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RSE Championship 2023 Update

Hi all,

What a championship we are having this year! So many of you fantastic runners out there in your yellow vests doing your club proud. Many names in the mix. With 2 races and the 5km/marathon element left in each category, it is far from decided who will take the prizes. Just a reminder, you have to complete the correct number of races in each category to qualify for the prizes. (5 races in endurance and short category, 4 of each for the overall championship).

Endurance Expert Category

In this category, so far no runners have completed the required 5 races, so will go with the best score for each. Some new names in the mix this year which always makes me happy! 2 races remain – Chedworth and the Stroud half, plus it is time to start sending me your brilliant marathon times. The battle between Dave and Mark continues, but for now they are battling for the silver as Elliot is in the lead!! There are also a few runners close to that ladies top 3, so it is far from over!!

Ladies Category

  1. Nia Glover (40 points)
  2. Sarah Page (25 points)
  3. Nadine Brown (20 points)

Men’s Category

  1. Elliot Gardiner (32 points)
  2. Mark Garrett and David Witnall (29 points each)

Short Stuff Specialist Category

In this category we have runners that have completed the 5 required races, so will take those runners as the top 3. This makes things very exciting! 2 races remain – Angels 10km and Run Upcote and of course any 5km, again time to think about sending me your great 5km times. Another exciting competition in both categories, lots of runners circling to take those prizes!

Ladies Category

  1. Anne Gardiner (34 points)
  2. Kirsty Pitts (22 points)
  3. Felicity Crotty (10 points)

Men’s Category

  1. Mark Garrett (49 points)
  2. Ben Chapman (35 points)
  3. Steve Sandercock (13 points)

Overall Championship

In this category, we have runners who have completed the required number of races, so again I am taking these results for the top 3. There are so many runners 1 off qualifying for overall, hopefully a good incentive to enter the last races. As well as prizes for top 3, we also have the masters trophy to fight for

Ladies Championship

  1. Nadine Brown (40 points)
  2. Kirsty Pitts (39 points)

Well done ladies, 1 point between you both! Some strong runs by you both this year.

Men’s Championship

  1. Elliot Gardiner (61 points)
  2. Alan Powderhill (36 points)

Yes that’s right, currently no Mark and Dave, well done Elliot and Alan who have both picked up a few more PB’s this year.

Well done to all who have been running in our championship this year, there really has been some excellent running.

The updated table is available, you will see that many of you are so close to qualifying in each category, this years championship is far from over! Next club race is Chedworth 10miler in the Endurance category, Angels 10km in the Short stuff category (also a Glos AAA event!). Keep up the good work.

Happy running!

You club captains,

Elaine and Ben