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Congratulations.  The beginners course that started in September 2014 is now complete as a result, there have been over 40 new members to the club.  New members have already competed in a range of events including half marathons and 10ks and other have completed their first ever Park Run.  A huge thank you to club members that supported the beginners programme and continue to support the transition to running with the club.  Without you the beginners course would not have been the huge success that it was.  Thank you.


keen new runners 8th September 2014

Keen new runners 8th September 2014


Swindon Park Run 1st November 2014

Swindon Park Run 1st November 2014

There are no plans in the near future to run another beginners group. Running is a fantastic way to exercise and running with a group helps to keep motivated and to challenge yourself.  The running club welcomes new members at any time and has members of all ages and abilities.  To run with the club,  you need to be able to comfortably run for close to 40 minutes.    If you would like to join the club go to the “join” tab for more information and instructions on how to make contact.  If you would like to start running, why not follow our beginners plan with a group of friends independently until you feel confident enough to join us. Here is the link for the full Beginners Program 2014

Running – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions that you might find useful too (opens as PDF) Running Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a little newsletter that highlights some of the benefits of joining up along with some great tips for coping with the cold and dark nights! You can read it here (opens as a PDF): New Members Newsletter


Run England

Run England is the official England Athletics recreational running project which aims to get the whole nation running.

Regardless of your age, fitness level, aspiration, background, or location you can be a part of Run England and benefit from being a part of England’s running community. We are here to help and encourage more people to run, and to run more often.

So whatever you want to get from your running Run England is here to encourage and support you. (And to make sure we all have some fun with our running). Sign up to Run England



Here’s the Stretching handout for week 1 (link to PDF). Week One Stretching Handout

Here’s the safety handout for week 2(link to PDF). Week two Safety Handout

For further handouts click on the links above and move through the pages. There are handouts on

Stretches, safety, cross-training, What to wear, running shoes, eating and drinking, avoiding injury, the joy of events and setting a goal.


New members frequently asked questions

When will my running vest arrive?  Orders have been placed, take up to 6 weeks and are being chased currently. As soon as they arrive they will be given out at the club.

When will I get my new members login for the website? These are sent out as soon as your membership is paid and your information is processed. You will know it has been processed by your name being on the signing in and out sheet for the main club.

When will my England Athletics card arrive?  You will receive your affiliation card through the post having joined the club. Again, this can take a little while to come through, but rest assured they will do.

Lightning bolt

Lightening bolt

Advice if you are new to running.

Even if you are physically fit – you should begin walking more before embarking on a running programme, there is statistically a very good chance of becoming injured in your third month of running if you do not begin with a period of walking.

It takes time for your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to get used to the impact and mechanics of running. Your overall fitness tends to increase before your body has fully adapted, and that is when you get injured.

Take a month  to get into the habit of exercise, adjust your daily routine, and let your body get a head start on adapting to running. If you have jogged a little, but never run far, it is still advisable to begin a programme of mainly walking before you start running.

Think about starting to develop your core strength to support your running.  Classes such as pilates, yoga or body balance will all  help you avoid injury.

Fancy entering an event?

See the “championship”tab for all races that are in the club championships. Any member can compete in the club championships and will have reduced entrance fees as an “affiliated member.”