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Championship Update 2019 – Endurance Expert – Race 4, Chedworth 10.

The Chedworth 10 mile race was the fourth race in the Endurance Expert championship 2019.

18 started the race… 17 finished……. ahem.

Men’s Competition

First home for the men was Ollie Hazel with a great time of 1:14:34. Next in was Ben Chapman with 1:27:41 and 3rd was Kevin Joynes-Creed with 1:41:57

The overall top 3 is as follows…

  1. Andy Masser – 22 points
  2. Kevin Joynes-Creed – 22 points
  3. Dave Witnall – 20 points

The rest of the points went to…

Istvan Veigh (7), Rich ‘Ryo’ Taylor (6), Richard Marshall (5)

Great running fellas!

Ladies Competition

In the ladies we had Nadine Brown in 1st place with a fab time of 1:28:53, Sharon Smith in 2nd with 1:30:30 (1st LV60!) and Kirsty Pittes in 3rd with 1:36:07

The overall top 3 is as follows

  1. Rochelle Ravenscroft – 26 points
  2. Ellie Taylor – 19 points
  3. Sharon Smith – 19 points

The rest of the points went to…

Rochelle Ravenscroft (7), Rebecca Hodgetts (6), Jo Beames (5), Cheri Edwards and Lindsay Gregory (4), Kate Potter (1st LV70+!) (2), Kay Thompson

Brilliant running ladies!

A really great turnout for a fab event and things are really hotting up almost halfway through the endurance championship!

The next Endurance Expert race is Two Tunnels Half on 12th May.

See you there!

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