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Championship Update 2019- Endurance Expert -Race 7, Cricklade Half Marathon

The Cricklade Half Marathon on Sunday 6th October was the 7th and final race in the endurance expert championship. It also doubled up as our annual Handicap time race. Conditions on the day were bright over head but cool enough for quick times. Once again our runners did not disappoint in the PB stakes and chased down the set handicap times.

For Cricklade HM points were rewarded for improvement on a handicap time instead of position. 

Ladies Competition

In the Ladies contest there were 11 participants with Ellie Taylor taking the 10 points. Not only coming home first for the Ladies she also beat her handicap time by 36 seconds. Seven Ladies were awarded the 9 points – they were Jo Wood, Jo Beames, Sarah Reynolds, Sarah Page (5 min PB), Vicki Mason (PB), Cathy Steer (2 min PB), and Vanessa Poole. Taking 8 points and narrowly missing out on the Handicap time by 14 seconds was Kirtsy Pitts. Linda Edwards (7) and Rochelle Ravenscroft (6) took the remaining points.

This leaves the standings as

  1. Ellie Taylor – 48 points
  2. Rochelle Ravenscroft – 42 points
  3. Kirtsy Pitts – 37 points

Men’s Competition

Ten men took on the Half Marathon – taking the 10 points was Kevin Joynes-Creed improving on his handicap time by 5 min 30 seconds and also setting a new PB. Ben Chapman (9 points) also grabbed a new PB beating his handicap time by 2 mins 32 seconds. Just 2 seconds pushed Istvan Vegh into third and the 8 points. Andy Masser (7) and Ryo Taylor (6) also beat their set times. The other points were shared between Tom Razazan (5) and PB, Gareth Roberts (5) Vic Trykush (5), Mark Garrett (4) and David Witnall (3)

This leaves the standings as

  1. David Witnall – 41 points
  2. Andy Masser – 37 points
  3. Kevin Joynes-Creed – 35 points

Brilliant efforts by everyone. Remember, you have until the end of October to submit a Marathon time if you have completed one. Just message Elaine or me the time and the details of the event. You need to complete 5 races to qualify for the Endurance Expert Championship.

Dave Witnall – Vice Captain

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