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Chesterton Farm Loops

Chesterton Farm Loops route details…

Leave Somewhere Else via Tetbury Rd, head through the underpass onto Chesterton Lane then turn right onto Cranhams Lane. When you reach the farm track on your right you are at the start of the loop.

The Loop:

Turn right off of Cranhams Lane and follow the farm track to the end where you’ll turn left. After a short distance turn left again onto the smaller footpath which will bring you back onto Cranhams Lane where you’ll turn left again and arrive back at the start of the loop.

When you have run sufficient loops retrace your steps back to Somewhere Else via Carnahams Lane, Chesterton Lane and Tetbury Rd.


  • O&B + 1 Loop = 3.5miles
  • O&B + 2 Loops = 4.7miles
  • O&B + 3 Loops = 5.9miles