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RSE Race Report – Sunday 5th April 2020

Manchester Back Garden Marathon

As a result of unforeseen circumstances, the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 5th April was changed to a new location. This was a back garden somewhere just outside of Stroud and renamed the Manchester Back Garden Marathon. Due to the size of the garden, entry to Manchester Garden Marathon was restricted to 1, which was fortunate as there was only 1 application.

The route was a flat lawned 15 metre circuit that was well marked with flag poles in each corner. The panoramic views of the garden fence provided a vista that the runner will never forget.

Having started the RSE beginners course 2 years ago Cathy Steer was taking part in her first marathon and raising money for Hope for Tomorrow. Congratulations to Cathy who was probably the first RSE member to come first in a marathon (happy to be corrected if I am wrong) in a time of just under 9 hours.

This was a fantastic effort that has put a smile on a lot of peoples faces. Well done Cathy.

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