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Timings For Our Championship Handicap Races @ Cricklade 10k and Half Marathon

Hey gang.

So as you should all be aware by now, we’re using the Cricklade 10k and the half marathon as our handicap race for this seasons championship.

Elaine has explained previously the iterations and rules regarding the handicap, so I won’t explain them again here, but if you’re unsure or haven’t had a chance to read yet, then CLICK HERE TO SEE HER ORIGINAL POST OUTLINING ALL THE RELEVANT DETAILS.

I’ve been through all the race reports for the year to formulate your handicap time. I’ve omitted any trail runs as part of your handicap time as they’re so often wildly different to your road times, so we took the decision to leave them out completely.

As we’ve mentioned before, the handicap is a great opportunity to get some great points on the board for the overall championship and really shake things up!

It was a hell of a task compiling all this, so if you think I’ve missed you off or if you think your times don’t seem right, or if you’re marked as na N/A when you know you’ve done a race (of the same distance that you’re running on Sunday) since the start of the year, don’t hesitate to tell me in person at club, or via whatsapp (I’m ‘Coops’ on the group so you can just message me directly.)

So your handicap times for the relevant races on Sunday are as follows…


  • Nadine Brown – 49:23
  • Caroline Coates – 1:10:58
  • Cheri Edwards – 50:00
  • Sarah Gray – 1:01:06
  • Amanda Haines – 1:07:06
  • Caroline Joynes-Creed – 1:13:18
  • Jane Odell – 1:06:36
  • Steve Phelps – 48:21
  • Martin Pitts – 50:41
  • Steve Sandercock – 54:15
  • Caroline Sandercock – 1:07:21
  • Libby Saunders – N/A
  • Kay Thompson – 1:17:39
  • Pauline Tilbury – N/A
  • Dave Witnall – 43:53

Half Marathon

  • Jo Beames – N/A
  • Helen Berry – N/A
  • Elaine Chapman – 1:53:32
  • Paul Coates – 2:00:25
  • Tom Cooper – 1:28:27
  • Dave Daniels – 1:42:48
  • Rebecca Hodgetts – N/A
  • Timothy Hodgetts – N/A
  • Martyn Joyce – N/A
  • Kevin Joynes-Creed – N/A
  • Mark Manley – 1:36:59
  • Rosie Oates – N/A
  • Jessica Osbourne – N/A
  • Kirsty Pitts – 2:05:24
  • Rochelle Ravenscroft – 2:03:13
  • Sarah Reynolds – N/A
  • Gareth Roberts – N/A
  • Sharon Smith – 1:46:19
  • Ellie Taylor – 1:51:26
  • Rich Taylor – 2:09:59
  • Dave Whitlow – N/A
  • Rebecca Wilson – N/A
  • Sandie Wood – 2:12:41

Have fun on Sunday, it’s a very kind course for a PB and the RSE representation is nothing short of fantastic this year.

Looking forward to seeing you all then.


Endurance Expert Championship Update 2018

The Swindon Half Marathon race was the 6th race in the Endurance Expert championship 2018. The RSE representation was fantastic with 8 men and 8 ladies finishing in club colours.

A fairly flat course (apart from a fairly pesky hill just when you want it at mile 11!) meant for some great times and some smashing PB’s. Well done to all runners.

Men’s Competition

First in for the men was Tom Cooper securing 10 points. The top 3 was completed with Andy Masser in 2nd place with 9 points and Dave Daniels in 3rd with 8 points.

Tom has the top spot secured but there’s change in 2nd and 3rd place with Andy Masser still in 2nd but the 8 points from Dave Daniels means he’s now in 3rd place. Well done chaps!

  1. Tom Cooper 50 points (60 points overall)
  2. Andy Masser 31 points
  3. Dave Daniels 23 points

Ladies Competition

In the ladies we had Sharon Smith in 1st place picking up another 10 points, with Nadine coming 2nd securing 9 points and continuing her strong season, in 3rd place was Ellie Taylor.

It’s tight at the top of the ladies competition with just a couple of chances for the positions to change. Some runners haven’t completed their 5 races yet and there’s still opportunity for those that have run 5 to improve on their current points, so it really is all still to play for. As it stands we’ve got…

  1. Nadine Brown 48 points (57 points overall)
  2. Sharon Smith 37 points
  3. Elaine Chapman 37 points
  4. Ellie Taylor 32 points

Fantastic running ladies!

We’ve got a few weeks off until our next endurance race which is our club handicap race at the Cricklade Half in October, so we’ll expect to see some different names and the chance to rack up some potentially valuable points all around.

Great running to every single one of you.