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RSE Club Report – Running the Royal Mile!

Edinburgh Half Marathon

This city centre half marathon starts with a stunning backdrop at Holyrood park, before heading down the historic royal mile and out east towards the coast. The race website claims that it is ‘the fastest half marathon route in the world’ with a 90m descent towards sea level. The race is filled with history and culture, as well as a festival vibe.

Club member, Amanda Ball, ran the course in RSE colours!

Today’s race goal was to take in the atmosphere and sights with my first running buddy from my old Warwickshire club. As I wasn’t chasing a PB, I also wanted to see how low I could keep my HR (heart rate) and I’m pleased with the outcome.

A nice, flat route which took us along the coast.

Amanda Ball

Incredible running, Amanda!


Worcester parkrun

  • Felicity Crotty – 33:13

Cheltenham parkrun

  • Joanne Beames – 31:05

Tewkesbury parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 22:00

Cirencester parkrun

  • Oliver Hazel – 22:13
  • Paul Beaumont – 23:40
  • Mick Bagot – 23:48
  • Elaine Chapman – 23:53 – New parkrun PB!
  • Campbell McIlroy – 24:27
  • Steve Sandercock – 25:12
  • Richard Edwards – 27:29
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 28:22
  • Kathryn Cowdall – 30:01
  • Ben Chapman – 37:15
  • Charley Trykush – 43:34

parkrun Cup!

Something is returning and it is called the 🥁🥁………….RSE Parkrun cup!

This is a competition that puts everyone at all abilities on an even playing field. It’s for all runners, from beginners to the experienced – any pace, any level. Everyone who enters will be drawn 1 on 1 against an opponent, but those with faster previous parkrun times will receive a handicap.

For example –

  • Coach Dave’s Cirencester parkrun PB is 19 mins
  • Ellie Taylor’s is 24 mins

If they were drawn against each other, Dave would need to beat Ellie’s time by more than 5 mins on the day to be able to progress to the next round.

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The competition will start on the 11th June with round 1 – that gives you only 1 more week to set your Cirencester parkrun time!

The final will be in September – you have until June to set your starting time!

For the rules/ guidelines for the competition, or if you would like to enter please message David Witnall.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 

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