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RSE Club Report – Slaying some Dragons!

Bugatti 10k

This single looped race is held in Prescott, Cheltenham, a surprinsingly undulating area of the town. The course starts with a sharp descent followed by an equally sharp incline before settling into a largely rolling first third. Although the middle section of the route is flat, it isn’t long before the undulation begins again and the finish is primarily uphill. The Bugatti 10k is a popular run amongst RSE runners for its local, friendly atmosphere.

  • Mick Bagot – 49:42
  • Steve Sandercock – 53:39
  • Anne Gardiner – 55:40
  • Libby Butler – 57:24
  • Liz Hulcup – 59:18 – 1st LV70!
  • Felicity Crotty – 1:10:54
A scenic course on a warm evening. The last 2 miles is uphill!
Anne Gardiner

Dragon Slayer Ultra Run

If there’s one thing that will entice people to become an ultra runner, it’s the name ‘Dragon Slayer’! Entrants have the option of the 12 mile course, ‘Dragon Tickle’, or the full 35 miles to slay the dragon. Starting at Chepstow Castle, the course follows the Wye Valley path on the Welsh side of the River Wye to Monmouth, before heading onto Offa’s Dyke on the English side of the Wye Valley. The finish is through the 1km Tiddenham Tunnel, before crossing the Old Bridge into Wales and back to Chepstow Castle. The total elevation is 5000ft with some serious climbs, but runners are treated to spectacular views across the rolling hills.

A huge well done to Zoe Markham-Lee for completing her first ever ultra marathon in 8.27.10!

For my first ultra, I thought I'd try one that has the same elevation as the Yorkshire 3 peaks, or one and a half Snowdons. Doh! Hard, hilly, beautiful views. I really must attempt a flat one... This race went from Chepstow to Monmouth and back. One side Welsh, the other English. Exactly like me!
Zoe Markham-Lee

Gloucester Track Ultra

The Blackbridge athletics track currently holds 4 IAU world records as well as many national best performances, making it an exciting track for any runner to get their feet on. By invite only, this weekend runners could take on a 24 or 48 hour challenge to run as many loops of the 400m course as they could within the time frame. It takes a special type of person to take on this unique challenge, and RSE’s Andy Poole did just that!

A huge well done to Andy who completed a staggering 88 miles within the 24 hour time limit!

The Gloucester 24 hr track race is held at the Blackbridge Athletics track. It's a really well organised event with a nice supportive atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the participants. I was pleased to manage 88 miles, which is the furthest I've run to date. I had great support along the way from Henry, Sarah, Ness, Lydia and Heidi, and special thanks to Dave Daniels who supported me throught the 24 hours-I definitely wouldn't have managed this distance if Dave hadn't been on hand to time me, ensure I got the right nutrition, and generally be so encouraging and keeping my spirits up through the really tough parts. Thanks Dave!
Andy Poole

Solihull Half Marathon

It is quickly becoming a yearly tradition at RSE for an ‘Away Day’ half marathon and coach trip, and this year was no different as the club headed out to Solihull. The Half Marathon undulating route, started and finished in Solihull town centre. The route started by following New Road into Malvern Park, before reaching Knowle town centre. A countryside section through Barston and Eastcote followed, which included the steeper inclines and declines of the course, before heading back to Solihull town centre. 

The Solihull Half Marathon was the next race in RSE’s club championship!

  • Mark Garrett – 1:31:17
  • Nia Glover – 1:37:02
  • Rachel Bodey – 1:40:55 – 2nd LV45!
  • Ollie Hazel – 1:41:54
  • Sharon Smith – 1:42:44 – 1st LV70!
  • Martin Sheriff – 1:45:49
  • Elliot Gardiner – 1:47:14 – New PB!
  • Ben Chapman – 1:47:36
  • Phil Southworth – 1:51:04
  • Paul Robertson – 1:52:49
  • Alan Powderhill – 1:52:49 – New PB!
  • Darren Jenner – 1:52:56
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 1:58:27 – New PB!
  • Sarah Page – 1:59:38  – 3rd LV60
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 2:00:18
  • Kirsty Pitts – 2:01:30
  • Liz Hulcup – 2:08:20 – 2nd LV70
  • Linda Edwards – 2:15:31
  • Cathy Steer – 2:16:59
  • Tim Wainwright – 2:19:05
  • Becca Wilson – 2:20:01
  • Felicity Crotty – 2:26:40
  • Jenny Hoffman – 2:29:53
  • Caroline Terry – 2:42:26
Undulating course. (hilly up and down! ) Started and ended in a gorgeous park with beautiful countryside and village on route. Not my best time but did come 4th in age category! Result! (only 5 entered 🤣🤣🤣)
Caroline Terry
Over the moon to get another PB today, on a tough undulating course. I managed to take off a minute and a half from my previous half PB. Great pacing from Robbo! Great away day with RSE!
Alan Powderhill
A fun social day out with RSE - gotta love a coach trip! A surprisingly nice route - hills yes, but closed roads, pleasant lanes, and great local roadside support all made for a good race atmosphere. Thanks to Dave for organising, and to all runners/cheerers for good spirits, great results and excellent support!
Rachel Bodey
Not as hot as last year, but still warm. I had forgotten about some of the inclines, but somehow managed a course PB
Liz Hulcup
Enjoyed today. Not the best of times but for me it was a training run to get 13 miles in the legs again. Thanks Dave for organising and thank you to all who ran or cheered us. I really enjoyed the day out. Thanks 😊
Tim Wainwright
Route was certainly undulating but nice to have mix of town and countryside. Marshall’s cheerful and supportive. Well organised race and park was good setting for race village. Coach trip worked really well and we had great team day out. Thanks to Dave for organising it
Sarah Page
I think this is my first race in at least a year. I liked the course, great support and great turn out from Team RSE. Great training for the marathon plan!
Becca Wilson
Undulating, green and pleasant. Starting and finishing in Malvern Park with good crowd support.
Sharon Smith
Managed a new half marathon PB by over 2 minutes on quite a hilly course! 🤩 Started from Solihull centre, through Knowle, then looped back round on undulating country roads on an out & back route. Even though it was a killer final hill back into Solihull, I stuck to the pacing plan to get another PB in back to back races! 💪🏼 very pleased considering some overindulgence on Saturday! 😅 Celebrated with the rest of the RSE crew with an all day breakfast & beers! 😆
Elliot Gardiner
Fantastic day out with Team RSE! It was definitely an undulating route and the hills in the final couple of miles were a bit of a killer, but it was brilliant to have closed roads and some great supporters cheering us on too!
Nia Glover

Captain’s Update!

A fantastic turnout today, well done to all our runners!
Updated championship results coming soon – what I will say is Nia is one step closer to getting her name on the overall championship trophy. The men’s competition is heating up with 3 runners in the mix, a different name from Mark and Dave has taken the lead.
You all ran so brilliantly today, well done to all. A shout out to Zoe, Al, Elliot who have yet again got another PB! (apologies to anyone I have missed!).
Also Rachel, Sharon, Liz and Sarah for age group success.

– Elaine Chapman

parkruns - 05/08/2023

Lydiard parkrun

  • Vicki Mason – 28:05

Wotton parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 28:11

Cirencester parkrun

  • Jon Campbell – 22:25
  • Phil Southworth – 24:09
  • Phil Newman – 24:53
  • Nadine Brown – 28:05
  • Ellie Witnall – 28:09

Haldon Forest parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 25:56
  • Felicity Crotty – 34:12

Chipping Norton parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 27:22

parkruns - 12/08/2023

Lydiard parkrun

  • Steve Sandercock – 24:42

Worcester parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 44:16
  • Felicity Crotty – 1:05:46

Cirencester parkrun

  • Daniel Drayton – 22:45
  • Phil Southworth – 23:24
  • Phil Newman – 24:08
  • William Cobbett – 24:34
  • Paul Billinghurst – 24:40
  • Sarah Reynolds – 27:50

Gloucester City parkrun

  • Andy Sworn – 26:48
  • Carol Sworn – 27:32

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Helen Cue – 34:51

Berkeley Green parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:03

Wolford Wood Parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 57:19 (Tailwalker)

Save the Date!

  • 10th September – Chedworth 10 mile (RSE Championship race)
  • 17th September – Angels 10k (RSE Championship race)

The next RSE club report will be 27th/28th August

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