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RSE Club Report – Marching to Club!

Virtual Racing – for Birthdays’, Guinness and for the Love of Running!

Congratulations to the incredible Kate Potter for completing the virtual Forest of Dean half marathon! Kate completes the Spring and Autumn trail half marathon in the Forest of Dean every year, but for the last 2 years the race has gone virtual. Using a combination of 3 runs a week, including effort sessions, and core strength classes, Kate has been dedicated in her commitment to training.

Kate was met with support at the end of the run from her husband, sister, daughter, grandchildren and RSE running buddies, who were all socially distanced along the finish stretch!

Pauline Tilbury also completed a birthday half marathon this week, alongside running partner Tracey Pitts!

As it’s my 2nd lockdown birthday and we still can’t see friends to socialise, I decided to give myself the gift of 13.1 miles!

Pauline Tilbury

Pauline and Tracey completed their half in 2:23, and were rewarded with chocolate medals at the end! A massive congratulations to both of you, and a very Happy Birthday to Pauline!

Elliot Gardiner is no stranger to virtual races, this month completing the St Patrick’s day 10k dash! Finishing in a time a time of 56:49, Elliot’s run took him up the middle of Cirencester Park, round Big Bertha and down Ewe Pens – those who know the Cirencester Summer Sizzler know this is a tough route! Although Elliot wasn’t too happy with his time, he was rewarded with a well deserved Guinness at the end. Excellent running, Elliot!

Pledge Update – Marching Back to Club

A massive congratulations to all of the RSE members who took part in the March Back to Club pledge challenge! It’s not easy committing to a certain amount of exercise and sticking to a strict plan, especially when it’s featured in a club report each week! Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the club coaches for organising.

Congratulations also to those who set themselves secret challenges or pledges this month!

Returning to Fitness after COVID

2020 has been a tough year for many and the COVID out break has affected people’s lives across the world – from not seeing family, to losing jobs and to those that have fallen ill with the virus.

Club member Tim Wainwright has spoken out about his experience with COVID, after contracting the disease 6 weeks ago.

I had a slight cough on the Friday night and hot and cold sweats. By 11am the next day, I was getting worse, so my partner booked a test. I already knew what the result would be, and the next day it came through positive.

Tim explained that he was very sick for the next 19 days, and during this time his family experienced some tragedies, including from COVID. He was told by paramedics that it affected people so differently and he had it bad.

I found it hard to eat, swallow or walk – but the NHS COVID team encouraged me to walk so that I could get air into my lungs. At that point, I could barely walk 3 steps.

Weeks later, I’ve been getting better with each day, and this past week I’ve managed to get out for a run/ walk a couple of times. When I first started, my lungs hurt, but I’m learning to control my breathing. I’m really glad and grateful to have come out the other side. I know training is going to be harder this time round and longer to get back to fitness but for now I’m just happy to be back running and doing the thing I love.

I want to thank my partner, Sara, who never gave up on me, even though I felt like I could give up. Also, to my friends and family, for their love and kind messages, which, when I was low, gave me such a massive lift.

We are so glad to hear that you are getting better Tim, and that you’ve been out for some runs. We look forward to seeing you back with the club soon!

Our best wishes go to all club members who have been affected by COVID-19.

Get to Know the Club – Runner Profile

Andy Masser

When did you start running and why?

I needed a new challenge – I’d spent the best part of 2 years at the gym slowly losing weight and I wanted to see physically if I was capable of running on the road. This was slightly more complicated because having suffered a stroke back in 2005, it’s fair to say that the right side of my body finds it more comfortable sitting on the sofa than running. So on Boxing Day morning 2014, I ran a very slow Cranhams Lane, Chesterton Lane circuit and on that day the challenge began between me, running and the sofa.

Why did you join RSE?

I was happy doing my own thing running a couple of times a week. This was until a work colleague convinced me to run a race – the Devizes half -and the minute I got over the finish line in 2016, my whole attitude to running changed. A few months later, a club member (Sarah Gray) suggested I joined RSE, and it’s fair to say that since joining RSE it has been a constant source of encouragement, whether training, running in local races or even halfway round Snowdon – someone always recognises the club vest!

What motivates you to run?

Because I can. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy running, especially in the early morning around the farmland where I used to work 30 or 40 years ago. I love racing as long as I know I’ve done my best, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Proudest running achievement?

There’s been a few, but emotionally my first marathon, the Manchester Marathon 2017, because it had been a 12 year journey to that point and it meant a lot to me.
It was at this point that I also realised just how good looking I looked in a plastic bag!

Favourite RSE moment?

Race days are always good and probably the 2017 Amsterdam marathon sticks in my memory. It was a great day all round, from the moment my two mates, Mike and Rich, got stuck in the lift at the train station for half an hour before the race. Then seeing all the club members at the Stadium and one or two popping up around the course. Followed by seeing the RSE marathon runners at the stadium at the finish and then relaxing in the stands in the warm autumn sun, waiting for the half marathon runners to finish. It’s fair to say race days don’t get better much better than that!

Joining RSE/ Club Renewal

April 1st is renewal time for membership and also a great time to join a fantastic, friendly running club!

Click the button above to join or renew membership – you will need to complete a form and then will be prompted to make a bank transfer for the membership costs.

If you have any questions please email Tracey Pitts – membershipsecretary@runningsomewhereelse.com

It is less than 24 hours until RSE club sessions are back in action!

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