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RSE Club Report – Hot and Hilly!

Stroud Beer Race

There was a fantastic turnout by club members at the Stroud Beer Race this week, the third race of the club championship. The 7.2 mile course takes runners three times around Minchinhampton common – the hills are long and steep! This is a brilliant route for those who want to challenge themselves (and get a beer at the end!).

  • David Witnall – 51:46
  • Rosie Oates – 52:04 – (1st SL, 2nd lady overall!)
  • Nia Glover – 52:37 – (2nd SL, 3rd lady overall)
  • Sharon Smith – 58:59 – (1st V70!)
  • Sarah Reynolds – 1:00:39 – (2nd V40!)
  • Elaine Chapman – 1:01:35 – (3rd V40!)
  • Sarah Page – 1:04:14 – (3rd V60!)
  • Istvan Vegh – 1:04:24
  • Anne Gardiner – 1:10:19
  • Linda Edwards – 1:11:15
  • Libby Butler – 1:17:56
  • Pauline Tilbury – 1:18:19
  • Vanessa Poole – 1:20:46
  • Andy Poole – 1:20:47

It was hot and hilly! Some of the hills seemed to go on forever!

Rosie Oates

Judging by the club WhatsApp comments, these sentiments were echoed by all the club members that entered! Brilliant running everyone!

Caplor Hill 6.5 Mile Race

Tipped by the race website as ‘a testing, multi-terrain course’, the Caplor Hill race lives up to its name – hilly. The race takes places around the Caplor Hill Ancient Hillfort, just outside Hereford, and runs through woodland and past the river Wye.

Andy and Carol Sworn took to the challenge, which was made even tougher by the heat of the day!

So hot but we both got round safe and sound. There was plenty of walking on the uphill bits (and some of the downhills!). A lovely race but not in that heat!

Carol Sworn
  • Andy Sworn – 1:10
  • Carol Sworn – 1:15

Congratulations both of you – fantastic times on a hard course!

Frome Half Marathon

This picturesque race takes runners through the heart of Frome, surrounding villages and country lanes. As well as quaint views, runners can also expect the ‘infamous’ 1km climb to Egford Hill – just what you need in the heat at mile 11!

A huge well done to Alan Powderhill and Paul Robertson for completing their first ever races in the Running Somewhere Else club vest! And for navigating a half on such a hot day!

It was a very hilly half and obviously with the weather conditions tougher than usual. I have family in Frome, so was great to do and had excellent support all around the course.

Alan Powderhill
  • Paul Robertson – 2:03:50
  • Alan Powderhill – 2:03:51

Brilliant running both of you!

Check out Frome Half Marathon here.

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