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BBQ at the Open Air Pool

July 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cirencester Open Air Pool

We have booked an evening at the Open Air Pool on the 20th of July. We will have exclusive access from 6pm to 9pm, which has been paid for by the club’s coffers. This is a family friendly event, so children and partners are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Next week I will bring a sign up sheet to club and you will also be able to nominate what you would like to bring for the BBQ. More details to follow as we think about some of the logistics.

The pool has asked us to adhere by their rules:
• No glass on poolside
• Please bring your own cooking implements, plates, plastic cups etc. as required.
• You are welcome to move tables around on poolside but please put them back after your party.
• The children’s slide, large floats, balls and goals are available for parties (please ask the lifeguard) you are welcome to bring inflatables but please be aware the pool surface can be rough and inflatables are subject to lifeguard approval.
• Please ensure all rubbish including dropped food is placed in a bin as we do not want to attract unwanted little visitors!
• Lifeguards must lock up at 9pm, please ensure all party goers are aware they must exit the site by 9pm.
• The ‘Good Neighbour Deposit’ will be returned to the party holder via Treasurer if site is clear of rubbish and all persons by 9pm.
• Party organisers are welcome to bring party items through the back gate (via the car park at the top of Cecily Hill) Please ring 653947 to alert a lifeguard of your arrival to enter. Please do not attempt to use this entrance during normal public swimming.
• Party goers must arrive through the front entrance but are welcome to be picked up via the back gate.
• Please be aware Adult to Child Ratio is the same for parties as public swimming:
A responsible adult will go into the water to accompany all children under 8 years old and weak and non-swimmers. Whilst in the pool the adult is responsible for those children and should maintain a constant watch over the them, maintaining close contact at all times.
Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool Adult to Child Ratios:
• For 4 to 7 year olds : 1 adult may accompany up to 3 children
• For children aged 3 and younger: 1 adult and up to 2 children
Adults: 17 and over:Lifeguards cannot replace the care and attention of parents and carers. Therefore, the purpose of the Child Admissions Policy is to help safeguard children who are most at risk of drowning. Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool ask all users to adhere to this policy. It is not intended to prevent children and families from having fun, nor is it intended to make life difficult for parents and carers.

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