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RSE Club Report – As Fast as Fireworks!

Gloucestershire AAA Cross Country League – Cirencester Park

Cross country races are notorious for being wet, muddy and hilly; it’s a brave runner who takes on the course! The Cirencester Park version was no different, but this time it was on home turf. It was also a great honour for RSE to take on hosting of the race. A huge well done to Dave Witnall for mapping out the course and meeting with the race officials and judges, and on the day point of contact for marshals, Sarah Reynolds who organised the marshals, and Pauline Tilbury who brought her expertise in race organisation to the mix – the day ran like clockwork thanks to this dream team!

A massive thank you to all of the marshals, who braved the elements throughout the day to ensure runners questions were answered, and they ran in the right direction! – Sarah Page, Martin Page, Paul Beaumont, Ellie Witnall, Jo Wood, Ollie Hazel, Richard Grice, Felicity Crotty, Monica Farthing, Fran Penny, Liz Farooq, Kevin Joynes-Creed, Caroline Joynes-Creed, Andy Poole, Vanessa Poole, Dave Daniels, Ben Chapman, Elaine Chapman, Daniel Chapman, Matthew Chapman, Anne Gardiner, Paul Coates, Phil Southworth, Steve Sandercock, Kirsty Pitts, Ted Pitts, Maria Yates, Katy M, Gareth Roberts, Martin Sheriff

We also had 2 runners who took to the course, and got thoroughly soaked in the process!

Entering the 6.4k heat:

  • Fran Penny – 38:34
  • Paul Beaumont – 38:43

Here’s to another successful year next year!

Gower 50k Ultra

The first place in Britain to be names as an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, the Gower is the perfect place for runners seeking an awe-inspiring back drop. It’s a more unique runner who takes on the 50k version! With a back drop of backdrop of cliff tops, downland, woodland, sand dunes and world famous beaches, the course starts in Oxwich before heading across country to Fairyhill and Llangennith, then following the long coastline back round to the start. Although advertised as a 50k, there was a bonus 6k tagged on the end for good measure, which I’m sure all entrants appreciated!

A huge congratulations to Rosie Hartland, who took on her first ever ultra marathon! Rosie completed the course in a fantastic time of 8:46:34!

It was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever done but also the best experience ever. I loved and hated it at the same time, mostly because the weather was so feral! We had a lot of serious head winds on the peaks, moors and beach strips which made it hard to even stand up straight! I am still buzzing and in total disbelief I did it 😁 The 20 mile wall hit me hard and I almost gave up but I was adopted by a lovely group of runners who kept me going to the end ❤️❤️ I think getting soaked through actually helped oddly because I got so cold I became numb to all the pain 😂

Rosie Hartland

Guy Fawkes 5

The flat, fast course of the Guy Fawkes 5 makes it a good choice for those taking on their first 5-miler, or for those seeking a PB. Based in Tewkesbury, the route is not the most inspiring, but the good news is it’s over a lot quicker than the standard 10k. There is also free cake at the end for all finishers, which is part of the reason this race is so popular.

RSE runners took to the course en masse:

  • David Witnall – 32:10
  • Mark Garrett – 32:15
  • Paul Robertson – 35:59
  • Elliot Gardiner – 36:12 – First 5-miler!
  • Dylan Boreham – 38:03 – First 5-miler!
  • Elaine Chapman – 39:13
  • Jo Wood – 39:31
  • Alan Powderhill – 40:12
  • Steve Sandercock – 40:46
  • Darren Jenner – 41:08
  • Anne Gardiner – 41:24 – New PB!
  • Paul Beaumont – 41:43
  • Paul Coates – 42:12
  • Sarah Page – 42:26
  • Liz Farooq – 43:00 – New PB!
  • Kirsty Pitts – 43:12
  • Liz Hulcup – 43:41
  • Martin Pitts – 44:20
  • Linda Edwards – 45:55
  • Gareth Roberts – 46:23
  • Rosanna Price – 49:53
  • Felicity Crotty – 54:21
  • Sylvia Warman – 55:49 – First 5-miler!

There was a great atmosphere and it was really well organised. A nice, flat course with a lovely medal and cake at the end 😄

Liz Farooq

We were lucky not to get rained on and marshalling was cheerful and supportive. Very grateful it was flat course!

Sarah Page

First time doing a 5 mile race distance so wasn’t sure what to expect & anything would be a PB 😂. Plan was to run in between my 5K PB pace and 10K PB pace at 7.15 minute miles. Managed to average 7.12’s and get well under 37 mins, so very pleased overall. A new target set to break next time!

Elliot Gardiner


Hampstead Heath parkrun

  • Jenny Hoffman – 32:39

Curl Curl parkrun

  • Anne-Marie Davies – 27:54

Cirencester parkrun

  • Paul Robertson – 22:12
  • Daniel Drayton – 23:29
  • Jon Campbell – 23:50
  • Elaine Chapman – 26:34
  • Andy Sworn – 27:16
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 27:32
  • Linda Edwards – 29:19
  • Maria Yates – 32:44

Witney parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 31:15

California Country parkrun

  • Cheri Edwards – 29:12

Stratford Park parkrun, Stroud

  • Sharon Smith – 27:22

Save the Date!

Dates to add to your diary:

  • Wednesday 9th November, 8pm: Ice Ultra Talk / Q&A Session with Sampo
  • Saturday 28th January 2023: Annual RSE Awards evening

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Witnall by 5pm Sunday each week 

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