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RSE Race Report 31st July 2017


Elaine Chapman and Sallie Clatworthy took part in the Blaisdon Red Hart 10K last week, organised by Forest of Dean Athletic Club. Elaine completed the race in 48:46 and Sallie finished in 1:01:15.


Becky Heal and Jackie Day competed in the Tenby 10k this weekend, with Jackie coming home in 1:34.59 and Becky in 1:34:58.


Matt Lambourne, Steve Sandercock and Caroline Sandercock took part in the Swindon Parkrun this weekend, with Steve finishing in 26:13, Matt in 29:26 and Caroline in 34:23.


New Initiatives

Dear All,
After joining the RSE committee last month, I’ve taken on the role of communications coordinator for this year.
In that role, I’d like to make a couple of announcements:
Firstly, in an effort to increase the ways members can get information on the club, it’s activities and important events, we’d like to try creating a Whatsapp group.
We’ll use the group to post info on routes for our club runs, club events and give members the chance to communicate when they will be taking part in races so people can easily arrange lifts etc.
If you’d like to be part of the group, I’m going to put a signup sheet for phone numbers on the table at each club meeting – your number won’t be used for anything other than the group.
Secondly, we’re hoping to review the club’s direction, aims and aspirations this year – and I’d like to include as many views as possible from club members.
To this end, I will be putting together a very quick online survey to send out in the next few weeks – it shouldn’t take more than five minutes and will be a massive help to the committee in setting our agenda for the next year and beyond.
We’d be incredibly grateful if you could take the time to participate: your responses will help us to build on the incredible success of the club’s first ten years.
We don’t seem to have everyone’s correct email address in our database, so I’ll be putting out another sign up sheet for everyone’s email addresses next week too.
Feel free to pass on any thoughts about these two initiatives in the comments, or find me at the club on Mondays or Wednesdays.
Thanks for your time!
Phil Scoble
Communications Coordinator