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RSE Club Report – A ‘Chilly’ Time of Year to Run!

Chilly 10k

The Chilly 10k lives up to it’s name – with races held in February and November, the day is, without fail, cold and windy. The Castle Coombe race track is open to the elements, meaning that runners this Sunday took on the blowy weather, for an additional bit of resistance training. (At least it wasn’t torrential rain like April 2020!). That being said, the course is fast and flat, perfect for a PB and a favourite amongst RSE runners.

  • Mark Garrett – 39:22 – 1st in age category!
  • Nia Glover – 41:50 – 2nd in age category! And a new PB!
  • Paul Robertson – 42:34
  • Rosie Oates – 43:59
  • Elaine Chapman – 47:27
  • Fran Penny – 48:56
  • Cheri Edwards – 49:03
  • Sarah Reynolds – 49:05
  • Ellie Taylor – 49:20
  • Darren Jenner – 50:00
  • Alan Powderhill – 50:17 – New PB!
  • Sarah Page – 51:39 – 2nd in age category!
  • Linda Edwards – 55:44
  • Felicity Crotty – 59:10
  • Pauline Tilbury – 1:01:09

The club spirit was brilliant – A special thank you to Caroline Terry and Tracey Pitts for supporting (and collecting everyone’s jumpers last minute!).


Lydiard Parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 29:08
  • Darren Jenner – 31:38

Cirencester Parkrun

  • Paul Coates – 25:46
  • Liz Hilcup – 26:02
  • Carol Sworn – 26:46
  • Andy Sworn – 27:44
  • Wayne Edgington – 27:52
  • Cheri Edwards – 51:44

The Pastures Parkrun

  • William Gardiner – 35:38
  • Anne Gardiner – 44:47

Parkrun result not mentioned? It may be that you’re not listed as Running Somewhere Else in the parkrun results online. For information on how to change/add RSE as your listed club, click here.

Safety Notice

A Message from Caroline Terry, Club Welfare Officer:

Firstly, thank you to club members who are wearing hi-visual running gear including body or head torches on club nights. (any time you run in the dark!)

Please can I remind you that light coloured tops and jackets are not so good at reflecting light. So please get yourself kitted out with something that helps you see where you are going and others can see you. (the pavements & roads are not so smooth… )

It is so important to run safely. It also sends a message to the general public and upholds our good reputation of being respectful to others who use the pavements and roads. (see RSE constitution).

Thank you and keep safe.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 🙂

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