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Chesterton/Beeches Loop

Chesterton/Beeches Short/Long Loop Details:

Short Route = 8.5k

Long Route = 9.5k

Optional Extension = Additional 1.6k to the long route

All Routes:

Leaving Somewhere Else on Park St and head to the Texaco Garage where you will trun right onto Abbey Way towards the Rugby Club traffic lights. Cross the lights and continue on Grove Lane until you reach the Beeches Roundabout. Using the pedestrian crossings cross Grove Lane first then Burford Road before joining London Rd and heading uphill towards Kingshill School. After the roundabout for Millenium Way turn right onto the footpath with Kingshill School field on your left. Follow this foot path past the primary school and through the gap in the hedgeline where you’ll join Northhome Rd. Continue on Northome Rd through it’s twists and turns before turning left onto Queen Elizabeth Rd. When you reach The Golden Farm Pub turn left onto Beeches Rd and follow downhill, cuttingthrough the Beeches Car Park then turning left again onto London Rd. At the traffic lights turn left onto Victoria Rd past the school then turn left again at the end onto Watermoor Rd. When you reach Screw Fix take the under pass, follow the footpath in fronto of the self storage then follow Chesterton Lane past Lidl, Budgens towards Tesco.

When you reach the cross roads with Sommerford Rd the route splits.

Short Route:

Turn right onto Sommerford Rd and follow ahead all the way back to Somewhere Else.

Long Route:

Continue ahead on Chesterton Lane, go through the underpass onto Tetbury Rd and retun downhill to Somewhere Else.

Optional Extension (if 10k isnt enough):

Turn left onto Sommerford Rd, turn right at the TA centre and follw Cranhams Lane until you reach Chesterton Lane, trun Left, go through the underpass onto Tetbury Rd and retun downhill to Somewhere Else.