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Coaches Challenge Week 1

Well done to all our runners who completed the first of the coaches challenges! A great start with lots of runners completing the challenge. The first challenge was to run at least 3 x 5km’s in the week. You could also count longer runs.

In no particular order, well done to:

Elaine Chapman, Ben Chapman, Kevin Joynes-Creed, Caroline Joynes-Creed, Mark Manley, George Rackley, Tim Wainwright, Amanda Ball, Jo Wood, Sharon Smith, Caroline Terry, Pauline Tilbury, Sarah Page, Cheri Edwards, Sarah Reynolds, Elliot Gardiner, Liz Farooq, Kirsty Pitts, Felicity Crotty, Andy Masser, Becca Wilson, Nadine Brown, Vicki Mason, Nia Glover, Elizabeth Anderson, Laura Lucking, Martin Sherriff, Zoe M, Carol Sworn, Ellie Taylor, Ollie Hazel, David Witnall, Rosie Oates, Gareth Roberts, Linda Edwards, Tom Razanan,

Happy running!


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