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Endurance Expert Championship 2018 Update

The rescheduled Chedworth Roman Trail race was the 5th race in the Endurance Expert championship 2018. It was a challenging, but enjoyable race and a great turnout, 5 Men and 11 Ladies taking part.

Men’s Competition

First Man home was Tom Cooper for the 10 points. Henry Church raced in his first club race of the year to pick up 9, followed by Mark Manley for the 8. How has this affected the endurance expert championship?

Tom Cooper has secured 50 points, so is now unbeatable in the Endurance championship. So Tom Cooper is our first Endurance Expert! Well done Tom. Andy Masser is still in 2nd place, and Mark Manley has moved into 3rd.

  1. Tom Cooper 50 points
  2. Andy Masser 22 points
  3. Mark Manley 17 points

Ladies Competition

First Lady home was Sharon Smith for the 10 points, Current leader Nadine Brown picked up the 9 points, Ellie Taylor picked up the 8 points.

Nadine Brown is in a strong lead, with 48 points secured, she has completed 5 races so will look to improve her final score. Elaine Chapman, returning from injury, is still in second place, but Sharon and Ellie are close, and both have a race in hand so this can all change in the last 3 events.

  1. Nadine Brown 48 points
  2. Elaine Chapman 32 points
  3. Sharon Smith 27 points
  4. Ellie Taylor 24 points

The next race is the Swindon Half marathon, which is this weekend. With 2 more races and the ongoing marathon, apart from the Men’s leader, it can all still change.


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