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In 2020, Running Somewhere Else became part of the #RunAndTalk programme, supported by Mind – the mental health charity.

Our #RunAndTalk programme aims to:

  • get people talking about mental health, sharing their experiences and removing stigma.
  • provide support and guidance to raise awareness of mental health problems.
  • support people experiencing mental health problems to be physically active through running, whether that is to support them in starting, returning to or continuing to run.

Our Mental Health Champions

Our Champions are passionate about supporting people to access the mental wellbeing benefits of running, remove stigma and get people talking about mental health.

Get Involved

Exercise is proven to help improve mental health and is an effective way to help with sleep problems, self-esteem, body image, mood and anxiety. However, starting to run is a daunting prospect and many suffering from anxiety and mental health issues could find it difficult to simply turn up at a running club.

RSE #RunAndTalk aims to help by offering an introduction to running and exercise within a small and supportive group organised by Mental Health Champions and qualified run leaders.

If you would like to join us please get in touch for details of future events and courses.  Please contact us via email at runandtalk@runningsomewhereelse.com

If the prospect of running with a group is difficult for you please get in touch and if we can we will try and help on an individual one to one basis.

RSE #RunAndTalk is affiliated to Running Somewhere Else Running Club; we do not exist to make money but simply to encourage people to run and help improve mental health.


#RunAndTalk Week : During a one-week period our national digital campaign #RunAndTalk encourages people to run one mile or further and to have a chat with friends, family, colleagues or other runners whilst doing it. This can be done at a time and location of their choice or by joining one of the organised runs Running Somewhere Else has to offer.

To support Mental Health Awareness week in May our national digital campaign, similar to #RunAndTalk, aims to support young people’s mental health (over 18s) through running. This campaign was postponed in 2020 due to Covid-19 and will next take place in 2021.

We also support other national campaigns such as Time to Talk Day (February) and World Mental Health Day (October).

Helpful tips on coping with Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

  1. Find out about employment and benefit rights if finance is a concern for you.
  2. Plan practical things – ensure adequate household supplies, regular medication available
  3. Stay connected with others – video, phone call, messaging , Whatsapp, zoom app.
  4.  Talk about your worries and share your concerns. Helpful contacts include:

Anxiety UK – 0344 4775774

CALM – 0800 585858

MIND – 0300 1233393,  https://nhs.unmind.com/signup.

Cotswold Counselling – 07957 934168

Samaritans – 0330 094 5717

  • Look after your body.  Eat well, and have a balanced diet and fluids, exercise including a 10-15 minute home workout.  Use some tins as weights. Do some Sit-ups, lunges, jumping jacks press-ups on your knees.   A minute on each activity with a minute in between.
  • Stay on top of difficult feelings – Focus on the things that you can control.
  • Do not stay glued to the news.  Limit watching /listening to the news.  Only use trustworthy internet sites including Gov.uk or NHS website
  • Carry on doing things you enjoy.  Favourite hobby or take up a new hobby.  On-line courses, pub quizzes. Running.  Power walking if you feel unable to run at the moment. Get the old bike out again, give it a clean, tyre check and get out for  a spin!
  • Take time to relax.    Try mindfulness sessions on u. tube.  Website “Every Mind Matters” is a good resource and has helpful tips to maintain your mental well being generally but especially with the coronavirus
  • Think about a new daily routine.  Adapt/create new routines and goals.  Write a plan for the day/week.  Can help you be more focused and have a purpose.
  • Look after your sleep.  Try to maintain regular sleep patterns.  Warm bath before bed
  • Keep your mind active. Read, play games, drawing, jigsaws, sudoku