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Championship 2018 – Handicap Race at Cricklade this year

Hi all,

As in other years, each championship will have a handicap race. This year it will be at the Cricklade 10km for the Short Stuff Specialist championship, and the Cricklade Half marathon for the Endurance Expert Championship.

What is the Handicap Race?

It is basically a chance for anyone to pick up the 10 points, and mix things up a little. Instead of the usual format of the first home picking up the 10 points, each runner will have a handicap time. The one who improves on their handicap time the most will receive the most points.

How is the Handicap Time calculated?

We will be calculating your handicap time in the same format as last year. Every 10km race/half marathon race you have run this year will be taken into account and an average time will be taken, this will be your handicap time. In this way good results and bad results should in theory cancel themselves out and give a fair time for you to aim for.

What if I haven’t run a 10km or Half marathon this year?

Your handicap time will be the time you receive for that day. If you finish in 48:00 mins, this will be your given handicap time. This may seem strange, but people will improve on their handicap time, but also people will be slower than their handicap time, this should put people who haven’t run in the middle.

How do you assign the points?

Here is a hypothetical example.

There are 3 runners competing in the 10km handicap. A has a handicap time of 52:53, B hasn’t run a 10km this year. C has a handicap time of 61:40.

A finishes the race in 53:58, B finishes in 50:45, C finishes in 60:20

Calculations –

Handicap for A is 52:53, therefore difference is + 01:05 mins

Handicap for B will therefore be 50:45, therefore difference is + 00:00 mins

Handicap for C is 61:40, therefore difference is – 01:20 mins

C has shown the greatest improvement, C would get 10, B would get 9, and A would get 8 points.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to speak to myself or Tom about any questions.

Thanks All,

Elaine, Club Co-Captain



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