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January Bingo Challenge

Do you need a bit of extra morivation for the New Year?

Your Coaching Team have put thier thinking caps on and have come up with a series of challenges for you to consider during Janury.

You might just fancy a single challenge, you may want to fill a line, you could go for the four corners or those super competitive ones may fancy filling the whole card. It’s entirley up to you how many challenges you choose to take on and it’s purely there for some fun and motivation…

Full challenge details:

Carol – Complete a Parkrun First,

  • Complete your first ever Parkrun, if you’ve already run a Parkrun complete your first at a new venue.

Dave W – Complete your favourite route in reverse,

  • Take your favourite running route and turn it on it’s head by running it the opposite way round.

Dave D – Attend every club session in January,

  • Show us 100% commitment and attend all 8 club sessions throughout the month of January.

Elaine – Try something new for the New Year,

  • This could be a new run route, run a cross country, try a new exercise class, just do something that running related that you’ve never done before.

Gareth – Set a distance target and hit it EXACTLY,

  • Set yourself a distance target for the month then get as close to it as you can.

Kevin – Run naked once a week,

  • Leave your running tech at home, forget about how far, how fast etc and run purely for the love of running. 

Nadine – Complete your own 2023 challenge,

  • Take the numbers 2, 0, 2 & 3 and make your own challenge. You could run 20.23k (or miles), swim 202.3 lengths, complete 20 squats a day for 23 days. Use your imagination and have some fun.

Ollie – Give something back…

  • Give a little of your time to help other runners, you could volunteer at a Parkrun or marshal at a race, you know how much you appriciate the support so give a little back.

Sarah – Take some time for yourself,

  • Treat yourself to a bit if self care, complete at least 30mins of stretching, yoga or pilates every week during January.

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