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Harebushes Loops

Harebushes Loops route details…

Leave Somewhere Else via Park St onto Thomas St and Spittlegate Lane before turning right at the Rugby Club traffic lights. When you arrive at the Norman Arch you’ll see the enterance to Harebushes on the opposite side of Grove Lane. This is the start of the loop.

The Loop:

Enter Harebushes off of Grove Lane and follow the footpath uphill, after a slight kink to the left then right you’ll come onto a tarmac path, continue following this ahead before bearing round to the right. You’ll pass through a gateway after which you’ll bear right again and arrive at some allotments.

At this point you can either leave the woods and run alongside the London Rd to the Beeches Roundabout or continue following the footpath through the woods where you will emerge onto the London Rd either opposite the BP garage or by the pedestrian crossing.

When you reach the Beeches Roundabout you’ll cross the Grove Lane dual carriageway (please use the pedestrian crossing) and turn right back towards the Norman Arch.

When you have run sufficient loops retrace your steps back to Somewhere Else via Spittlegate Lane, Thomas St and Park St.


  • O&B + 1 Loop = 3.1miles
  • O&B + 2 Loops = 5.1miles
  • O&B + 3 Loops = 7.1miles