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Championship 2018 Handicap results

The Cricklade 10km and Cricklade Half marathon were the handicap races for this years championship. With the new championship set up with our Endurance Expert Championship and Short Stuff Specialist championship, this was the first time that club members had the choice of 2 distances to compete in to qualify for points.

The handicap race is different from other club races in that the top points don’t necessarily go to the quickest runner, but the runner who has improved on their allocated handicap time the most.

The top 3 of this year’s handicap races are as follows:

Men’s 10km

  1. Steve Phelps
  2. Ben Chapman
  3. Steve Sandercock

Men’s Half Marathon

  1. Ryo Taylor
  2. Paul Coates
  3. David Witnall

Ladies 10km

  1. Caroline Coates
  2. Amanda Haines
  3. Caroline Joynes-Creed

Ladies Half Marathon

  1. Kirsty Pitts
  2. Rochelle Ravenscroft
  3. Sandie Wood

Some fantastic running, with many runners absolutely smashing their handicap times! Great work all. The winners of each category will all receive a prize, which will be presented at the next club social. Well done. Full results are found under the championship section of the website.

Great Running!

Elaine, Club co-captain

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