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RSE Club Report – All about the trails!

Dorset Ooser Marathon

A massive well done to Nadine Brown, who completed the Dorset Ooser marathon today, a trail run that takes you to the “deepest darkest Dorset” (according to their website!).

Once I finally made the decision to commit to road shoes instead of trails (given the lack of rain and therefore mud recently), I was able to enjoy the pre-race nerves and thrill of being back to trail racing after the year off. The glorious route took runners through fields, woods and tracks taking in a few stiles along the way too. The organisers say it won’t be a pushover and there’s a “diabolical hill” towards the end and I can certainly testify that my legs were running on empty by the finish! A fab cool off in the nearby Ford following a cuppa and cake helped to sort me out though! Thoroughly recommended. 

Nadine Brown

Run by Badger Trail Events, the race organisers say the route is ever changing and never boring – clearly the “diabolical hill” is there to stay though!

Nadine finished in an incredible time of 4:31:14!

Beautiful views at the Dorset Ooser Marathon

Hair of the Dog 10k

DB Max have a flair for offering some creative and interestingly named runs – the Hair of the Dog 10k is just that! The trail route starts in Chippenham and takes runners along the river Avon, returning along the Wiltshire and Berkshire canal.

Sharon Smith took on the 7.75 mile challenge, running in an excellent time of 1:07:29, making her first in the LV60 and LV70 categories! Plus, it must definitely have been a PB for the unusual distance!

[I] enjoyed it as all grass and trails. […] Often I am dissatisfied with my race performance, but today it felt like progress.

Sharon Smith

Virtual Fairford 10k

Congratulations to Cathy Steer and Linda Edwards who completed the virtual Fairford 10k this week! Cathy and Linda have worked hard to get back to fitness over the last 4 months, and their goal was to complete a 10k. Linda completed her first 10k back last week while Cathy chose the club’s virtual race to mark her achievement this week. Fantastic work both of you!

Get to know the club – Runner Profile

Steve and Caroline Sandercock

Steve and Caroline at Blenheim 10k Oct 2017

When did you start running and why?

Caroline – I started running several years ago, just after I had my second child. I wanted to get fitter and it was something that gave me some time for myself. No need for special clothes or equipment, and I could go out when I wasn’t looking after the children.

Steve – I started running in Southampton around 1987, the same time as Caroline. I did it to get fitter for my dinghy sailing. When I say running, 3 miles seemed a long way, and I was a lot younger then. I didn’t do any serious running until we both joined RSE.

When did you join RSE?

Steve – I joined RSE in 2014 with Caroline.

Caroline – I ran off and on over the ensuing years, (more off than on!) I joined RSE in September 2014 after bumping into Matt [Lambourne] who was the club trainer while out on a short run. He suggested that I join the club because they were running special sessions for beginners or people returning to running.

What motivates you to run?

Steve – I run to improve fitness and wellbeing. I’m not a born runner and I’m not too obsessive about it. I do like to challenge myself, though, and enjoy meeting and running with RSE colleagues. I like to find RSE runners who are slightly faster than me and try to keep up.

Caroline – I run to get fitter.

Proudest running achievement?

Caroline – Every completed run is an achievement for me!

Steve – Beating my 50 minute target for 10k was a great achievement in late 2019. It was the culmination of 12 months of challenge, targeting sub 25 for park run, sub 40 for 5 mile and sub 50 for 10k. There were a couple of near misses by one second, but they were achieved except for the 5 mile which I think still stands at just over 40.

Favourite RSE moment (social/ race etc)?

Steve – My favourite RSE occasion was the 4 x 10k relay at the Budapest marathon event 2015. About 25 RSE members took part and we all had a great social and running experience.

Caroline – My favourite RSE occasion was the Budapest weekend. I ran the third leg (10 k) of a marathon with 3 team mates along the banks of the Danube. There was a carnival atmosphere. It’s a great memory!

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