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Final Championship Results 2023

The championship results are now on the website! What a fantastic season it’s been, it’s been a close competition this year and went right to the 5km and marathon results.

Well done to all runners and all those who took part.

Endurance Expert

This category was for races with distance ranging from 7 miles to marathon, with a mixture of terrain.

Men’s Competition:

Elliot took an early lead but Mark swooped in at the last race.

  1. Mark Garrett – 49 points
  2. Elliot Gardiner – 41 points
  3. Alan Powderhill – 30 points

Ladies competition:

Very closely fought competition with a few rollercoaster races! This went to the end with the marathon deciding the final order.

  1. Nia Glover – 50 points
  2. Sharon Smith – 41 points
  3. Sarah Page – 38 points

Well done to all who took part getting in the miles

Short Stuff Specialist

This category was for races with distances ranging from 1 mile to 10km, again with a mixture of terrain.

Men’s competition

Very close battle between 2nd and third place this year, especially in the 5km when each runner kept outdoing the other!

  1. Mark Garrett – 50 points
  2. Ben Chapman – 42 points
  3. Elliot Gardiner – 40 points

Ladies competition

Very exciting competition here, Ann putting in a very strong lead early on, but pipped at the post by Sharon, well done! Also very exciting battle for third with 3 people within 3 points!

  1. Sharon Smith – 47 points
  2. Ann Gardiner – 41 points
  3. Zoe Markham-Lee – 31 points

Overall Championship

What a year it has been. We’ve been so pleased to see so many of our runners taking part this year. It’s been very exciting with some close battles to get those trophies. Well done all runners

Men’s competition

  1. Mark Garrett – 80 points
  2. Elliot Gardiner – 66 points
  3. Alan Powderhill – 47 points
  4.  Masters trophy – Darren Jenner – 46 points

Ladies competition

  1. Nia Glover – 80 points
  2. Sharon Smith – 74 points
  3. Zoe Markham-Lee – 47 points
  4. Masters trophy – Nadine Brown – 56 points

Amazing results! Well done to all trophy winners, but an even bigger well done to all other runners who showed up in their yellow vests to race or support team RSE.

New races will be announced soon.

Any queries about results – please speak to Elaine about the Men’s results and speak to Ben about the Ladies results.


Happy running team RSE

Your Club Captains

Elaine and Ben