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Club Championship 2018 Update

Hi all, 7th October saw a first for the Running Somewhere Else championship – 2 club races at the same time!  With the new championship format, the Cricklade 10km and half marathon were both club races. And in another twist, they were both the handicap races for each championship. The handicap race is always the chance to mix things up with the points not always going to the quickest, but to those who improved on their handicap time the most. It always gives everyone a fair shot at the 10 points regardless of speed. I shan’t repeat the handicap results, as I just posted them, plus they’re also available in the championship section of the website. But how has the handicap affected the various championship results?

Endurance Expert – Men’s competition

With Tom having already secured first place, there was no change at the top. In fact there was no change in the top 3!

  1. Tom Cooper 50 points
  2. Andy Masser 31 points
  3. Dave Daniels 26 points.

With only the marathon left, the battle for 2nd and 3rd is still on!

Endurance Expert – Ladies competition

Nadine Brown has secured the endurance expert championship! No one can overtake her now. Sharon Smith has moved into second place ahead of Elaine Chapman, having now completed 5 races. Elaine managed to improve her points and Ellie Taylor is close and has also completed 5 races.

  1. Nadine Brown 48 points
  2. Sharon Smith 43 points
  3. Elaine Chapman 39 points

Short Stuff Specialist – Men’s competition

With a great battle between Steve Phelps and Ben Chapman, there was change again in the top 3. Mark Manley maintains his lead, but Ben and Steve are joint second! Tom and Dave still has a race in hand, so all could still change. It will basically go to the last race, how exciting!

  1. Mark Manley 43 points
  2. Ben Chapman and Steve Phelps – 40 points each

Short Stuff Specialist – Ladies competition

No change in the ladies competition, it looks like this championship will also go to the last race!

  1. Elaine Chapman 46 points
  2. Teresa Hazelwood 44 points
  3. Sharon Smith 40 points

Overall Championship – Men’s competition

Tom Cooper is in a very strong position, with 79 points, I’m not sure anyone can beat him now. As for 2nd and 3rd, It is very close between Dave Witnall and Mark Manley, with only a race left in both championships, it’ll be an exciting finish to the year.

  1. Tom Cooper 79 points
  2. Dave Witnall 61 points
  3. Mark Manley 59 points

Overall Championship – Ladies competition

This could not be any more exciting. 1 long race and 1 short race left. Currently there is a tie between Elaine Chapman, Nadine Brown and Sharon Smith for 1st place! All 3 are on 71 points. It is literally going to the end of the club season!

  1. Elaine Chapman, Nadine Brown and Sharon Smith – all on 71 points!!!

Fantastic running everyone. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks. It’s been a great championship this year!

(Can you tell I’m excited!!!)

Elaine Chapman, Club Co-captain

Championship 2018 Handicap results

The Cricklade 10km and Cricklade Half marathon were the handicap races for this years championship. With the new championship set up with our Endurance Expert Championship and Short Stuff Specialist championship, this was the first time that club members had the choice of 2 distances to compete in to qualify for points.

The handicap race is different from other club races in that the top points don’t necessarily go to the quickest runner, but the runner who has improved on their allocated handicap time the most.

The top 3 of this year’s handicap races are as follows:

Men’s 10km

  1. Steve Phelps
  2. Ben Chapman
  3. Steve Sandercock

Men’s Half Marathon

  1. Ryo Taylor
  2. Paul Coates
  3. David Witnall

Ladies 10km

  1. Caroline Coates
  2. Amanda Haines
  3. Caroline Joynes-Creed

Ladies Half Marathon

  1. Kirsty Pitts
  2. Rochelle Ravenscroft
  3. Sandie Wood

Some fantastic running, with many runners absolutely smashing their handicap times! Great work all. The winners of each category will all receive a prize, which will be presented at the next club social. Well done. Full results are found under the championship section of the website.

Great Running!

Elaine, Club co-captain

Endurance Expert Championship 2018 Update

The rescheduled Chedworth Roman Trail race was the 5th race in the Endurance Expert championship 2018. It was a challenging, but enjoyable race and a great turnout, 5 Men and 11 Ladies taking part.

Men’s Competition

First Man home was Tom Cooper for the 10 points. Henry Church raced in his first club race of the year to pick up 9, followed by Mark Manley for the 8. How has this affected the endurance expert championship?

Tom Cooper has secured 50 points, so is now unbeatable in the Endurance championship. So Tom Cooper is our first Endurance Expert! Well done Tom. Andy Masser is still in 2nd place, and Mark Manley has moved into 3rd.

  1. Tom Cooper 50 points
  2. Andy Masser 22 points
  3. Mark Manley 17 points

Ladies Competition

First Lady home was Sharon Smith for the 10 points, Current leader Nadine Brown picked up the 9 points, Ellie Taylor picked up the 8 points.

Nadine Brown is in a strong lead, with 48 points secured, she has completed 5 races so will look to improve her final score. Elaine Chapman, returning from injury, is still in second place, but Sharon and Ellie are close, and both have a race in hand so this can all change in the last 3 events.

  1. Nadine Brown 48 points
  2. Elaine Chapman 32 points
  3. Sharon Smith 27 points
  4. Ellie Taylor 24 points

The next race is the Swindon Half marathon, which is this weekend. With 2 more races and the ongoing marathon, apart from the Men’s leader, it can all still change.


Cross Country 2018/2019

Hi all,

With the end of August nearly here, it won’t be long until the start of this year’s cross country season.

Gloucestershire AAA run a series of 4 races. All are close by, and very reasonably priced, £12 for 4 races. Men race a distance of around 9km and Ladies run around 6km. There are categories for each age group. There are also team prizes, with the top 4 runners scoring points. To count, each team member must complete each race in the series.

It would be fantastic if we could get some runners to take part this year. In fact it would be brilliant if we could get a men’s and ladies team together.

Here is a link with more information (the same link is also under the championship section)


Dates of races:

Sat 13th October 2018 – Old Down Country Park

Sat 3rd November 2018 – Charlton Park

Sun 9th December 2018 – Wotton Park

Sun 17th February 2019 – Pittville Park

To enter, you can either send a paper form which can be downloaded from the Glos AAA website, or you can enter online at www.entrycentral.com/festival/1544 (again details are available on the AAA website)

I shall print some forms and bring them down to club also.

For more information, please ask me or have a look on the AAA website.

Elaine, Club Co-captain.