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Championship update Round 10

Round 10 of the 2017 Club Championship was the Handicap race at Cirencester Park. The handicap race always mixes things up points wise, with points being awarded for improvement on the handicap time. Has this affected the championship standings?

Men’s championship

Mark is still in the top spot, but Matt is closing in with races in hand. Mark has completed 8 races now, so will be looking to improve his score in the last races.

  1. Mark Manley 69 points
  2. Matt Lambourne 58 points
  3. David Witnall 34 points

Ladies Championship

The Handicap race at Cirencester Park has seen a change at the top, with Nadine not competing, and Elaine gaining 7 points, Elaine has taken the lead. But with only a few points between first and second, and still races to improve on scores, it’s not over yet.

  1. Elaine Chapman 72 points
  2. Nadine Brown 69 points (best 8 scores)
  3. Teresa Hazelwood 38 points

The next club race is the Cricklade Half marathon.

Happy racing all!



2017 Handicap race results

Here are the results for the handicap race run at Cirencester Park 10km, 17/09/17. The handicap times were calculated using an average of 10kms completed so far this year for each runner. Points for the club championship were awarded to those with the most negative difference from their handicap time. The handicap race mixes things up a bit, everyone has a chance of getting the max points regardless of speed.

Mens results:

A close competition for the men! But the winner of the mens handicap race was Jack Pitcher, with a massive 3mins 43 seconds off his handicap time.

Name Hcap time race time difference (mins, s) Points
Jack Pitcher 0:45:03 0:41:20 – 3:43 10
Matt Lambourne 0:40:32 0:38:59 – 1:33 9
Mike Stephens 0:57:28 0:55:59 – 1:29 8
Martin Sherriff 0:49:59 0:48:42 -1:17 7
Steve Sandercock 0:52:24 0:51:15 -1:09 6
Phil Scoble 0:54:34 0:53:26 -1:08 5
Mark Manley 0:42:11 0:41:10 – 1:01 4
Tim Hodgetts 0:41:14 0:40:22 -0:52 3
Andy Masser 0:43:29 0:00 2
Ben Thomson 0:47:05 0:00 2
Richard Marshall 0:57:05 0:59:08 +2:03 1

Ladies Race

Some fantastic PB’s from the ladies lead to many being well under the handicap time. The ladies winner was Sarah Gray, who was nearly 7 mins under her handicap after gaining a massive PB.

Name Hcap time race time difference Points
Sarah Gray 1:02:40 0:55:44 – 6:56 10
Sandie Wood 1:01:44 0:55:58 – 5:46 9
Jess Osborne 0:54:19 0:51:14 – 3:05 8
Elaine Chapman 0:49:06 0:47:02 – 2:04 7
Emily Jeffries 0:45:03 0:44:02 – 1:01 6
Teresa Hazelwood 0:51:46 0:54:45 + 2:59 5


Well done Jack and Sarah!

Runathon 2017 – August results

With a lot of people marathon training at the moment, August saw some big mileage in the 2017 anniversary Runathon, well done all.

Distance Challenge

Matt took over from Amelia this month with a whopping 477km.

  1. Matt Lambourne 477km
  2. Amelia Culshaw 378km
  3. Nadine Brown 219km

Special mention to Amanda Tyler, just missing out by 1km on the 3rd place. Her marathon training is going great!

Climbing Challenge

Amelia was obviously slacking off a bit this month, with less than 6000m this time. But still an insane amount of hill work, 5375m ascent!

  1. Amelia Culshaw 5375m
  2. Matt Lambourne 3102m
  3. Andy Masser 1585m

Overall results so far:

With only 3 months left of this challenge, who is leading overall?

Top 3 in the distance challenge so far

  1. Amelia Culshaw 1772km
  2. Matt Lambourne 1710km
  3. Andy Masser 1326km

Top 3 in the climbing challenge so far

  1. Amelia Culshaw 26927m
  2. Matt Lambourne 13475m
  3. Nadine Brown 9877m.

Some fantastic mileage run this year, in the challenge, along with the top 3, Elaine Chapman and Nadine Brown have also run over 1000km, Kirsty Pitts is very close to the 1000km mark (997km!!) as is Jon Lewis (954km). I’m certain many will get there by the end of the challenge (30th November) too. Great running all round.

Championship Handicap race at the Cirencester Park 10km

Round 10 of the championship is the Cirencester Park 10km. It is also the handicap race. Championship points will not be awarded as usual, each runner is given a handicap time, and points will be awarded for the biggest and most negative difference from your handicap time, if you get 2 minutes under your handicap time, you will have a -2 difference, this will score more than someone who is 2 minutes above their time with a +2 difference. This give everyone a chance at the 10 points regardless of speed! This year, due to the success of the Ten 10km challenge, we have calculated the handicap time using an average of the times for 10km races this year. I have gone onto entry central and taken the names of the 16 runners entered under the club name (remember you have to enter the race under the club name to qualify for points) and calculated a 10km time for each runner. For those who have not run a 10km this year, your time will be whatever it is on the day, and you will receive a 0 difference. This should in theory put you in the middle. I have printed a copy of the handicaps and calculations for people to check and will bring them down club for people to look at and check. Please come and talk to me if you need more information, or my calculations don’t match yours!

Thanks all,

Elaine Chapman

Club Captain