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Christmas Party & Awards

On Friday (for one night only) the lycra was replaced by Party wear!  Our awards evening was hosted by ‘Somewhere Else’, and our thanks go to Andy Sampson and his staff for a fabulous night of great food and service.  A big thank you also goes to Jacki Day for organising the evening.
Our first awards were for the Championship 2014.  The Men’s Championship was won by James Thomas, in 2nd place Simon Bowers and 3rd place Russell Young.  The Ladies Championship was won by Teresa Hazelwood, in 2nd place Sharon Smith and 3rd place Sharon Baldwin. Most Improved Runner went to Kirsty Pitts and Runners Runner was won by Laura Maddison.  Congratulations to all of you.
For those of you who weren’t able to make it on Friday, there were also a few extra awards that were an important part of 2014 with little stories behind each one.  Lets call them …….the ‘Blooper’ Awards!!
The award for the person with ‘No Sense of Direction’! goes to… Caroline Terry!  Earlier in the year a few of us took part in a 24 hour relay trail run.  Caroline set off on her first 5 mile loop… but hold on before we knew it she was back???? her 5 mile loop turned out to be 2 miles, as she had missed a turning and ended up back at the finish a bit too soon!  Oops…
And then, during the summer we have a 5k time trial route in Kemble that we have done, shall we say a dozen time at least??  But UhOh where’s Caroline??? Yes she missed a turning Again!! and ended up doing a 10k route instead.  Well done Caroline!
Our next award goes to Jacki Day the ‘Transistion Queen’!  A few of the ladies competed in their first sprint triathlons this year… now I hear you say was she the Fastest swimmer?? …..NO! Fastest cyclist??…..NO! Fastest runner??…… NO!  But yes indeed she was the fastest at getting her clothes on and off!  Well done Jacki!
Next award goes to James Thomas for the ‘I’m not a girl’! award… After completing a gruelling section of the Cotswold way relay race, James was accosted by one of the marshalls trying to hand over  a bottle of champagne? ‘Well done’she says ‘First Lady home’….. in which James replies ‘I’m NOT a girl!!’…. Well done James!
Our award for the ‘Unbalanced One legged’ prize goes to our esteemed Chairman – John Buck!  After our weekly runs we all vacate the bar to stretch off in the car park… poor John its that dreaded stretch again… wobbling all over the place he is finally rescued by a fellow runner holding him up!  But never fear no help required anymore!  He has been awarded a prize of… shall we say….an ‘Aid’!!! Well done John and don’t forget it on Monday!  (Sorry no photos of John and his balancing stick!).
The award for the ‘Most Glamorous’ goes to Sally Jamieson, for always going that extra mile and putting the glam into running!! Whether its, the short hair with sparkly bits in or the next week long flowing locks! or it could be the extra long eyelashes!  She always makes an effort to look gorgeous.  Fabulous!
Our last award goes to Ted (Martin) Pitts, for his ‘Posing Pouch’….. November at the Tewkesbury 5 mile (I’d just like to say it was a bit chilly!) Ted took off his trackie bottoms to reveal his rather tight lycra shorts, usually the ‘bits’ are covered by another pair of baggier shorts, but not on this occasion – they had been forgotten…Oh dear!
Well done to EVERYONE at RSE!  Have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year…

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