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RSE Race Report – 14th October 2018

Gloucestershire Cross Country League – Old Down Country Park


The first race in the Gloucestershire Cross Country League took place at Old Down Country Park near Thornbury on Saturday 13th October.  This was a hilly route around the country park and the surrounding woods with the men’s race being 10k and the women’s race being 6.5k in distance.

Representing RSE in the men’s race was Ben Chapman – 53:18.

Representing RSE in the women’s race was Jo Wood – 36:42

Well done both of you.


Grittleton 10k

The Grittleton 10km is described as a  ‘must do’ race on the South West race circuit.

Starting and finishing at Grittleton Village Hall, the Grittleton 10km is a fast, one lap, chip-timed road race set in a tranquil village location.

First in for RSE was Sarah Page in 55:32.  She was followed by;

Cathy Steer who set a PB in 56:27

Kay Thompson – 1:16:20

Great running in very difficult conditions.


York Marathon

The York Marathon has very quickly established itself as one of the highlights of the North’s sporting year.  This is a popular and picturesque run that takes runners passed some of the beautiful city of York’s splendid historic sites and along scenic country lanes. took  The marathon took place on a wet and windy Sunday 14th October.

Representing RSE was Sharon Smith who completed it in 3:38:02 which was a PB.

Also representing RSE was Dave Whitlow who completed the race in 3:40:08

Outstanding effort in difficult conditions.



Royal Parks Half Marathon


The Royal Parks Half Marathon took place on Sunday 14th October.  This stunning central London half marathon took in some of the capital’s world famous landmarks on closed roads and four of London’s eight Royal Parks including Hyde Park, The Green Park, St Jame’s Park and Kensington Gardens.

Representing RSE was Richard Marshall who completed the course in 2:09:09.

Also representing RSE was Pauline Tilbury who completed the race in 2:32:00.

Well done both of you.


Mentioned in Dispatches

It was very easy to decide who to mention in dispatches today.  To complete a marathon in the conditions today is itself a great effort.  To set a personal best time for a marathon takes that to another level.  To come first in the F65 category and to qualify for London 2020 marathon in a time that would allow someone aged 18 to 39 to qualify when they are a few years older is even more impressive.

Without doubt I have to name Sharon Smith in dispatches. An inspiration to us all.


Cirencester Park Run

Nadine Brown – 24:23

Emma Hine – 26:55 and a PB

Elaine Chapman – 26:55



Swindon Park Run

Caroline Sandercock – 34:25




RSE Race Report – 7th October 2018

Cricklade 10k


The Cricklade 10k race took place on Sunday 7th October and was a flat undulating course that is now over 30 years old.  This popular charity running event saw hundreds of people taking part in 3 different distances including not only the 10k but also the half marathon and a 1.5 mile family fun run.  This was also the handicap race for the club short course championships which resulted in a great turnout from RSE.

First in for RSE was Ben Chapman in a time of 45:31 followed by

Steve Phelps – 46:13

Nadine Brown – 48:41

Steve Sandercock – 53:30

Amanda Haines – 1:00:49

Caroline Coates – 1:02:57

Jane Odell – 1:04:42

Libby Saunders – 1:05:27 completing her first 10k

Pauline Tilbury – 1:06:19

Caroline Sandercock – 1:07:39

Caroline Joynes-Creed – 1:08:51

Sarah Gray – 1:09:38

Kay Thompson – 1:16:11


Great effort from you all.

Cricklade Half Marathon


The Cricklade Half Marathon took place on Sunday 7th October and was a flat undulating course that is now over 30 years old.  This popular charity running event saw hundreds of people taking part in 3 different distances including not only the half marathon but also the 10k and a 1.5 mile family fun run.  This was also the handicap race for the club endurance championships which resulted in a great turnout from RSE.

First in for RSE was Tom Cooper in 1:26:03.  He was followed by;

Timothy Hodgetts – 1:31:57

Ollie Hazel – 1:32:30

Mark Manley – 1:34:54

Martyn Joyce – 1:39:08 – PB

Dave Witnall – 1:40:19

Dave Whitlow – 1:40:50

Sharon Smith – 1:41:26 PB by 2 secs and first LV60

Ellie Taylor – 1:46:35 – PB by 30 secs

Martin Sheriff – 1:47:50

Elaine Chapman – 1:47:59

Sarah Reynolds – 1:49:29

Gareth Roberts – 1:52:30 – PB by almost 9 mins

Kirsty Pitts – 1:52:35

Rochelle Ravensroft – 1:53:10

Paul Coates – 1:53:50

Kevin Joynes-Creed – 1:55:31 – PB by 1:28

Jo Beames – 1:56:08

Rosie Oates – 1:56:58 – PB

Ryo Taylor – 1:58:41 – PB by 4 mins

Rebecca Hodgetts – 2:00:00

Janet Daniels – 2:02:38 – PB by 2 minutes set 11 years ago and still bragging about that 1 second!!!

Dave Daniels – 2:02:39

Sandie Wood – 2:04:06 – PB by about 6 mins

Helen Berry – 2:06:39 completing her first half marathon

Rebecca Wilson – 2:11:52

Great running from you all.


Lyon Half Marathon

The Lyon half marathon took place on Sunday 7th October.  The race involves a very pleasant route around a city which, from a cultural and historical perspective, is as good as any in the world. Within the first few kilometres, you join the quays along the Saône. From the Vieux-Port (old town), you will run to the Paul Bocuse bridge. Then  run back along the quays on the opposite side, back down into the Croix-Rousse quarter, famous for the Lyon silk industry and the well-known Canuts. The race ended in Place Bellecour, the biggest pedestrian square in Europe.

First and surprisingly the only runner for RSE was Linda Edwards – 2:04:01

Nice running


Chester Marathon

The Chester Marathon that took place on Sunday 7th October is a multi-award winning and the UK’s only international marathon (the route includes England and Wales) from the historic Roman/Medieval international destination City of Chester.

After leaving Chester Racecourse the Marathon course passed through Chester City Centre, heading out through Eccleston and Pulford before entering Wales at Rossett. The route then passed through Holt before returning to England at Farndon and passing through Churton, Aldford and Huntington. It returned to Chester city at Boughton before entering the Groves area and returning to the racecourse past the Little Roodee.

The fast and largely flat spectacular city and rural race route combined with enthusiastic support and regular drinks/nutrition stations helped a lot of runners achieve personal best times.

First in for RSE was Andy Masser – 3:41:45

Great effort

Mentioned in Dispatches

When deciding who to mention is dispatches this week I have to admit I struggled.

I could mention Ryo Taylor who used some great tactics during the Two Tunnels Half marathon by getting lost.  This resulted in Ryo being set a nice time for his handicap which in turn led to 10 points for the Championships today.  All joking aside after setting himself a PB at Swindon Half Marathon he set a new PB today by 4 mins.

That leads me on to all the people that ran PB this weekend.  There are a lot that I have already mentioned but I am sure there were more of you.  Whether it was 2 seconds or 9 minutes it was great running by you all.

However this week I have chosen Running Somewhere Else.  A fabulous turn out today from the club with 39 runners taking part in the 2 races in Cricklade plus all those that turned up to support.  It was like a wave of yellow wherever I looked.  Today I think summed up what this club is about.


Cirencester Park Run

Vicki Mason – 27:34

Cathy Steer – 28:22

Suzanne Steel – 32:58

Jon Collins – 54:37


Swindon Park Run

Sarah Reynolds – 28:29


Cheltenham Park Run

Lisa Courtney – 24:54


RSE Race – Report 30th September 2018

Windsor Women’s 10k

The Windsor Womens 10k race took place on Saturday 29th September.  The undulating course which past through started on the Long Walk and passed the Royal Lodge which was formally the Queen Mother’s residence and now the home of Prince Andrew, the Royal School and then the Statue of Queen Elizabeth II which was erected in celebration of her Golden Jubilee.

First in for RSE was Sandie Wood in a time of 1:04:44 followed immediately by Tracy Webster in 1:04:45

Great effort from both of you.

Cheltenham Half Marathon

The Still Moving Cheltenham Half Marathon which is now in it’s seventh year was set in the heart of the beautiful regency town took place on Sunday 30th September.  Hosted at the famous Cheltenham Racecourse the route was designed to show off the town’s splendour and Cotswold charm.

First in for RSE and in a PB was Steve Phelps in 1:45:06.

He was followed by Kay Thompson who completed her first half marathon in 2:51:53 which included a 10k PB of 1:13:46.

Well done both


The Meningitis Now Five Valley Walk

Organised by the charity Meningitis Now the Five Valley Walk took place on Sunday 30th September.  The 21 mile route covered the beautiful Stroud Valleys in a circular route including Stroud Cricket Club, Nailsworth, Minchinhampton Common, Brimscombe, Lypiatt, Slad and Pitchcombe.

Representing RSE was Dave Whitlow, Nadine Brown and Emma Hine who completed the route in an unofficial time of 4:22:00.


Forest of Dean Half Marathon

The Forest of Dean Half Marathon took place on Sunday 30th September.  The race followed a forest trails course with no road crossings and included some interesting hill challenges and an opportunity to experience the Forest with it’s late summer leaf canopy.

Representing RSE was Kate Potter who completed the race in 2:24:00 which was an improvement of 4 minutes from last year and a course PB.

Well done Kate

Mentioned in Dispatches

Whilst considering who should be mentioned in dispatches this week I realised there has been one runner who’s name is regularly included in the race reports I have been writing.  Excluding Park Runs, this runner has taken part in 12 x 10k races, 1 x 6 mile race, 1 x 7 mile race and a half marathon since February this year.  Whilst I accept there may be other members who have run as many or even more, (that is my disclaimer by the way), for someone who is new to running this shows a great deal of determination and effort which deserves to be applauded.  Therefore the mention in dispatches goes to Kay Thompson.  Well done.


Cirencester Park Run

Jonathan Lewis – 22:04

Wayne Edginton – 25:02

Steve Sandercock – 26:15

Richard Woodsell-Taylor – 26:32

Caroline Sandercock – 34:01


Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce – 21:33

Amanda Haines – 30:30


Hampstead Heath Park Run

Jenny Hoffman – 31:00


RSE Racing Report – 16th September 2018

Sydney Marathon

Run one of the world’s most scenic marathon courses, took in some of Sydney’s most spectacular and historic landmarks including the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

The Sydney Running Festival included four distances dependent on your ability.  All events started in Bradfield Park, Milsons Point and traveled over the main deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge finishing at the Sydney Opera House (Marathon, Half Marathon and Bridge Run) whilst the Family Fun Run (3.5k) had its own unique finish at the Conservatorium of Music, the entrance to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The first and strangely only RSE representative, was Mark Manley in a time of 3:44:31.

Great effort Mark.


Marlborough Tiny Temple 7 Miler

Setting off alongside the Temple Trail Half Marathon, this 7 mile multi-terrain race was nestled in the spectacularly scenic Marlborough Downs and allowed the runners to take in the start and finish of the Temple Trail, without the other 5 miles in between!

Representing RSE was  Kay Thompson in a time of 1:23:30.

Well done Kay

Mentioned in Dispatches

There was no question that Mark Manley earned the right to be mentioned in dispatches this week however travelling the other side of the world just to get mentioned is taking it a bit too far.  Mark started running 5 years ago and to date has completed 20 marathons which is an impressive total in it’s own.  However his aim is to complete a marathon in every continent.  Sydney marathon took it to 5 continents and with a marathon in Rio booked for next June that will only leave him with Antartica.  A true inspiration and ambassador for RSE.


Cirencester Park Run

Jonathan Lewis – 21:54

Richard Woodsell Taylor – 26:36

Charley Trykush – 35:48

Cathy Steer – 28:30

Jon Collins – 48:13