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RSE Race Report – Sunday 18th August 2019

Compton 20 mile Downland Challenge

On Saturday 17th of August the 22nd Compton Downland Challenge took place. This was a one lap 20 mile course starting in the village of Compton, Berkshire and consisted of mainly footpaths, tracks and bridleways with some short, almost traffic free, road sections linking them.

Representing RSE was Nadine Brown who completed the race (plus an extra mile due to direction arrows being removed) in 3:28:46.

Great running Nadine

Swindon Park Run

Steve Sandercock – 24:41

Caroline Sandercock – 34:57

Bideford Park Run

Tom Cooper – 19:52

Cirencester Park Run

Anne Gardiner – 27:12

William Gardiner – 27:56

Sarah Page – 34:11

Vicki Mason – 46:14

Witney Park Run

Claire Collett – 46:22

Tetbury Goods Shed Park Run

Felicity Crotty – 28:28

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