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Short Stuff Specialist Championship 2018 Round 1

Hi all,

Sunday 8th April saw the first race in the Short Stuff Specialist championship 2018.

For those of you who don’t know, this year the championship is being split into 2 parts, the Endurance Expert Championship, which covers distances from 10 miles to marathon, and the Short Stuff Specialist championship covering distances from 1 mile to 10km. The best 4 races from each part will count towards the overall championship.

So the first race in the new Short Stuff specialist championship was the Highworth 5 mile, a club favourite. And what a fantastic turnout we had, 8 men and 18 women collecting championship points!

Men’s Results

In the men’s race there was a close battle for the 10 points, current leader of the endurance championship Tom Cooper, just managed to hold off David Witnall to get the 10 points, with Dave picking up the 9. Great to have such a close battle. Mark Manley finished in third to pick up the 8 points.

Ladies Results

Another close battle in the ladies race, in fact the top 4 racers all finished within a minute of each other! First lady in picking up 10 points was Elaine Chapman, with current endurance expert leader Nadine Brown just behind her picking up the 9 points. Close behind her was Teresa Hazelwood finishing in 3rd and picking up the 8 points.

So it looks like we’re going to have an exciting Short Stuff specialist championship this year in both the men’s and ladies competition!

The next short race is the David Macnamee 10km at the end of April. Next club race is the Chedworth 10 mile on the 15th April, part of the Endurance Expert Championship.

Happy running all!

Elaine, Club Captain


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