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RSE Race Report – Sunday 17th March 2019

Jerusalem Marathon

The Jerusalem Winner Marathon held in Israel’s capital on Friday 15th March was one of the most unique marathons in the world, combining history with a challenging racing experience including a total ascent of 2300 feet.

The various tracks traced 3,000 years of history in this fascinating city that is holy to the world’s three monotheistic religions.

Tens of thousands of runners, representing different religions and countries from all over the world participated in the marathon and experienced Jerusalem’s cultural and historical landmarks, the city’s unique routes and landscapes and an inspiring and unforgettable athletic experience. 

Surprisingly the only person representing RSE was Mark Manley who completed the event in 3:53:18. Great effort Mark.

Fission 20 2

On Saturday 16th March the Fission 20 20 race took part near the village of Berkeley. As well as giving runners the opportunity to go for a PB on a fast flat 20 mile course, the race was useful to many who are planning on competing in a spring marathon. The 20 km option gave runners the opportunity to try a new race length or use it for Half Marathon or Marathon training.

The 20 mile option was a two-lap flat course in lovely countryside close to the river Severn. The 20 km option took in one lap of pretty much the same course.

Representing RSE in the 20 mile event was Dave Whitlow who completed the race in 2:44:24. He was followed by;

Nadine Brown – 2:49:29

Linda Edwards – 3:09:57 and a new PB

Representing RSE in the 20k event was Vicki Mason who completed the race in 2:01:34.

Fantastic running fro m you all and a nice warm up run for Dave before the Gloucester 20 the following day.

Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon

The Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon on Sunday 17th March was the only Half Marathon to be held at this famous and historic royal home. Hampton Court Palace is one of only two surviving palaces that King Henry VIII owned. The race started inside the gates of Hampton Court Palace with the course including pavements, tow paths and grass. The race also involved running inside Home Park for the final section of the course, which was a unique experience for many, with the finish inside the Hampton Court Palace gardens.

Representing RSE was Sandie Wood who completed the race in 2:06:57. She was followed by;

Tracy Webster – 2:16:45 which was a PB

Pauline Tilbury – 2:28:35

Well done to you all.

Gloucester 20 Mile

The ideal London, or other spring, Marathon preparation race the Gloucester 20 mile race took place on Sunday 17th March. This popular 20 mile road race was run on quiet, flat/undulating country roads over a 3 lap circuit in Quedgeley and the surrounding areas.

Representing RSE was Dave Witnall who completed the race in 2:19:43 which was a PB by 9 minutes. He was followed by;

Timothy Hodgetts – 2:28:26

Andy Masser – 2:33:05

Ellie Taylor – 2:46:36 which was a PB by an incredible 20 minutes

Dave Whitlow – 2:51:46

Kevin Joynes-Creed – 2:58:18

Rochelle Ravenscroft – 2:59:32 and a PB

Emma Hine – 3:05:26 which was a PB by an outstanding 23 minutes

Sarah Reynolds – 3:08:21

Rosie Oates – 3:11:48 and a PB by 16 minutes

Istvan Vegh – 3:37:09

Becca Wilson – 3:41:35 and a PB 

Great turnout and running from the club.

Bath Half Marathon

The award-winning Bath Half Marathon returned to the streets of Bath on Sunday 17th March, with over 12,000 runners crossing the finish line and an estimated 40,000 spectators celebrating the 38th edition of this much-loved race.
The race started and finished in Great Pulteney Street, with runners enjoying a return to the old race route which had changed in previous years to a minor diversion around the North Quays development.

Representing RSE was Gareth Roberts who completed the race in 1:54:09. Great effort.

Mentioned in Dispatches

A lot of club runners took part in many events this weekend with quite a few achieving PBs in those races including Becca Wilson, Rochelle Ravenscroft and Tracy Webster. However particular mention needs to go to Emma Hine with a fantastic 23 minutes off her previous PB, Ellie Taylor with an incredible 20 minutes off her previous PB, Rosie Oates who took 16 minutes of her previous PB and Dave Whitnall with 9 minutes off his previous PB. Finally a quick mention to Dave Whitlow who completed a 20 mile race on Saturday in 2:44:24 and then a “recovery” 20 mile race on Sunday in 2:51:46. Outstanding example of stamina and pacing. Well done.

Cirencester Park Run

Elliot Gardiner – 24:02

Jon Collins – 27:07

Anne Gardiner – 27:18

William Gardiner – 28:12

Suzanne Steel – 29:43

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