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RSE Club Report – Run, Swim Cycle and ‘Hoppit’

Cotswold Lake 62 Evening Series – Event 2

Well done to Libby Butler and Sarah Reynolds for completing Triathlon Event 2 in the Lake 62 Evening Series this week! The 2nd event of 4 was held on the same course, making it ideal for those trying to improve times (although the incredibly hot weather was a challenge in itself!). The course included a 4.5k run, 16k cycle and 400m swim in the picturesque Cotswold Waterpark.

Congratulations to Libby who set a fantastic time of 1:09:51, smashing a PB and taking 7 minutes 20 second off her previous time!

And a huge well done to Sarah who completed the event in a brilliant time of 1:07:11!

I am so happy, training is definitely paying off as it was a skins swim too!

Libby Butler
Sarah and Libby

Hampshire Hoppit Marathon

Andy enjoying his ‘hoppit’

This hilly trail marathon starts and finishes at Kingsclere, just outside Basingstoke. The route sends runners across country, taking in views from the highest points in Hampshire. The uniquely named run takes its title from the pint of ‘Hoppit’ that the finishers receive, alongside an engraved beer glass!

A massive well done to Andy Sworn for completing the challenge! (Official times are yet to be released).

Tough, hilly, but great fun. The pint at the end (half marathon runners got a half) made it all worth it!

Andy Sworn

Get to know the club – Runner’s Profile

Tracey Pitts

When did you start running and why? 

I started running about 15 years ago. I was always going to the gym in my spare time and got bored with it but didn’t want to not do anything so this was an obvious choice.

When did you join RSE?

My friend Deb Barry (who I still love to run with to this day) was a member of RSE and she got me to go to a session although I’d not really done much running. At the time Ollie Wakefield was coach. We met outside the leisure centre and our destination was Love Lane hill efforts. We ran up Tetbury Hill, I got to the park gates halfway up and had to stop. Although there weren’t many runners at the time and he was the only coach Ollie stayed with me and got me to Love Lane. It’s funny the things you remember but I’ll always be grateful for that which is why I think now I always try to make sure no-one is left behind.

What motivates you to run?

I guess its Health and wellbeing. There’s nothing like the feeling you get after having done a run. I could start out thinking this is hard work but the feeling at the end is well worth it. The one thing that makes me happy is to go for a run with my friends and a coffee/breakfast after. We have so many beautiful trails around us and if I hadn’t started running I would have never found these on my doorstep. I think the girls will tell you that every time we’re out for a run I say “how lucky are we” 

Proudest running achievement?

There are a lot to choose from but I would have to say my first London Marathon. Who would have thought from that first club run to running a marathon ! I cried when I crossed the line (I get emotional now just writing about it).

Favourite thing about RSE?

For me its the support from all the coaches, fellow runners and Sampo at Somewhere Else. I’ve made so many friends since I joined all those years ago. Friends who I love and treasure (you know who you are)  and will be in my life forever and thats what its all about for me which is why I’ve chosen this photograph of the RSE 10th anniversary party.

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