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RSE Virtual European Tour – Week 2 Update

Since leaving Cirencester on 8th July our two intrepid teams of runners, The Euro Trailblazers and The Euro Globetrotters, have been exploring the sights of Northern Europe. Leg one was a short 93 mile trip down the M4 to London before heading south on a longer 266 mile trip to Paris for leg 2.

At the start of this week the teams were well on their way to Paris both covering the total of 357 miles from Cirencester arriving in the French capital in time for lunch on Monday. The Trailblazers holding a huge 6 mile lead by the close of play on Monday…

Leg 3 –

After arriving in Paris for lunch on Monday the two teams were then tasked with 204 miles heading east towards Luxembourg.

Those of us of a certain age will remember Radio Luxembourg as the soundtrack to our youth so for this leg members were asked to provide photos of Pirates or Radios. As you can see Tracey and Sallie came up trumps with some Pirates while Dave enjoyed a run listening to Radiohead.

By Thursday evening both teams had arrived in Luxembourg with The Trailblazers extending their earlier lead to 25 miles.

Leg 4 –

Leaving Luxembourg early on Friday morning the teams were now heading 117 miles North into Belgium on the way to the home of the EU in Brussels.

It was inevitable that a short distance leg starting on a Friday would not take long to complete and both teams managed to cover the distance before Saturday lunchtime.
the teams were tasked to take images showing the colours of the Belgium flag however they flew through the distance so quickly they didn’t stop to take the pictures…

Leg 5 –

Leg 5 saw the teams continuing North from Brussels into The Netherlands to Amsterdam on another short leg of just 124 miles.

For this leg we had to use the famous Dutch orange theme with members enjoying orange drinks, recording runs on orange watches, wearing orange headgear and a throwback image of Team RSE in Amsterdam during 2017.

Needless to say with it being a weekend, traditionally reserved for long runs, the two teams soon had the 124 miles cracked off ending the weekend in Amsterdam.

Leg 6 –

Leaving Amsterdam first thing on Monday morning the teams are now heading East again into Northern Germany with a 258.6 mile journey to Cirencester’s twin town Itzehoe…

Week 2 – Leaderboard

Euro Trailblazers

  • Total Miles – 838.36
  • Top 3 runners – 
    • Kevin Joynes-Creed – 46.26
    • David Witnall – 42.31
    • Cathy Steer – 38.61

Euro Globetrotters

  • Total Miles – 800.8
  • Top 3 runners – 
    • Ellie Taylor – 40.04
    • Henry Church – 35.27
    • Linda Edwards – 34.84

Overall Miles – 1639.66

RSE Virtual European Tour – Week 1 Update

On Wednesday 8th July Running Somewhere Else members departed Cirencester on a virtual European city tour. 

Split into two teams, The Euro Trailblazers and The Euro Globetrotters, over 40 runners are now making their way around various Northern European cities recording both walking & running mileage throughout July as we race from city to city.

Each leg of the journey will have a theme for members to provide photo’s or selfies and there are a few secret challenges planned for runners/walkers to earn bonus miles for their team.

Leg 1 – 

Departing Cirencester on Wednesday morning the first leg was a short hop of 91 miles to London. The theme for this leg was a simple photo containing something Red, White & Blue.

First into the capital, late on Thursday afternoon, were the Globetrotters closely followed, just in time for breakfast, on Friday morning by the Trailblazers. 

Leg 2 – 

Following a short refuelling stop both teams are now well on their way through the 266 mile leg 2 heading south towards Paris. 

On Saturday evening the Globetrotters had pulled into a handsome lead of over 50 mile however a strong performance from the Trailblazers on Sunday meant that the teams closed the week out just 12 miles apart, both expected to be in Paris before the close of play on Monday 13th July…

For this leg members have been tasked to provide images of things which are obviously French.

Week 1 – Leaderboard

Euro Trailblazers

  • Total Miles – 334.42
  • Top 3 runners –
    • Vicki Mason – 24.76,
    • Tracey Pitts – 24.31,
    • Libby Butler 23.74

Euro Globetrotters

  • Total Miles – 348.17
  • Top 3 runners –
    • Linda Edwards – 36.63,
    • Henry Church – 29.77,
    • Cheri Edwards 27.35

Overall Miles – 682.59