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RSE Club Report – An Ultra-Good Day for a Run!

Marlborough Downs 20 mile

The Marlbrough Downs trail races offer beautiful routes through the Wiltshire countryside. Mostly off road, the 20 mile runners are given a challenging course with lots of climb, passing some iconic locations, including The Wansdyke Path, the pre-historic stone circle at Avebury, Cherhill Monument and the White Horse. To add an extra challenge, the course is unmarked, meaning runners need to carry a map and navigate themselves!

Fresh from a recent marathon, RSE’s Sarah Reynolds took on the challenge, finishing in a brilliant time of 3.38.24

It was trail running at its best with stunning scenery and glorious sunshine. I finished in 3.38.24 and loved every minute!

Sarah Reynolds

Excellent running, Sarah!

LDWA Ridgeway 40m

Organised by the Long Distance Walking Association, this 40 mile takes place across Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire. The off road route starts in Avebury Sports and Social Club, before following the ancient ridgeway track to Streatley-on-Thames.

Adding another ultra run to their belts was Lesley Hinsley and Mark Manley, who completed the course in 7 hours and 56 minutes!

Ridgeway 40 mile ultra yesterday, celebrating 60 years Anniversary on LDWA. We ran from Avebury to Goring. Stunning scenery as usual and great company from Mark, who has really helped pushed me along. My longest run to date and 2nd ultra in 2 weeks. 4th so far this year. The check points were amazing, very well stocked with home-baked cakes, by the volunteers. In particular the fruit cake.
Can’t wait for the next one!

Lesley Hinsley

Fantastic running both of you!

Stroud Trails

Starting in Minchinhampton, the Stroud Trail events explore the local trails, famous towpaths, and disused railway tracks around Stroud and promise for some amazing views. As with any running event around the Stroud area, runners are treated to a lot of hills with the event website specifying 20 to 50m elevation gain per km! 3 events are available for runners, including a quarter marathon, half marathon, marathon and ultra marathon.

A huge congratulations to Kevin Joynes-Creed, Cheri Edwards, Jon Collins who completed the ultra marathon course! And to Caroline Joynes-Creed who took on the half marathon option!

Ultra times:

  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 11:13:43
  • Cheri Edwards – 11:13:44
  • Jon Collins – 11:39:24

Half marathon times:

  • Caroline Joynes-Creed – 3:41:38

Well done to everyone who ran!


Kingsway parkrun, Gloucester

  • Darren Jenner – 24:45
  • Felicity Crotty – 30:56

Cirencester parkrun

  • David Witnall – 22:35
  • Daniel Drayton – 24:08
  • Campbell McIlroy – 25:14
  • Ben Chapman – 26:04
  • Richard Edwards – 26:51
  • Anne Gardiner – 26:54
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 29:14
  • Anne-Marie Davies – 29:27
  • Vanessa Poole – 31:44
  • William Gardiner – 31:45
  • Paul Robertson – 40:03

Stratford Park parkrun, Stroud

  • Linda Edwards – 34:09

Southall parkrun

  • Phil Southworth – 22:08

Witney parkrun

  • Liz Hulcup – 28:03

Parkrun result not mentioned? It may be that you’re not listed as Running Somewhere Else in the parkrun results online. For information on how to change/add RSE as your listed club, click here.

parkrun Cup!

Something is returning and it is called the 🥁🥁………….RSE Parkrun cup!

This is a competition that puts everyone at all abilities on an even playing field. It’s for all runners, from beginners to the experienced – any pace, any level. Everyone who enters will be drawn 1 on 1 against an opponent, but those with faster previous parkrun times will receive a handicap.

For example –

  • Coach Dave’s Cirencester parkrun PB is 19 mins
  • Ellie Taylor’s is 24 mins

If they were drawn against each other, Dave would need to beat Ellie’s time by more than 5 mins on the day to be able to progress to the next round.

The competition will start in June with round 1, and the final will be in September – you have until June to set your starting time!

For the rules/ guidelines for the competition, or if you would like to enter please message David Witnall.

If you would like a run or race included in the club report, don’t forget to message Ellie Taylor by 5pm Sunday each week 🙂

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