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Lockdown Efforts Wk 8 – Carol’s Alternating Pace Intervals

February 22, 2021 – February 28, 2021 all-day

Efforts Session for Week Commencing 22nd February:

Continuing on from last weeks even pace theme this week takes you up to the next level by utilising more than one pace target.

Learning how to feel the difference between just a few seconds per k/mile and knowing what pace you can hold for a given distance or time will help you improve your training, pace consistency and will potentially lead to faster times once we can race again…

How to do it:

Try to feel your pace by paying attention to your breathing, the rhythm of your legs and the motion of your arms rather than checking your watch every few seconds.

Your watch however can be a great tool to check on your progress every few minutes to see how you’re doing. In particular the feedback from your watch can be highly beneficial at the end of an interval to check on consistency.

Pre Session:

As per normal ensure you are well warmed up ahead of your session by taking a progressive jog/run for 10 mins.

The Main Session:

Your main session consists of 6 (8 if you’re feeling good) 3 minute intervals.

The odd minute intervals are to be run at 10k pace, the even number intervals at 5k pace. Your aim is to run each odd/even intervals at a consistent pace.

  • 3min @ 10k pace
  • 90sec recovery
  • 3min @ 5k pace
  • 90sec recovery
  • Repeat 3/4 times for total of 6/8 intervals.

Post Session:

Steady cool down jog for 10mins followed by a full set of stretches.