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RSE Club Report – Winter is coming…

Calne Clock Change 5k

The Clock Change Challenge, organised by the Calne Community Campus, is now in it’s 15th year and is a popular event in the race calendar for many Wiltshire runners, with options for 5k and 10k races. The course is fast and flat, making it ideal for those chasing PBs.

A huge well done to Mick, Kirsty and Ted for some brilliant times!

  • Mick Bagot – 22:41 – 2nd in age category!
  • Kirsty Pitts – 25:21 – 1st in age category!
  • Ted Pitts – 28:45
A great little race, which is a fairly flat fast course, starting and finishing on a very wet playing field at Calne Leisure centre. There was also a 1.5k fun run and a 10k.
Kirsty Pitts

Stroud Half Marathon

The Stroud Half Marathon was the last race in the RSE Club Championship, and it was great to see so many club members attend the race, whether it was running or supporting! The race starts and finished on the Cainscross Road, adjacent to Marling School field. The course is entirely on road and is mainly flat and fast with a steady rise between 6 and 7 miles.

Well done to all of the RSE club members who competed in club races over the year – bring on the final championship results!


  • Nia Glover – 01:33:45 – New PB!
  • Mark Garrett – 01:33:45
  • Ollie Hazel – 01:36:44
  • Sharon Smith – 01:44:05 – 1st LV70!
  • Elliot Gardiner – 01:45:14 – New PB!
  • Alan Powderhill – 01:54:50
  • Andrew Barrett – 01:56:49 – 1st race for RSE!
  • Sarah Page – 01:57:55
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 01:58:19
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 01:58:50
  • Nadine Brown – 02:01:54
  • Liz Hulcup – 02:02:31 – 2nd LV70 – 1st race for RSE!
  • Linda Edwards – 02:12:11
  • Becca Wilson – 02:23:21
New Half Marathon PB by exactly 2 mins! Very pleased! 🤩🦾 Great way to end the racing season by sticking with the pacing plan overall and managing to get the time I was aiming for at the last club championship race of the year! My second time at Stroud Half Marathon and it didn’t feel any easier! Definitely more hills than I remember! 😅 Thank you to everyone for all the support at the race and throughout the year! All that remains is to see what position I have managed to finish in the men’s club championship! 🏅
Elliot Gardiner
We were lucky with the weather after all the rain the previous day. Course bit more undulating than I expected but went through some pretty villages and good support and marshalling. Well organised and a good finish to the championship races! Specially nice to have encouragement from coach Dave as we approached the final half mile.
Sarah Page

Lightening Bolt 10k

The clue is in the title for the Lightening Bolt 10k, which features a fast and flat course with an elevation of just 14 metres! Starting at Langley Burrell Village Hall, the race is suitable for all abilities and incorporates the Wiltshire Championships and South West Inter Counties Championships awards.

A huge well done to Libby Butler who set a new PB of 53:52 on the course!

This was a test race to see how much work I need to do next year to get a PB. Well organised even though there had to be a route change due to flooding.
Libby Butler

Gloucestershire XC

The first race in the Gloucestershire Cross Country series was held in the Bathurst Estate, for an infamously tough and hilly route. Cross country races have different distances for Men’s/Ladies + Men’s Masters categories, as well as various categories for under 18s! The courses are challenging, wet and muddy, but the comradery makes them all worth it.

Congratulations to the RSE members who took on the challenge – is the 1st men’s team we’ve had in a number of years?

Men’s Race (9.9k):

  • Jon Last – 47:21 – 1st race for RSE!
  • Ollie Hazel – 51:18
  • Dave Witnall – 56:10
  • Mick Bagot – 1:01:07

Ladies and Men’s Masters Race (6.4k):

  • Jennifer Glass – 35:21 – 3rd LV55 – 1st race for RSE!
This years course was the reverse to what we marshalled last year as a club, this means the 3 main hills are towards the end, this combined with the mud made conditions tricky at best. It was great to form a team of masters (MV35+) for the first that I can remember for RSE. Well done to Jon, Ollie and Mick, impressive performances, did I mention there was mud?
Personally, it was struggle, first race back for 4 months after a hip injury, showed I have a long way to go to be near race fit again!
Dave Witnall

Guy Fawkes 5 Mile race

Hosted by Tewkesbury Running Club, the Guy Fawkes 5 mile race is popular for it’s fast and flat course. The usually frying pan shaped route consisting of 2 bridge crossings and country roads, was replaced by an out and back course which was fast and flat.

Well done to RSE for another brilliant turnout and some fantastic times!

  • Mark Garrett – 32:47
  • Sharon Smith – 37:16 – 1st LV70!
  • Mick Bagot – 37:58
  • Steve Sandercock – 39:19
  • Darren Jenner – 39:32
  • Jo Wood – 39:47
  • Anne Gardiner – 39:52 – 3rd LV60!
  • Alan Powderhill – 40:01
  • Libby Butler – 40:26
  • Kirsty Pitts – 41:15
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 41:53
  • Liz Hulcup – 42:31
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 48:14
  • Felicity Crotty – 50:42
  • Monica Farthing – 51:40
  • Elliott Fogg – 53:14
  • Sylvia Warman – 54:10,9

Well done to all the RSE members who ran, and to those who achieved new PBs!usus

New PB by 2 minutes. 3rd in age category!
Anne Gardiner
Lots of laughs on the car journey down. Possibly the best bit! When an incline feels like a mountain...
Zoe Markham-Lee
Great race to end the year and my best race since 2019. Absolutely loved that.
Libby Butler
I always enjoy this race, and this year was no exception even after they had to change the route because of flooding. An out and back fast, flat course along country lanes. It was a lovely sunny day and there was a great turnout from RSE, with some amazing times.
Kirsty Pitts

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile Race

This small local race series is held by coach Dave Witnall’s old running club, Centurion RC. The course is a flat multi-terrain race around Babbs Mill nature reserve, and features 6 races in total, from November to April.

  • Ellie Witnall – 41:41 – 3rd SL!
  • Dave Witnall – 41:42
My first race in a while and I must admit, I complained the whole ray round - sorry Dave! But I got round and the last mile was my fastest (there was a promise of a Mars bar at the end!)
Ellie Witnall

parkruns - 28/10/2023

Abingdon parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 25:21
  • Felicity Crotty – 34:18

Cirencester parkrun

  • Phil Newman – 23:38
  • Daniel Drayton – 23:41
  • William Cobbett – 24:25
  • Cheri Edwards – 25:17
  • Paul Robertson – 25:18
  • Sue Navin – 27:16
  • Vicki Mason – 30:29
  • Maria Yates – 34:45

Gloucester City parkrun

  • Linda Edwards – 30:03

Stratford Park parkrun, Stroud

  • Cathy Steer – 36:56

Seven Fields parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 29:50

parkruns - 4/11/2023

Cirencester parkrun

  • William Cobbett – 26:49
  • Paul Robertson – 26:51
  • Vicki Mason – 31:02

Brooklands parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 26:12

Seven Fields parkrun

  • Jon Campbell – 23:09

Witney Parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 32:03

Save the Date!

  •  26th November – Yoga

The next RSE club report will be Sunday 19th/Monday 20th November

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to fill in the form below by Sunday 5pm.

RSE Club Report – Historic Towns to New Races!

Oxford Half Marathon

This prestigious half marathon takes runners through the winding streets of Oxford and past the stunning sites of Old Marston village, the River Cherwell, Oxford University’s impressive Lady Margaret Hall. The course is fast and flat, making it ideal for those new to a half and PB seekers. This year the event was sold out, with over 13,000 runners taking to the streets.

A huge congratulations to Jess James, who completed her first marathon in a brilliant time of 2:01:10!

This was my longest ever run so thoroughly delighted to have finished it, and beat my target time. A big thanks to my husband Gareth for keeping me company. It was a very cold morning before the race kicked off, but then it turned into a glorious morning. Fantastic support from all the crowds around Oxford.
Jess James

Endurancelife Suffolk Ultra

The Suffolk Ultra is considered flat by Endurancelife standards, but that doesn’t make this 33.3 mile run any easier. The course takes in the peaceful and serene landscape around Dunwich, crossing multiple terrains including forest floors, moorlands, grass, and beaches. With 10k, half marathon and marathon options available on the day, there’s something for everyone.

A huge well done to Sharon Smith who completed the course in 6:00:56, making her 4th lady and 18th overall!

A cold start but the sun came out within 15 minutes after a rousing send off from James of Endurance Life. We ran through Dunwich, a charming village, and then we were running in single file through the marshes and over flooded bridges and water crossings. The depth of the water made Chedworth look tame!! Into the woods, where I slid into a mud bath with others. FUN. Once out of the woods at about 16 miles the paths opened up into grasslands and tracks before hitting the shale and deep sand of the beach. The scenery was fresh and colourful after the torrential rain and soft underfoot. Food stations were so well equipped with delicious snacks that it was hard to leave, although mud had crept onto my hands and in my mouth which was unpleasant. Marshalls were very kind and friendly and I will attempt another Ultra one day, perhaps next year and one closer to home.
Sharon Smith

Well Run 10k

In it’s very first year, the Well Run 10k is designed for runners of all abilities with the aim of promoting a strong social community and good mental wellbeing. The course is undulating but with beautiful scenery and ample support and encouragement, it is a fun race to take part in.

A big well done to Sara Juggins who completed the course in 1:05:19 and to Liz Hulcup  who finished in 1:16:10 (tail running)!

This was a brand new race starting and finishing at Far Peak, Northleach. An undulating course following the River Coln before heading back to Far Peak.
Liz Hulcup

parkruns - 14/10/2023

Lydiard parkrun

  • Nadine Brown – 26:04
  • Ellie Witnall – 26:04
  • David Witnall – 26:05

Chippenham parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 28:10

Heslington parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:01

Cirencester parkrun

  • William Cobbett – 23:57
  • Paul Beaumont – 24:35
  • Jon Campbell – 25:07
  • Richard Hobbs – 27:10
  • Sylvia Warman – 36:05

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Sarah Reynolds – 27:57

Barnstaple Parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 27:49 – 1st LV70!

parkruns - 21/10/2023

Hampstead Heath parkrun

  • Jenny Hoffmann – 35:40

Cirencester parkrun

  • Daniel Drayton – 23:38
  • Robert Baker – 25:46
  • William Cobbett – 26:44
  • Andy Sworn – 26:56
  • Carol Sworn – 29:55

Gloucester City parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:41

Bolberry Down parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 25:29
  • Felicity Crotty – 33:19

Save the Date!

  • 29th October – Stroud Half Marathon (RSE Championship race)
  • 29th October – End of Season Social
  • 30th October – Halloween Social run
  • 5th November – deadline to send 5k/marathon times to the club captains (Elaine and Ben Chapman)

The next RSE club report will be Sunday 22nd October

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to fill in the form below by Sunday 5pm.

RSE Club Report – Autumn Running Season Starts Now!

Cotswold Water Park 10K

This 10k in the beautiful Cotswold Water Park takes runners around the stunning Cleveland Lakes Nature Reserve which is not normally open to the public. The course is fast and flat, so unsurprisingly is a sell out. The event raises money for Cotswold Lakes Trust, a charity dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the Cotswold Water Park.

Aiming to get his name the most times in this race report, a huge well done to Elliot Gardiner, who completed the course in 46:07!

The race was the first of two races in the same weekend & this one on a slight hangover too! 😅 Based at the South Cerney lakes, the course was 2 & 3⁄4 laps following the trail clockwise around the Cleveland Lakes permissive path and through the nature reserve. Due to a fair amount of rain recently, the trail was very muddy & slippery under foot, although very flat. Not too far off a PB, so with drier weather and harder ground it could definitely be a PB course. Came 17th out of 174 runners so I’m very pleased with that! 😊 Another “eco friendly” wooden medal & picked up some Cotswold Lakes Brewery ale as a reward from their stand at the end 🍺
Elliot Gardiner

Run Upcote 5 Mile

The next race in the RSE Club Championship was a hilly one (thanks Captains!) but with hills comes some amazing scenery. Held at the Upcote Farm (where the 2000 Trees Festival is held), the route crosses farm road, bridleway and permissive path for some challenging uphill segments (and a few downhills!). Although RSE runners thought it was tough going, they were still smiling en route!

  • Mark Garrett – 37:48 – 3rd MV50!
  • Ollie Hazel – 39:13
  • Elliot Gardiner – 42:45
  • Mick Bagot – 44:04 – 2nd MV60!
  • Sharon Smith – 44:45 – 1st LV70!
  • Alan Powderhill – 45:50
  • Jo Beames – 46:36
  • Nadine Brown – 49:05
  • Anne Gardiner – 3rd LV60!
  • Sarah Reynolds – 49:31
  • Gemma Wright – 49:51
  • Anna Field – 49:56
  • Sue Navin – 51:48
  • Teresa Hazelwood – 53:43
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 56:01
  • Jenn Evans – 59:45
  • Anne Marie-Davies – 1:00:36
  • Vicki Mason – 1:01:01
Third time running this race. In 2021, the race was extended to 5.7 miles in error! Today we had perfect conditions. The hills still hurt though and I was on the lookout for Hornets in the woods. Spectacular views.
Sharon Smith
The second race of the weekend and at the other end of the spectrum! A hot & hilly trail! 🥵 This was also the last race in the club championship short stuff specialist series so I needed to put a shift in! The route starts with a very long, steep climb up “Bastard Hill” (very appropriately named!) which eventually levels out for some stunning scenic views from the top. Some slippery mud tracks through the woods and over the top of the hills before descending back down, then a sting in the tail hill back up towards the finish line and a final downhill sprint! On tired legs from the race the day before, I can say it was very hard work, which meant I was even more pleased with my overall pacing and time 💪🏼 possibly one I might not be doing again in future! 😅
Elliot Gardiner
I found it very hard but weirdly, I want to run it again next year 😂
Gemma Wright

Cardiff Half Marathon

This fast, flat and scenic half marathon is held in the heart of the capital city, taking in iconic landmarks including Cardiff Castle, the Principality Stadium, Civic Centre and stunning Cardiff Bay. It is now one of Europe’s largest half marathons and is Wales’ largest mass participation and multi-charity fundraising event, with over 27,500 registered runners. With thousands of spectators cheering on the runners, it’s safe to say this is a great race for atmosphere!

Congratulations to Tim Wainwright who completed the course in 2:10:18!

Cardiff is an amazing race, well supported and well organised, massive event. The national anthem was sung by thousands of people which gave me goosebumps. I'd love to run this again and highly recommend.
Tim Wainwright

Loch Ness Marathon

Described as one of the most beautiful marathons in the world, Baxters Loch Ness Marathon runs point to point along atmospheric moorland, Highland scenery and the infamous Loch Ness, finishing in Inverness, capital city of the Highlands. With this in mind, this years events saw returning RSE runners as well as one club member who decided to run the course on their birthday!!

A huge well done to Team RSE for some brilliant times, and Happy Birthday, Libby!

  • Phil Southworth – 4:03:46
  • Libby Butler – 4:42:11
  • Cathy Steer – 4:58:09
  • Linda Edwards – 5:05:43
  • Becca Wilson – 5:39:14
A Birthday Marathon. Was a different way to spend a birthday that's for sure but it was lovely to spend it in Scotland with my RSE chums, plus I beat my previous (official) PB by 19 minutes!! A very tough race, undulating and the downhills were just as painful as the uphill. Gorgeous scenery did help a little however.
Libby Butler
First official marathon (not sure running around my garden really counts!). Absolutely loved it! Lines of coaches dropped 3500 crazy people in lycra in the middle of nowhere. The rain stopped, the sun came out, and a rainbow and bagpipes led the way to the start line! The race started downhill with stunning views and a growing sense of optimism. Running a marathon wasn't going to be so bad after all! Three hours later, at mile 18, reality hit as the long hill began. Jeffing, fruit pastals, pretzels and cheers of support got me through the rest! Really grateful to have the other RSE members and friends at the event with me! Great support! Would definitely recommend it for the beautiful scenery, Baxters soup and Tartan medal!
Cathy Steer
Brilliantly organised , fantastic route and stunning scenery where we benefited from unseasonably glorious weather . Love this marathon and made more special by running with fellow RSE members. As I say what’s not to love ❤️! ? This is a local, friendly marathon and the closest road marathon to a trail marathon . If you get a chance and fancy a few undulations this could be for you !
Becca WIlson
A very beautiful marathon which is worth running just for the scenery. It is undulating (hilly) but definitely worth the post marathon muscle ache. Great to see Cathy run her first official marathon and good representation from the Cotswolds!
Linda Edwards
Well organised race with coaches driving us out to start line then running back to Inverness alongside Loch Ness then river Ness into finish in Bught Park. Very scenic route and we were very lucky with the weather. The piping band gave us a resounding start and running on closed roads is always a treat. Quite undulating and tricky to pace ! Great to share the experience with other RSE running friends
Sarah Page

Swindon Trail Ultra

Only in its 3rd year as a race, the Swindon Trail Ultra is 70% trail, taking in some beautiful views around Swindon including the Ridgeway, Bincknoll Castle and Barbury castle. As well as the beautiful scenery, the course also challenges runners to 2000ft, the majority in the first half. But don’t take that figure as a deterrent, as this ultra is tipped as beginner friendly.

No stranger to an ultra or two, congratulations to Kevin Joynes-Creed who completed the course in 7hr 29min 20sec!

Starting at Lydiard Park the first half of the Swindon Ultra contains pretty much all of the elevation. The route begins winding it’s way across green fields towards Wotton Bassett then climbing up onto the Ridgeway past the Hackpen White Horse and over Barbury Castle before dropping back into Swindon at Coate Water. From here you pick up a network of cycle paths which wind their way through numerous green spaces across Swindon eventually landing back at Lydiard for the finish. Well signposted route, well stocked checkpoints and a pint of Arkells Ale at the finish. What more could you want 😎 Huge thanks as ever to Caroline for your support and it was lovely to see Cheri at Coate Water. All in all an awesome day out… This would be a great first Ultra for anyone considering stepping up in 2024…
Kevin Joynes-Creed

Bedford Marathon

This is a marathon with a difference, rather than take in the sites the Bedford Autodrome marathon takes runners around the flat race track, making it a uniquely fast course. Each mile is accurately marked out on the smooth, traffic free tarmac motor racing circuit, and is ideal for PB-seekers.

Well done to Sharon Smith who finished in a brilliant time of 3:44:56!

I ran this race to qualify for London and also as preparation for the Ultra. Unlike the Bedford Trail 20 miler I did a few weeks ago this was actually quite unpleasant. Very very strong wind on half the circuit which brought me to a standstill at one point and in danger of being blown over . The downhill was great but 8 laps of tarmac is no fun. However it had to be done but I wouldn't recommend it !
Sharon Smith

Chester Metric marathon

The MBNA Chester Metric Marathon is a popular race and one of a kind in the UK. For those who are unsure (like me who had to ask Coach Dave), a metric marathon is a 26.2km run, a unique and tough distance to cover. The course follows closed roads and runs past all Chester’s iconic landmarks including the Roman Walls, Cathedral, Medieval Rows, Eastgate Clock and Amphitheatre. Participants also explore the stunning Cheshire countryside before an unforgettable finish on Castle Drive.

A huge well done to Felicity Crotty who completed the run in 3:30:11!

Today was the third race in the Chester triple series that my cousin and I undertook as part of our zero birthday year. The metric marathon is an out n back route that was the furthest run I've undertaken this year. It was a very hot and struggled a bit post covid. It was a very well organised race with great support and a lovely route in the countryside.
Felicity Crotty

Burnham-on-sea Half marathon

This seaside half marathon boasts a flat course starting and finishing at the BASC Sports Ground. With a maximum of 300 runners taking part maintains a local feel to the race and allows for some quieter moments on course.

Congratulations to Zoe Markham-Lee who completed her 2nd race in a week in 2:00:22!

Very hot. Had to stop in places to let cars pass. I had the most water on a race ever! Saw some of my friends and they cheered me on at the end, whilst getting me more water!
Zoe Markham-Lee

Cricklade Half Marathon

Formerly an RSE Championship, the Cricklade Half and 10k is a popular one amongst RSE runners. The course is interestingly described as a flat/undulating course, which strangely fits the country lanes surrounding Cricklade. The race is over 30 years and will remain a favourite of the local area. A special shout out to the mini-Garretts who ran the Fun Run for the first time in RSE shirts!

  • Daniel Drayton – 1:51:52
  • Jo Wood – 1:56:12
  • Phil Newman – 1:58:39
  • Leah Brown – 1:58:40
  • Paul Beaumont – 1:58:40
  • Cheri Edwards – 2:01:54
  • Paul Robertson – 2:01:55
  • Sara Juggins – 2:25:02
  • Sylvia Warman – 2:40:14
My first half. Chosen as it was close to home and relatively flat. It went pretty well. The shaded parts through the lakes were lovely but the last 5 miles were in warmer temperatures with less shade. Brilliant RSE support excellent Marshalls plenty of drinks stations and friendly locals.
Sylvia Warman

parkruns - 30/09/2023

Stonehouse parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:27

Worthing parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 23:46
  • Felicity Crotty – 32:02

Cirencester parkrun

  • Jon Campbell – 21:37
  • Ben Chapman – 21:40
  • Daniel Drayton – 22:37
  • Phil Newman – 25:18
  • Jessica James – 27:09

Torvean parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 23:12
  • Linda Edwards – 37:58
  • Cathy Steer – 37:59

Quakers Walk parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 26:39

parkruns - 7/10/2023

Bressay parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 23:40

Wotton parkrun

  • Sarah Reynolds – 26:21
  • Katy Miller – 27:30

Delamere parkrun

  • Felicity Crotty – 54:54

Cirencester parkrun

  • William Cobbett – 24:48
  • Phil Newman – 25:05
  • Maria Yates – 32:53

Somerdale Pavilion parkrun

  • Caroline Joynes-Creed – 31:58
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 32:00

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Elliot Gardiner – 21:34 – New PB and 1st in age category!
  • Paul Robertson – 23:18
  • Alan Powderhill – 23:18

Wolford Wood parkrun

  • Linda Edwards – 36:32

Save the Date!

  • 29th October – Stroud Half Marathon (RSE Championship race)

The next RSE club report will be Sunday 22nd October

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to fill in the form below by Sunday 5pm.

RSE Club Report – Angels and Dragons!

Angels 10k

The next race in the RSE Club Championship is another favourite amongst RSE runners, the Angels 10k. Starting and finishing at the Woodpeckers Cricket Club in Ashleworth village, the course boasts great views of the Cotswolds, the Malvern Hills and the River Severn. It’s therefore unsurprising that the route is a tad undulating! The race also features in the Gloucestershire AAA Road race series, making it a perfect choice for racers.

  • Mark Garrett – 41:10 – 3rd MV50!
  • Ben Chapman – 46:11
  • Sharon Smith – 46:57 – 1st LV70!
  • Mick Bagot – 48:14 – 2nd MV65!
  • Steve Sandercock – 48:33 – 3rd MV65!
  • Anne Gardiner – 51:47
  • Sarah Page – 53:46
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 55:16
  • Liz Hulcup – 56.42 – 3rd LV70!
  • Libby Butler – 56:43 – 1st LV35!
  • Sylvia Warman – 1:10:18 – 3rd LV50!
It was very hilly. Lovely area to run. Had to walk the hills though!
Libby Butler
The hill at about 2.5 miles never gets any easier 😤
Liz Hulcup
Very pleased to complete this having had some time not running after COVID. Happy with the time especially considering I walked up several of the hills! Great support from marshalls fellow runners and especially the local children.
Sylvia Warman
Friendly race but had forgotten about the big hill which seemed to go on forever! Worth it for the good cake though
Sarah Page

Is there something about these shoes?

By Steve Sandercock
My focus, this year has been on completing as many Gloucestershire AAA road races, since I found myself in 3rd place in my age group. I have been putting in some training to try and make sure I finish 3rd overall. First and second places are beyond me, but I have been having a scrap with the person for 3rd. My efforts have seen a good improvement in performance during the season and I have recently had a string of good 5k results, equalling my pb of 23.56 set in 2019, at the Kemble time trial. My 10k times haven't been anything special, though and I haven't got below 50 minutes since 2019, let alone my pb of 49.01.
But in the last few weeks I have had some extraordinary results. I bought a new pair of running shoes 4 weeks ago and first time out I smashed my 5k and park run pb by 30 seconds, running Osterley Park run in 23.24 (picture). The following week I got my best ever Ciren Park run result at 23.58. Then at the Angels 10k AAA race I beat my 10k pb by 30 seconds getting 48.33, even though the course was fairly undulating. That's 2 minutes faster than my best 10k this year, at Berkeley. I beat the 2nd placed person for the first time and the (now) 4th placed person by 4 minutes. I think I have to attribute these gains to the new shoes. I had a look into the cheaper end of the shoes with a carbon insole and bought some Puma Nitro Deviate ones based on a good write up, and a price that was cheaper than my last pair of Brooks. Carbon shoes are reckoned to give runners a bit of a edge, that's why they high end ones cost so much. But I never expected the boost that these seem to have given me.
Time will tell, but I believe that these shoe provide a physical as well as psychological boost to my speed. Here's hoping...

Chippenham Half Marathon

This eco-friendly race has won numerous fan-favourite awards across the years, despite only being in its 14th year. Starting and finishing at our club base Chippenham Sports Club, the route follows scenic country lanes through Tytherton Lucas, East Tytherton, Avon and Langley Burrell. The course is predominantly flat and fast course, perfect for PB-seekers.

Congratulations to Tim Wainwright who completed the course in 2:08:47!

I ran chippenham half marathon absolutely loved it I felt good and strong throughout the race a lovely mostly flat course even had enough in me for a race finish against a few others. Lovely medal too I must add one of my fav medals 😀
Tim Wainwright

Worcester Half Marathon

With a picturesque startline on the River Severn, the Worcester half marathon takes runners on a tour along the river, as well as through the historic city. With nearly 4,000 runners taking on the half marathon and 10k options, there’s a great atmosphere in the city.

A huge well done to Alan Powderhill and Jo Wood who took on the course!

  • Alan Powderhill – 1:53:44
  • Jo Wood – 1:56:32
A half I’ve wanted to do for a while. Quite a flat half, showing some good local sites and some twists and turns around Worcester city centre. I’d planned to push for a PB but more than happy to come away with my second fastest half!!
Alan Powderhill
Perfect weather for this half on Sunday 17th September. Points of interest at every turn - Worcester Cathedral, Uni, Diglis Marina, riverside run and up and around the city roads. Not pan flat but much of the route is by the river. Excellent supporters. Would recommend!
Jo Wood

Trail de la Rennaisance

Held in Fontenay-le-Comte in the heart of the Vendée, this 8km course takes runners through the picturesque neighbourhoods of France. Four events are offered on the day, including 24 km , 15 km , 8 km and a 2 x 8 km relay options.

Running for RSE was Linda Edwards, who finished in a great time of 1:03:21!

Trail de la Rennaisance is held in Fontenay le Compte in the South West region of France starting at 5pm. I decided to opt for the 7.5 k route as I was unsure of the hill profile, the heat and 3 weeks away from a marathon. The race cost me 9 euros and the race pack included a refillable bottle, cup, cap and and an apple.
As it happens it was around 28 degrees in full sunshine. I had asked what the hill profile was on the Facebook page as the race information was fairly scanty and was advised that it was flat ( upon commencing the race I realise this was the French sense of humour).
The race consisted of ups and downs with some cobbled streets until we hit the outskirts of the local chateaux. At this point the path was almost non existent and we came to a standstill as the runners queued up to take a rope to heave themselves up a hill. Once at the top I weaved my way through what I can only describe as a mini jungle to a gravel path. Leaving the chateau grounds to regain ground on the cobbled streets it felt very much like tarmac compared to the prior terrain and the route finished in the town to many cheers of 'Allez Allez' and the finishing fruit table. Despite my preference for road I thoroughly enjoyed this race but not as much as the Kia Cassis in the nearby cafe.
Linda Edwards

Forest of Dean Trail Half Marathon

The Forest of Dean Trail runs include both Spring and Autumn editions. The Autumn course has some interesting hill challenges and offers a chance to experience the Forest with its late-summer leaf canopy. The multi-terrain route follows way-marked trails, some well-maintained tracks and a number of new trails.

Well done to our RSE runners who ran the course!

  • Lesley Hinsley – 2:15:18
  • Anna Field – 2:15:18
  • Anne Gardiner – 2:15:19
Lesley, Anna and I ran this together (so this is their time too - please add them as we crossed the chip mat together). This is a large race very well organised by the Rotary Club with plenty of marshals and supporters and coffee and homemade cakes provided by the Inner Wheel. The route is all on broad forestry tracks. Although it is hilly (just under 1,000ft of ascent) the gradients are reasonable. In dry conditions road shoes would have been fine but we needed trail shoes today as it was slippery in places. A very good first trail half to do - we enjoyed it.
Anne Gardiner

Apperley Quarter Marathon

This year saw the 40th anniversary of the Apperley Quarter Marathon. Running from Apperley Cricket Club, the 6.5 mile course is multi-terrain with beautiful scenery to keep runners going.

A huge well done to RSE’s Cheri Edwards who completed the course in 56:58!

It was the 40th anniversary race of the AQM and I can understand why it’s been going for so long! A brilliantly organised, friendly, community-led event based at Apperley cricket club.
The race itself was approximately 6 and a half miles on a mixture of roads and fields. It was quite picturesque, we ran alongside the river Severn and then past Deerhurst Church (where the Treaty of Deerhurst was signed in 1012 for all you history fans!). After trampling through some long grass and attempting to avoid the many cowpats, we rejoined the road. The relief was short lived however, as the final mile was all uphill! At the finish line there was a choice of handmade medals (I picked a clay dragon) and a very generous selection of cakes. We also received a packet of seeds along with the standard banana and water.
Quite a lot of runners and volunteers were wearing fancy dress, including one with a dragon wrapped around his neck. At the awards presentation, the dragon handed out the trophies. I ran with my colleague James who suggested we get a photo with the dragon - who tried to eat my face! The event was raising money for charity (the RDs mother had suffered a stroke earlier in the year) so this years donations were for the Stroke Association and hospital League of Friends. There was a stall selling homemade jams and chutneys, as well as a BBQ and bar. As I was feeling charitable (read: hungry) it would have been rude not to support!
Cheri Edwards

Lake Vyrnwy Half marathon

This extremely fast one lap race offers spectacular views of Lake Vyrnwy and is incredibly popular amongst beginners and PB seekers. Starting and finishing in the village of Llanwddyn, the route follows a flat route clockwise around the lake. The atmosphere is buzzing, with music accompanying the race village.

Congratulations to Darren Jenner and Felicity Crotty for completing the run!

  • Darren Jenner – 1:49:57 – New PB!
  • Felicity Crotty – 2:33:28
A lovely race in the Welsh countryside around lake vyrnwy, a grey chilly start, with nearly perfect conditions apart from a slightly delayed start led to Darren getting a PB!
Felicity Crotty

parkruns - 16/09/2023

Cirencester parkrun

  • Paul Robertson – 22:54
  • Paul Beaumont – 24:41
  • Robert Baker – 25:01
  • Nadine Brown – 26:50
  • Ellie Witnall – 26:54
  • Sue Navin – 29:09
  • Andy Sworn – 29:50
  • Carol Sworn – 30:33

Seven Fields parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 26:16

Stockley Country parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 23:41

parkruns - 23/09/2023

Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:03

Hampstead Heath parkrun

  • Jenny Hoffman – 34:29

Cheltenham parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 23:15

Cirencester parkrun

  • Jon Campbell – 21:37
  • Steve Sandercock – 24:08
  • Robert Baker – 25:16
  • Liz Hulcup – 28:18
  • Jo Wood – 31:41
  • Paul Robertson – 33:39

Babbs Mill parkrun

  • Ellie Witnall – 26:01 – 3rd lady!
  • Dave Witnall – 26:02

Save the Date!

  • 1st October – Run Upcote 5 mile race (RSE Championship race)
  • 29th October – Stroud Half Marathon (RSE Championship race)

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