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Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2019 Update

Our last short club race was the Cricklade 10km. It was also the Handicap race, which meant points were rewarded for improvement on a handicap time instead of position. We had 4 men and 6 ladies competing with themselves to beat their times!

Men’s Competition:

After struggling in previous races, Mark Manley returned to form, and smashed his handicap time to pick up the 10 points. He was followed by Elliot Gardiner, who ran an impressive PB to collect the 9. Steve Sandercock picked up the 8, and Ted the 7. Well done all.

How has this affected the top 3?

  1. Mark Garrett 44 points
  2. Mark Manley 40 points
  3. Ben Chapman 36 points

Ladies Competition

Proving she really is a short stuff specialist, Rosie Oates smashed her PB and handicap time to pick up the 10 points. She was followed by Anne Gardiner, for the 9, and Pauline Tilbury collected the 8 points. Great running!

How has this affected the top 3?

Rosie has cemented her lead now, she will be our short stuff specialist 2019, well done Rosie. Other places are still to play for though!

  1. Rosie Oates 50 points
  2. Ellie Taylor 45 points
  3. Kirsty Pitts 36 points

Fantastic results. Remember, you have until the end of October to submit a 5km time. You can compete in a race or a Park Run, just give myself or Dave the time and the details of the event. You need to complete 5 races to qualify for the SS Championship.

Happy Running,

Elaine, Club Captain

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