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Championship 2017 Final Standings

The final part of the 2017 Club Championship has been completed.

Round 12 was the Tewkesbury 5 Mile. Sadly, as it was a AAA race, and the opening date was not announced to us in time, it was sold out within hours. Unfortunately no club members obtained a place, so no points were awarded.

Round 13 was the marathon. Anyone competing in a marathon between 1st January and 13th November following the normal championship rules were eligible for points. 9 men and 7 women completed marathons this year.
In the men’s championship, Matt received 10 points for his run at Yorkshire, 9 went to Andy Masser at Manchester, and 8 went to Bucky earlier this year at Yeovil.
In the ladies, Amelia received 10 points at Amsterdam, followed by Nadine with 9 after a terrific first marathon in Amsterdam, then 8 went to Elaine running in Birmingham.

So how has this affected the final standings?

Men’s Championship

The 10 marathon points mean that Matt Lambourne has moved into the top place ahead of Mark Manley. Jon Lewis will finish third, and sadly due to injury Dave Witnall was unable to complete the 5 race requirement after an excellent start. Well done all!

  1. Matt Lambourne 78 points
  2. Mark Manley 72 points
  3. Jon Lewis 30 points

Ladies Championship

Nadine managed to gain another point after her marathon success, but Elaine managed to keep the lead.

  1. Elaine Chapman 74 points
  2. Nadine Brown 70 points
  3. Teresa Hazelwood 38 points

Well done all! Here’s to more great running in 2018!

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