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RSE Championship 2024 – update

Hi all,

We’ve made a great start to our 2024 RSE club championship, with 3 endurance races completed and our first short stuff race at Highworth.

Our runners have been doing us proud as always by running amazingly in their yellow vests, and producing some cracking results.

Well done all who have raced so far, We think it’s going to be an exciting season, we’ve already got some new names in the mix!

Endurance Expert Category:

Three races into the competition and it’s already exciting, there are many runners in contention. We have 3 runners on 10 points just behind the top 3 in the mens!

Mens Endurance expert:

  1. Mark Garrett – 18 points
  2. Daniel Drayton – 14 points
  3. Tim Wainwright – 12 points

Ladies Endurance expert:

  1. Nia Glover – 20 points
  2. Sharon Smith and Kirsty Pitts – both on 19 points

Short Stuff Specialist:

With only one race run in this competition, it is still early days, but a great start.

Men’s Short stuff specialist:

  1. Jon Last – 10 points
  2. Mark Garrett – 9 points
  3. Ben Mutlow – 8 points

Ladies Short stuff specialist:

  1. Sharon Smith – 10 points
  2. Anne Gardiner – 9 points
  3.  Elaine Chapman – 8 points

Overall championship:

Again, still early days, but great to see a lot of names in the mix, taking part in our club races.

Men’s Championship:

  1. Mark Garrett – 27 points
  2. Jon Last – 20 points
  3. Ben Mutlow – 18 points

Ladies Championship:

  1. Sharon Smith – 29 points
  2. Kirsty Pitts- 24 points
  3. Nia Glover and Sarah Page – 20 points


Fantastic running! Next short race is the Bourton mile, and the next endurance race is the Stroud Beer race.

Happy running all and keep up the good work!

Elaine and Ben,

Club Captains