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RSE Club Report – From 1-33!

Bourton 1 Mile Race

The Bourton mile always feels a bit different to other races, whether it’s that all ages race at the same time, the interesting start which is sometimes delayed due to the oncoming traffic, or that we never really train to run ‘just a mile’. Part of the Gloucestershire AAA road championship series, the race is popular, starting at Rissington Road before heading the mile course into the heart of Bourton. The race also featured in RSE’s very own championship, meaning the yellow vests were out in force!

  • Mark Garrett – 5:33 – Glos. AAA Bronze V50
  • David Witnall – 5:38 – Glos. AAA Bronze SM
  • Ben Chapman – 6:04
  • Elliot Gardiner – 6:07
  • Paul Robertson – 6:32
  • Michael Bagot – 6:37
  • Darren Jenner – 6:43
  • Alan Powderhill – 6:44
  • Phil Southworth – 7:00
  • Ellie Witnall – 7:04 – Glos. AAA Gold SL
  • Jo Wood – 7:07
  • Sharon Smith – 7:08 – 1st LV65 and Glos. AAA Gold V70
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 7:20
  • Anne Gardiner – 7:22 – 3rd LV55 and Glos. AAA Silver V60
  • Steve Sandercock – 7:22
  • Nadine Brown – 7:27
  • Kirsty Pitts – 7:41
  • Sarah Page – 7:47
  • Linda Edwards – 9:10 – Glos. AAA Bronze V55
  • Martin Pitts – 9:13
  • Felicity Crotty – 9:15 – Glos. AAA Bronze V40
Second race this week. So happy to be back racing with the Club after a long injury break. The Bourton 1 mile is to be feared as you know it is going to hurt ! However, it wasn't so bad. First in my age group and second County Gold this week and, as expected, a collective jolly vibe at the end with friends which makes it all worthwhile.
Sharon Smith
First ever one mile race! Flat course from the outskirts of Bourton village into the centre. Difficult one to judge the pacing on but was aiming for a sub 6.30 and my official chip time was 6.07! Very pleased! First time I’ve received a biodegradable medal too! It took less time to run the race than it took to eat the burger and chips at the pub afterwards! 🍔🍺😅
Elliot Gardiner

Marlborough Downs Challenges - 20 and 33 miles!

From one of the shortest races, to the very long! The MDC is a beautiful run along some of Wiltshire’s most picturesque countryside. The full 33 miles crosses some iconic sites, including the Wansdyke Path, Tan Hill Way, White Horse, and Cherhill Monument. The views are incredible and the silence of the countryside, far shot from any traffic pollution, is enough for any runner to add one of these races to their bucket list.

33 Mile Challenge

  • Lesley Hinsley – 6hrs 47 mins
  • Elaine Chapman – 6:47:22
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 7:09:45

20 Mile Challenge

  • Sarah Reynolds – 3:21:00
  • Gareth Roberts – 3:45:00
  • Nadine Brown – 4:07:00
  • Ellie Taylor – 4:07:10
It’s been quite a busy running week! First time running the MDC 20 and it really is a beautiful route at this time of year, made better with the hand crafted mug at the finish. I’ve not made many club sessions recently but I’ve really enjoyed seeing lots of RSE members at the various events over the last 6 days. And yes, I was attempting to get my name in the race report as many times as possible this week 😉
Nadine Brown
Lovely race with the lovely company of Elaine to keep me going all the way. She does actually stop talking about 20 miles in !🤣. The route started in Malborough centre, along the tails and canal path to Devizes, then more hills to Avebury, finishing at Malborough Leisure centre. Very friendly race with lots of checkpoints . Mostly self navigating, so a watch with Sat Nav or map essential.
Lesley Hinsley
Was absolutely delighted to get under 7 hours. Loved the race, so beautiful running through the woods with the bluebells, and some of the most fantastic views! Was a privilege to run with Lesley who kept me going, really appreciated her support. Only mishap being a tumble at around 31.5 miles, but kept going, no way was I stopping so close to the end!
Elaine Chapman


Cirencester parkrun

  • William Cobbett – 25:21
  • Darren Jenner – 25:27
  • Maria Yates – 32:42
  • Felicity Crotty – 33:08

Marlborough Common parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 26:25
  • Nadine Brown – 31:17
  • Ellie Witnall – 31:18

Tetbury Goods Shed parkrun

  • Paul Robertson – 29:36

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  • Sunday 11th June 2023: Fairford 10k
  • Wednesday 21st June: RSE’s AGM – full details to follow soon!

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