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Short Stuff Specialist 2019 update – Race 2

The second race in the Short Stuff specialist championship was the Cleeve Cuckoo race. A new race to this years championship, it was a challenging off-road race with some brutal hills! 3 men and 13 ladies took on the challenge.

Men’s Competition

First Man home was Dave Witnall picking up the 10, followed by Mark Manley for 9 points, then Gareth Roberts picking up the 8 points.

Overall after 2 races, the mens results are interesting. Only 2 races have been run, and both had a completely different field so the top 3 is a bit tricky!

  1. Dave Witnall and Tom Cooper both on 10 points
  2. Mark Garrett and Mark Manley both on 9 points
  3. Ben Chapman and Gareth Roberts both on 8 points

Ladies Competition

A bigger field in the ladies, first in for 10 points was Sharon Smith. Nadine Brown was second lady in, but has requested not to receive points, so the 9 points goes to Ellie Taylor, with Kirsty Pitts taking the 8 points.

The overall results are more straightforward in the ladies competition.

  1. Sharon Smith 19 points
  2. Amanda Tyler 13 points
  3. Rosie Oates 10 points

Well done all runners. It’s still early days with more races to go. The next race in the championship is the Cirencester Summer Sizzler 10km.

Happy Running,

Elaine, Club Captain

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