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Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2018, Round 5 Update

Hi all,

Saturday 21st July saw the 5th race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship, the Bourton mile, a new race to the club championships, and a first mile race for many! A decent turnout saw 5 men and 6 ladies compete.

Men’s competition

In the mens race, first home in a storming run, collecting his first ever 10 club championship points was Ben Chapman, who snuck past Mark Manley in the final metres, Mark took the 9 points. Steve Phelps took the honours for the 8 points, followed by Norm Lever and Rich Taylor, 7 and 6 points respectively.

This has changed the top 3 in the Men’s short stuff specialist championship, with Ben moving into 2nd place! Mark maintains his lead, with Tom Cooper and Dave Witnall tied for third, although both are 2 races down.

  1. Mark Manley 43 points
  2. Ben Chapman 31 points
  3. Tom Cooper and David Witnall 29 points

Mark is the only runner to have completed his 5 races, so from now on will be looking to improve his points.

Ladies competition

Another strong run saw Teresa Hazelwood first lady home picking up another 10 points. Rosie Oates ran brilliantly to pick up 9 points, ahead of Elaine Chapman who finished 3rd to pick up 8 points. They were followed by Sharon Smith, Sandie Wood and Kay Thompson, picking up 7, 6, 5 points respectively.

This has changed the top 3 in the ladies, Elaine still holds the lead, but with 2 wins under her belt, Teresa is closing in. It looks like it is going to be a close Short Stuff Specialist Championship! Sharon Smith is in third place.

  1. Elaine Chapman 46 points
  2. Teresa Hazelwood 40 points
  3. Sharon Smith 36 points.

Elaine, Teresa and Sharon are the only runners to have completed 5 races, so will now look to improve their scores, but with Nadine, Ellie and Cheri close, with 1 race behind, the competition is still wide open!

The next race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship is the Bugatti 10km, in August.

Happy racing all,

Elaine, Co-captain

Championship 2018 update – Short Stuff specialist and overall round up

Hi all,

Wednesday 13th June saw the 4th race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship, in fact half way. A fantastic turnout saw 11 men and 22 ladies competing, many in their first club championship race. Well done to Tony Wilkins, Wayne Edgington, George Rackley, Helen Berry, Lisa Courtney, Sarah Page, Cathy Steer, Vanessa Poole, Lisa Evans, Caroline Joynes-Creed, Edith Putt, Charlie Austin and Kay Thompson for picking up your first club championship points!

Men’s Competition

An amazing run by Tom Cooper saw him pick up the 10 points as first man home, with Mark Manley picking up 9, and Andy Masser 3rd in for the 8 points. This race has seen change in the top 3. Mark Manley has moved into 1st place with 34, with Dave Witnall and Tom Cooper joint second place, both with 29 points. Ben Chapman, has edged ahead in the battle with Steve Phelps for 4th place.

  1. Mark Manley 34 points
  2. Tom Cooper and David Witnall 29 points

Ladies Competition

All change again in this race showing how strong the ladies competition is this year. A fantastic run saw Teresa Hazelwood pick up the 10 points as first lady, followed by Sharon Smith for the 9. Elaine Chapman just pipped Nadine Brown for the 8.

  1. Elaine Chapman 38 points
  2. Nadine Brown 32 points
  3. Teresa Hazelwood 30 points

The next race in the Short Stuff specialist Championship will be the Bourton Mile 21st July, which is a new race to the championship and is bound to provide some interesting results!

Overall Championship so far

With the half way mark in both championships reached (many have run marathons already in the Endurance expert section), here are the results so far. The best 4 results of each category are counted. I have not included marathon results in the endurance expert section as this is ongoing. But there are now 4 races remaining in each section.

Men’s Championship

Tom is dominating the Endurance expert championship so far, and running strongly in the short stuff section, so is looking in a strong position. Mark Manley is running well and has a good marathon time under his belt. Dave Witnall has put some great runs in as well, so there is a close competition for the top 3.

  1. Tom Cooper 59 points
  2. Mark Manley 43 points
  3. David Witnall 37 points

Ladies Championship

Nadine is proving herself to be a true endurance expert, with a brilliant marathon under her belt, and Elaine has been running well in the shorter runs, the ladies championship is really close! Teresa and Sharon are both running strongly, and Ellie, Cheri and Jo all close too, it looks like an exciting competition this year.

  1. Elaine Chapman 64 points
  2. Nadine Brown 61 points
  3. Sharon Smith 37 points.

Great running all, the next club championship race will be the Two Tunnels half marathon in July, another new race to the championship.

I would just like to welcome Tom Cooper who is now Vice/Joint Captain and will now be working with me on the championship.

Happy running all!

Elaine, Club captain



Cotswold Way 2018 Final teams

Final teams entered into the Cotswold way,

RSE Marvellous Men (no 10)

  1. Dave Witnall
  2. Henry Church
  3. Animal
  4. Ollie Hazel
  5. Ben Chapman
  6. John Buck
  7. Mark Garrett
  8. Tom Cooper
  9. Martyn Joyce
  10. Dave Daniels

RSE Wonderful Women (no 11)

  1. Laura Peters
  2. Tracey Pitts
  3. Kirsty Pitts
  4. Jess Osborne
  5. Emma Hine
  6. Rosie Oates
  7. Sallie Clatworthy
  8. Sharon Smith
  9. Teresa Hazelwood
  10. Jo Wood

RSE Magnificent mixed (no 12)

  1. Ellie Taylor
  2. Sarah Reynolds
  3. Dave Whitlow
  4. Elaine Chapman
  5. Amelia Culshaw
  6. Paul Coates
  7. Becca Wilson
  8. Richard Marshall
  9. Nadine Brown
  10. Martin Sherriff

Thanks all! Looking forward to it!


Championship 2018 Update – Short Stuff Specialist Round 3

Hi all,

Thursday 24th May saw the 3rd race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2018, the Fountain 5 mile race. It was a brand new race to Running Somewhere Else, a tough, hilly trail run in the Forest of Dean. Another great turn out saw 6 Men, and 11 Ladies racing for Championship points.

Men’s Competition

Another good run from Dave Witnall saw him collect the 10 points, with Mark Manley close behind to pick up the 9 points as second man in. Steve Phelps ran well to collect 8 points.  Well done to Martin Sherriff and Richard Marshall who both collected their first championships points of the year. How has this affected the top 3 of the short stuff specialist championship? The top 3 remains the same, although have moved around. In Tom’s absence, Dave and Mark have moved into 1st and second place, but there are still 5 more races to go, it could all change. It also looks like Ben Chapman and Steve Phelps might have a good battle for 4th place, both are on 14 points.

  1. David Witnall 29 points
  2. Mark Manley 25 points
  3. Tom Cooper 19 points
  4. Ben Chapman and Steve Phelps 14 points

Ladies Competition

All change again in the top 6, showing how close all our ladies are and how well everyone is running! Elaine Chapman was first lady in collecting the 10 points, with Sharon Smith in second collecting the 9 points. A very close race between Nadine and Ellie saw Nadine just pip Ellie to the 8 points. Well done to Jess Osborne collecting her first points for the year. How has this race affected the top 3 of the Short Stuff Specialist Championship? Elaine maintains her lead, but Nadine and Ellie are not far behind, it’s still early days, and with Sharon, Theresa and Cheri all close as well, it looks like it’s going to be a great competition!

  1. Elaine Chapman 30 points
  2. Nadine Brown 25 points
  3. Ellie Taylor 23 points
  4. Sharon Smith and Teresa Hazelwood 20 points
  5. Cheri Edwards 17 points.

Fantastic running all, it is great to see so many of you competing in the club championship races. The next race in the Short Stuff Specialist Championship is on our doorstep this time, the Cirencester Summer Sizzler on the 13th June.

Happy Running,

Elaine, Club Captain.