [It was] very nice. Saw a few old friends and finished in 50.59!

Sharon Smith


Lydiard parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 25:27
  • Felicity Crotty – 33:02

Winchester parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 35:35

Cirencester parkrun

  • Ben Chapman – 23:22
  • Phil Southworth – 27:27
  • Maria Yates – 29:47
  • Jessica James – 35:29
  • Charlie Austin – 40:31

Severn Bridge parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 27:37

Stratford Park parkrun, Stroud

  • Ollie Hazel – 22:55
  • Sharon Smith – 28:06

Seven Fields parkrun

  • Linda Edwards – 32:07

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  • Sunday 11th June 2023: Fairford 10k
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RSE Club Report – 15 Plus Miles!

Fission 20 and Half Marathon

Based in Berkeley, this local running event is not to be confused with, and a lot less kinder, than the similarly named Barkley marathons held in the US this week (if you don’t know what they are, we recommend looking them up!). Both half marathon and 20 miler have a fast, flat course, along quiet country roads with views of the beautiful countryside close to the river Severn. Whilst the half marathon follows 1 loop of the circuit (+ a bit extra), the 20 mile distance follows 2 laps of the course.

This year, the Fission 20 is included as the longest run of the RSE Club Championship.

Half Marathon

  • Mick Bagot – 1:45:09 – 2nd MV60!
  • Leah Brown – 1:54:23
  • Anna Field – 1:57:30 – First half marathon!
  • Anne Gardiner – 1:57:38 – 2nd FV60!
  • Katy Miller – 2:05:09

Well done to Leah, Anna, Anne and Katy who were the 2nd ladies team overall!

Possibly my favourite half marathon yet. A scenic flat course with not too many people which meant I was able to run my own race. Really pleased with how it went, tough at the end when the sun came out but super chuffed to have shaved 6 mins off my PB, now at 1:54 (last official HM race PB of 2hrs).

Leah Brown

20 Miles

  • Mark Manley – 2:50:55
  • Elliot Gardiner – 3:00:51 – First 20 mile race!
  • Jo Wood – 3:03:53
  • Darren Jenner – 3:04:35
  • Sarah Page – 3:05:55
  • Elaine Chapman – 3:09:41
  • Nadine Brown – 3:13:11
  • Alan Powderhill – 3:13:11
  • Liz Farooq – 3:14:44
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 3:20:20
  • Linda Edwards – 3:31:31
  • Caroline Jones-Creed – 3:57:25
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 3:57:33

As everyone knows I stopped road running in favour of trail ultras. This was my first road race and club race for over three years.

I’m so out of the habit, I couldn’t find my road racing shoes.

Good to be back in the saddle, but I missed a bag of crisps walking up a hill.

Mark Manley

Anyway, my most mentally challenging race, due to my sickness bug at the beginning of the week. So glad to dig in and complete it, and so pleased to have a respectable time too! A very lonely race at parts but a great experience with lovely RSE support.

Alan Powderhill

Longest ever race and run so far! Fairly flat x2 lap route around Berkeley country lanes, finishing at the old power station. This was the acid test for the upcoming London Marathon. Aimed for 9 min miles so I was very pleased with the pacing for the first 15 miles after which I hit the wall and dipped for a few miles before bringing it back for a stronger finish! Slightly disappointed not to get the sub 3 but very pleased overall considering this is my longest ever distance 💪🏼 definitely feeling more confident now for the marathon!

Elliot Gardiner

Pretty course taking you twice round the deer park on quiet country lanes through few villages. Cheerful, encouraging Marshalls and coffee and cake at the end.

Sarah Page

Hullavington 20

Hosted by Stampede Sports, the Hullavington races are popular amongst RSE runners, despite their ‘undulating’ nature. Starting and finishing in Hullavington, our second 20 mile race of the weekend has an “unequal” 2-lap course around the picturesque countryside of the area. Thanks to friendly marshals and a great atmosphere, this is the perfect race for newbies to the distance, or to those taking on their 2nd 20-miler of the weekend!

  • Libby Butler – 3:32:36
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 3:33:14 – 2nd 20-miler of the weekend!

This was a tough one but a big win for the race against my asthma.

Kevin was amazing and got me round. I couldn’t have done it without him. Really happy with my pace.

Libby Butler

Darren and the team at Stampede Sports always put on a great race and this was no exception. As normal with a Hullavington route it was a bit bumpy in places and certainly not pancake flat but the scenery is great and the weather was perfect. Of course it goes without saying the cake at the end made the effort worth while 😋

Kevin Joynes-Creed

Banbury 15

Hosted by Banbury Harriers, this 15 mile course starts and finishes in Spice Ball country park in Banbury. The course follows rural roads visiting the villages of Cropredy, Claydon and Appletree, and is the first race in the Oxfordshire AA Road Race Grand Prix. The route consists of quiet, country lanes with some ‘significant’ hills to break up the tranquility of the run!

  • Liz Hulcup – 2:31:19

It was a hilly, well marshaled course with 3 tough hills.  I had to walk up some of the last 2 and very glad to see the finish line.

Liz Hulcup


Lydiard parkrun

  • Jon Campbell – 22:59

Chipping Sodbury parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 29:57

Swansea Bay parkrun

  • Sylvia Warman – 32:30

Cirencester parkrun

  • Phil Newman – 25:28
  • Daniel Drayton – 25:29
  • Phil Southworth – 26:16
  • Sarah Reynolds – 28:40
  • Jessica James – 29:43
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 30:47
  • Taryn Hancock – 34:11

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Dates to add to your diary:

  • Sunday 11th June 2023: Fairford 10k
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RSE Club Report – Two 10ks and Two Tunnels!

Chester 10k

The Chester 10k is a fast race starting next to the iconic Chester Racecourse. The wide roads help over 3,000 runners achieve great times, as the route takes them out through the picturesque village of Mollington, before returning to the heart of Chester City centre and passing the historic Victorian town hall and Medieval Cathedral.

Running for RSE was Felicity Crotty, who achieved a great time on the popular course!

  • Felicity Crotty – 1:04:48

Considering there was snow on the ground on Friday morning up here, it was actually a warm start to the day! Run the race before as my cousin lives in Chester – this is the first race to complete the triple challenge we are doing this year.

Felicity Crotty

Bath Half Marathon – Two Tunnels

The Bath Two Tunnels half marathon comes in many different formats, with varying routes on offer throughout the year. What doesn’t change on each route, is the passage through the iconic two tunnels, which run for a quarter of a mile and just over a mile. This unique experience takes runners into a different world, as they run through the dingily lit tunnels, and contrasting condition and ambience to the outside air.

Well done to RSE’s Ben Mutlow, who ran a brilliant time!

  • Ben Mutlow – 1:38:31

This was my first half marathon race in a while, so not sure what to expect in terms of a time and also how I would feel at the start, during or end! A surreal experience, for anyone that hasn’t ran through the tunnels before they are dark and you have to be careful not to bump into other runners, though the massive plus point is they are nice and chilled in terms of temperature. A really well organised event and I will definitely be doing another one in the future!

Ben Mutlow

Minchinhampton 10k

Undulating is a generous way of describing the landscape around Minchinhampton, but alongside the uphills come some very relieving downhills. The course starts at Minchinhampton primary school and mainly follows the roads of the surrounding area, before a sprint across the grass of the common at the finish.

RSE’s Rachel Bodey and Paul Beaumont took part in the event, achieving great times on a tough course.

  • Rachel Bodey – 48:05
  • Paul Beaumont – 52.15

Definitely undulating with what seemed to me like a proper hill just after half way (unfortunately  it went up rather than down). Really liked it – some interesting buildings; nice countryside – and the cows kept well away!

Paul Beaumont

A small, friendly and scenic race, starting on the common and passing through pretty villages on quiet roads. Free t-shirt, cow medal and creme egg for finishers! Oh, and THAT hill at km 6 gave everyone something to talk about afterwards 😀

Rachel Bodey


Lydiard parkrun

  • Annie Burbridge – 26:15

Cirencester parkrun

  • Daniel Drayton – 23:56
  • Jon Campbell – 24:58
  • Steve Sandercock – 25:13
  • Phil Southworth – 26:05
  • Carol Sworn – 28:18
  • Maria Yates – 28:53
  • Sue Navin – 28:54
  • Sylvia Warman – 35:07

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Dates to add to your diary:

  • Sunday 11th June 2023: Fairford 10k
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RSE Club Report – Ostriches and Grizzlies!

Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon

It was the 10th Anniversary of the Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon, a race celebrating the iconic landmarks of Newport and a visit out to the historic town of Caerleon and back. The course follows the river Usk on a 1-lap undulating route.

Running for RSE was Liz Farooq, who completed the course in a brilliant time and was not far off a new PB!

  • Liz Farooq – 1.56.27

I completed the Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon in 01.56.27, 17 secs off my PB 😬 Only my 2nd time under 2 hours though so I’m happy. It was a great race. Half town, half country, well supported. Undulating with some twists and turns but you can’t argue with a piper in an underpass and a load of freebies at the end (including beer) 😁 Heads up – don’t put your car park ticket in your running belt. It gets a bit worn and sweaty and the machines don’t like it! The kind car park attendant at the barrier did let me out for free though!

Liz Farooq

Gloucestershire Cross Country Over Farm

It was the forth and final round of the Gloucestershire Cross Country league. The run took place at Over Farm near to the river Severn, and the course takes runners around the Over Farm grass air strip and then around the adjacent fields. The route is relatively flat (in the grand scheme of cross country races!) and offers quick times to finish the cross country.

Well done to Fran Penny who finished the 6.4k race with a brilliant time of 32:34!

The last race in this winter’s league, with some added wildlife too! Ostrich patrolled the fence on the walk up to the start line, and the starter’s instructions included ‘don’t touch the electric fence it’s keeping the pigs in!’
The 2 lap course was mainly field edges with a small winding section through some trees.
I really enjoyed completing all 4 races in this year’s cross country league, each provided a different challenge. Looking forward to next year!

Fran Penny

Imber Range Perimeter 33m Ultra

Starting at Leighton Sports Centre in the town of Westbury at the north west of the Imber Ranges, this ultra follows a unique course which is accompanied by the explosions of the Salisbury firing range. The route follows the Imber Range Perimeter Path, passing iron age hillforts, bridleways and the most remote parts of southern England.

Seasoned Ultra runners, Mark Manley and Lesley Hinsley, took to the course!

  • Mark Manley – 6:00:17 (Unofficial)
  • Lesley Hinsley – 6:00:17 (Unofficial)

Imber Range Perimeter 33m ultra. It runs all around the perimeter of the Salisbury plain firing range, always just through a fence to your left. Quite exposed, and almost 3000ft of elevation.

Mark Manley

Starting at Wesbury over the Salisbury Plain, [the course goes round] the Imber Ranges 3,000ft hills, very cold 🥶 and bleak in places. [It’s] usually very muddy, cold and wet, but we were lucky today as it was dry underfoot.

Lesley Hinsley

Devon Grizzly

Hosted by Axe Valley runners, this multi-terrain race follows the East Devon coastline and countryside for some incredible views. This year, the race was named ‘I Fought The Claw’, a hint to it’s grizzly course, with beaches and bogs to navigate. Despite the tough route, the race attracts over 2,000 runners a year to take part.

Taking on the challenge for RSE was Andy Sworn and Zoe Markham-Lee!

  • Andy Sworn – 4:30 (Unofficial time)
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 4:55 (Unofficial time)

I ran the 20 mile Grizzly race today across undulating countryside between Seaton and Branscombe in Devon. It was a cold day but the going was pretty nice due to the recent dry weather. There were the customary muddy bogs and beaches to traverse and many inclines including the Stairway to Heaven up from Branscombe beach. It was altogether a very enjoyable run again (my 14th Grizzly race) and finished in just under 4 1/2 hours.

Andy Sworn

That was really tough and my foot blew up at mile 18. But there was no way I’d not finish! I’ll send a few photos. Plus… you run all that way and no medal! There were pirates, bag pipes and bogs. But no medal!

Zoe Markham-Lee


Lydiard parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 27:40

Plymvalley parkrun

  • Felicity Crotty – 36:43

Seaton parkrun

  • Andy Sworn – 29:24

Cirencester parkrun

  • David Witnall – 20:42
  • Jon Campbell – 22:47
  • Phil Southworth – 25:12
  • Steve Sandercock – 25:18
  • Sue Navin – 29:03
  • Maria Yates – 29:04

Witney parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 35:44

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  • Sunday 11th June 2023: Fairford 10k
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