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Lockdown Efforts Wk 7 – Elaine’s Even Pace Pyramid Challenge

February 15, 2021 – February 21, 2021 all-day

Efforts session for week commencing 15th February.

This weeks session is brought to you by Club Captain Elaine and will challenge you to think about feeling ‘in touch’ with your pace.

How many times have you stood at the start line of a race thinking ‘don’t go off too quick’, get to the end of mile two and think ‘ok, that was too quick but it feels good’ then all of a sudden enter the last mile and find you have no energy for the kick and miss the time you wanted…?

That’s where practising and perfecting even pace running comes into play.

The Benefits:

Being able to control and manage your pace to keep it consistent is a skill. Runners who can master their pace are able to maintain control in situations where it would be easy to expend energy unnecessarily such as going off too quick. Running an even pace will also allow opportunities to vary the effort input in tune with your surroundings by working a little harder on the uphills and enjoying a little less effort on the downhills.

Before the session:

As per normal make sure you are well warmed up ahead of the main session. Start off with a stead 10 min jog to gently raise your heart rate and loosen up the muscles.

The Main Session:

Your main session is a pyramid made up as follows:

  • 2min,
  • 4min,
  • 6min,
  • 8min,
  • 6min,
  • 4min,
  • 2min.

In between each effort take 1-2mins slow jog or walking recovery as required.

Your aim is to run each effort at a consistent pace. Don’t overcook your 2min effort or you won’t be able to sustain that pace for your 8min effort…

A good target would be to run each effort at or around your 10k pace.

If you fancy an extra challenge you could complete 2x 8min efforts at the top of your pyramid.

Technical focus:

During your efforts try and focus on keeping your form. Maintain a tall posture keeping your head up and your shoulders back.

Post session:

After your last effort complete another 10min gentle jog/walk home to gradually lower your heart rate and cool down and once you’re home complete a full set of stretches.

We hope you enjoy the session and remember to let us know how you get on via Facebook and WhatsApp.