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RSE Coaches Challenge – Team Challenge 26/4/20

What a week!

This week’s Running Somewhere Else’s Coaches Challenge saw over 50 members split into 5 teams, each captained by one of the club coaches, to encourage each other to continue running during lockdown. Challenges were set by each team to receive bonus ‘miles’, alongside the physical miles they each ran, in an attempt to accrue the most miles over the week and be crowned the winners.

“Cathy was joined by Royalty on Mondays run”

Challenges included co-ordinating running attire so each team member wore a different colour of the rainbow, only running in one direction (so only left turns or right turns allowed!) and taking a variety of silly selfies, all whilst following social distancing guidelines. Members were also all challenged to take part in a home-based exercise workout, such as strength training, yoga / Pilates or the popular Jo Wicks PE session.

“A few Silly Selfie’s from members of Elaine’s team”

These challenges certainly proved popular with almost all members completing the effort session: running up a hill at least 5 times wearing RSE club colours.

It has been fantastic to hear the ongoing feedback from all involved. The challenges have certainly made the captains’ smile too as they’ve learnt new things about each of you – For example, some members don’t know the ‘correct’ colours of the rainbow, others tune in to Joe Wicks just to watch him, some members used to have a lot more hair and others really need a haircut! Other highlights include someone running 12 miles with an orange just to be able to take a selfie with it, confusing the numbers 7 and 9 resulting in the photo of the wrong house and of course Kevin’s mammoth run collecting the letters of his name! Also, two of your coaches are far more competitive than the others. I’ll let you work out which two it may be…

Elaine’s thoughts … “What a brilliant time we’ve had in Chapman’s Champs.  I’ve loved the positivity and support of the team; it’s been lovely, everyone encouraging each other. I’ve loved hearing what everyone has been up to all week. Great energy and enthusiasm and team work! The silly selfies were great fun, with Amanda copying emoji’s! Tracey has been a super trooper, falling over and still continuing to get 3 more miles and a silly selfie. Mark did a very impressive progressive 9 miler, perfect pacing! Sharon went on a date with Joe Wick. I loved that when Rachel did her efforts she ended with an audience cheering her on! The legend Kate Potter did 9 miles with Tinglesfield efforts, not once but twice! Pauline and Becca have been so enthusiastic, asking what more they can do and supporting all and came up with good challenge ideas. Phil’s smug selfie made me laugh and then smashing his half marathon PB by 8 minutes was brilliant. Finally, Charlie engaging more with running this week because she wanted to help the team was fantastic.”

Kevin’s highlights … “My personal highlight was spelling my name; loved planning it and loved running it! Overall the highlight has to be the way it’s sparked everybody into life with people running further than recent runs and brought some fun back. Finally, within my team I’ve been impressed by Kay who hasn’t run for months yet this week has pulled a 5 and 6 mile run out of the bag as well as doing a fairly substantial hill efforts session (I’ve run up the hill she used and it makes Tinglesfield look like a speed bump)”

Gareth’s team… “Gareth’s Gang have all really stepped up to the mark for this weeks team challenge. Every member completed all three runs and rose to the mini challenges picking up every bonus point on offer gaining us a stunning total of 536.22 miles! The Q challenge presented no problems thanks to the abundance of quarries, quacks, Quakers and Queens. Tuesdays colours of the rainbow challenge proved a little more tricky and prompted some discussion about what the colours actually were, especially Sarah who taught me that Australian rainbows are a different colour! Luckily the girls and particularly Ellie and Cheri had every colour imaginable to choose from meaning that Dave and I could wear standard male blue and green. Vanessa improvised by wearing her top inside out to get the required Violet. Two falls in one day did not stop Jo from completing the full 9 miles either and Caroline T got inventive doing Joe wicks with a bag of Quinoa and running with an Orange. Although Sarah and Liz should have been running in London today I hope that this weeks challenges made up for that disappointment. Lastly a special mention should go to Ellie, Caroline JC and Sandie who’s competitive spirit came through in choosing team over family in this event.”

Nadine’s notes… “I am so proud of my team, everyone has worked really hard to collectively achieve a fabulous amount of miles. Ollie ensured he ran maximum miles each run due to being at a disadvantage to achieve bonus miles as his camera doesn’t work. In contrast, Handsome Andy (as he is now affectionately known as) ‘selfied’ away and not necessarily the correct things. Ben achieved his longest run since last October and provided some great camaraderie. Jo and Zoe put in remarkable full scoring shifts and have been a delight as has Emma with her super smiley selfies. Felicity has not only been achieving these challenges but also running every day this month. Ryo provided us with live footage of his effort session on Wednesday night, although we haven’t heard from him since he was about to take on a Joe Wicks workout… (Please let us know you are okay, Ryo?!) Huge kudos to Liz who only joined the club a couple of weeks before lockdown and threw herself into this team challenge, running consistently and coming up with the ‘run an exact number of miles’ challenge for Carol’s team. Finally, it was such a joy to see Jess back in a RSE vest and out running – well done! You’ve all made me a very happy captain.”

Carol’s comments… “Loved being a captain for the week and getting to know my crew who without excepting have all gone way and above for the team effort. Although I was dreading Kevin’s  ‘One Direction’ run …. I would never have forseen running in circles for 9 miles around the fields without ever being far from home… and actually enjoying it! Everyone has worked so hard from Martin pushing the baby on his runs, Linda and Sallie coming in from long shifts to still do their bit, Steve and Kirsty running further than they have in a while, Amanda, Tom and Vicki and Sarah doing it all with a smile and Dave finding time to do a yoga session between all his mega runs! Bring on the next challenge…!”

So without further ado… results are as follows:

1st Gareth’s Gang – 536.22

2nd Elaine Chapman’s Champs – 492.88

3rd Nadine’s Dream Team – 492.47

4th Carol’s Crew – 492.38

5th Kevin’s Crew – 453.50

Big congratulations to Gareth’s Gang , who dominated from Day 1; well done to Caroline JC, Caroline T, Cheri, Dave D, Ellie, Jo, Liz F, Sandie, Sarah R and Vanessa. Very exciting to see only half a mile separated 2nd to 4th place too. Now that’s good team distribution if I do say so myself!

But as one member identified, the result is somewhat immaterial (sorry Gareth!); we hope that this week’s challenge has been a good focus in difficult times. Everyone involved has impressed the captains and we are so pleased you all took part. We’ve been really impressed with many members also using this as a catalyst to get back into their running and have pulled out some notable miles and sustainable hill efforts, as well as those who have achieved personal bests. We will have a celebration evening when it is safe to do so to applaud everyone’s involvement.

RSE Team Captains

Last, but by all means not least, I personally want to say a huge thank you to the Captains – Gareth, Elaine, Kevin and Carol, who have put so much work into this week’s challenge behind the scenes. We really are so lucky to have such incredible volunteers in them as their experience, fun and positivity is phenomenal as are the other coaches and committee members. Thank you to Ellie also who has produced many of the photos for this report. Simply without each of them this week would not have been the success it was.

Good luck with next week’s challenge, which will be released shortly, stay safe and keep running .

Kudos to all!



Note from Ellie:

On behalf of the club, we also want to give a massive thank you to Nadine, who kept us on track and motivated throughout the challenges (although I think she may have just laughed at my team while we discussed rainbow colours!). To keep track of 5 team chats as well as directing her own team must have been quite the task! Thank you for all your hard work, patience and support throughout the week. We really appreciate how much time and effort goes into the planning of the weekly tasks, and are so grateful for the distraction during current times.

RSE Race Report – Sunday 6th October 2019

Cricklade 10k and Half Marathon

The Cricklade 1.5 Mile Fun Run, 10k and Half Marathon took place on Sunday 6th October and is considered a flat undulating course. For the second year it was also the handicap race for the club championships which resulted in a great turnout of RSE members.

Cricklade Half Marathon Result

340 runners completed the half marathon distance. First home for the club was Tom Razazan in an impressive 1:34:53 (PB), he was followed by;

Andy Masser 1:37:06;

Ben Chapman, in an incredible new PB of 1:38:03;

Dave Witnall also 1:38:03 after supporting Ben round the course;

Mark Garrett 1:39:47;

First lady home for the club was Ellie Taylor in 1:44:27;

Vic Trykush 1:50:30;

Kevin Joynes-Creed (in a new PB) 1:50:22;

Jo Wood 1:50:32;

Gareth Roberts 1:52:41;

Kirsty Pitts 1:53:44;

Jo Beames 1:55:58

Sarah Reynolds 1:57:45;

Sarah Page (knocking a massive 5 mins off the PB) 1:58:15;

Rochelle Ravenscroft 1:59:03;

Linda Edwards (just 7 days after Berlin Marathon!) 2:02:57;

Rich “Ryo” Taylor 2:03:41;

Vicki Mason 2:05:58 (PB);

Cathy Steer 2:05:48 (PB by 2mins);

Istvan Vegh 2:08:52;

Vanessa Poole 2:21:22

Cricklade 10k Result

292 runners completed the 10k distance. First home for RSE was Mark Manley in 42:46; he was followed by RSE first lady Rosie Oates in 45:37. This is a new PB for Rosie finishing 4th lady overall and 1st in her age category.

Next in was Elliot Gardiner in 47:17 and a new PB;

Steve Sandercock in 50:01 and agonisingly close to that sub 50;

Martin “Ted” Pitts 51:40;

Cheri Edwards 53:08;

Lindsay Gregory 53:35;

Anne Gardiner with a new PB of 55:22 and 1st F60+;

Felicity Crotty 57:20;

Amanda Haines 59:31;

Kate Sedgwick 1:03:16;

Pauline Tilbury 1:07:09;

Jane O’Dell 1:12:14.

Fun Run Results

Congratulations to Lottie Vegh and Rory and Eden Brown who also completed the 1.5 mile fun run today!

Amazing running everyone and a big thank you to all those who turned up and supported this event.

Bournemouth Marathon

The Bournemouth Marathon is a road race run that takes place each October in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. The inaugural Bournemouth Marathon took place on 6 October 2013. It is part of a festival of running which includes a half marathon, 10km run along with shorter races.

Representing RSE was Dave Daniels who had to dig deep to finish what was a brutal race with quite a few hills and winds notorious of a coastal run. Congratulations to Dave for completing the event in 4:07:01.

Loch Ness Marathon

The Loch Ness Marathon is an annual marathon race in Scotland, held along the famous loch, Loch Ness, ending in Inverness. The event is part of the Festival of Running, held annually at the beginning of October.

Becca Wilson took on this undulating, scenic event finishing in an unoffical time of 5:49:00.

Congratulations Becca, fantastic running on such a challenging course.


RSE was represented at 5 different parkruns on Saturday 5th October 2019.

Swindon parkrun

Caroline Sandercock 36:25

Newent parkrun

Sarah Reynolds 37:19

Bideford parkrun

Tom Cooper 19:28

Cirencester parkrun

Sylvia Warman 31:05

Tetbury parkrun

Felicity Crotty 28:18

Final Thought…

What a weekend to be a member of Running Somewhere Else! I wanted to end the report this week by saying what a privilege it has been to compile the results today, listing all your incredible achievements and reading all the fantastic comments of support and encouragement. It is a reminder that success is not just what you accomplish but it is about what you inspire others to do – and you are certainly an inspirational lot!

RSE Race Report – Sunday 21st April 2019

Westonbirt Easter Half Marathon and 10k

A rather warm Good Friday saw the Westonbirt Easter 10k and brand new half marathon take place. The route started at Westonbirt House and took runners on quiet surrounding roads through Shipton Moyne and back to Westonbirt.

Sarah and Ollie looking cool before the start of the Half Marathon

First in for RSE in the Half Marathon was Ollie Hazel in a time of 1:35:49. Ollie did extremely well finishing 21st out of the 419 whom finished. He was followed by Sarah Page in a fantastic time of 2:03:11 and 2nd LV50. Bearing in mind this was Sarah’s first half marathon, huge congratulations are in order!

RSE 10k runners all smiles at the end of the Westonbirt race

Meanwhile in the 10k, Steve Sandercock put in another strong run finishing in 52:35. He was followed by Elliot Gardiner 54:07; Amanda Haines 1:03:33; Kate Sedgwick 1:07:48; Helen Berry 1:12:52; Caroline Sandercock 1:17:34; Kate Bartram 1:17:43; George Rackley 1:20:48 and Kay Thompson 1:20:58.

Well done everyone, especially in the heat!


Hampstead Heath parkrun

Jenny Hoffmann 35:16

Horsham parkrun

Tom Cooper 19:16

Cirencester parkrun

Andy Masser 21:56

Jon Collins 26:19

Felicity Crotty 29:34

Tracy Webster 31:14

RSE Race Report – Sunday 14th April 2019

Chedworth Roman Trail

Team RSE at a chilly Chedworth Roman Trail

Sunday saw the next instalment in the RSE Championship: a beautiful, but challenging, 10(ish!) mile multi-terrain race in the heart of the Cotswolds. Starting from Chedworth Village Hall and running over tracks and woodland paths through the Stowell Park Estate and close to Chedworth Roman Villa. Luckily there was lots of cake at the end to reward runners after completing the hills and river crossing!

Well done to Ollie Hazel who was first home for the club in a super time of 1:14:34. He was followed by Ben Chapman in 1:27:41; Nadine Brown 1:28:53; Sharon Smith 1:30:30 (1st LV60); Kirsty Pitts 1:36:07; Rochelle Ravenscroft 1:36:44; Rebecca Hodgetts 1:39:08; Jo Beames 1:39:18; Kevin Joynes-Creed 1:41:57; Cheri Edwards 1:45:56; Lindsay Gregory 1:45:56; Istvan Vegh 1:45:58; Rich ‘Ryo’ Taylor 1:46:55; Sandie Wood 1:55:51; Richard Marshall 1:55:52; Kate Potter 2:03:05 (1st LV70+) and Kay Thompson 2:35:34.

Many managed course PBs but a special well done to Sharon and Kate for coming first in their age categories. There was also a great deal of pure grit and determination on view, especially by those coming back from, or dealing with, injuries as well as the one recovering from a very recent marathon! Well done everyone.

Great Welsh Marathon

Becca Wilson and Fatima Birkett celebrate completing the Great Welsh Marathon with a warming cuddle

The Great Welsh Marathon and The Great Welsh Half Marathon also took place on Sunday 14th April. The race started and finished at Festival Fields in Llanelli, taking runners along the coast and through the magnificent Millennium Coastal Park. Advertised as a flat marathon with PB potential, the organisers didn’t mention how gusty the course could be, which our RSE members found out!

Well done to Andy Masser who completed the 26.2 miles in a new Personal Best of 3:26:12. Also big congratulations to Becca Wilson on her first marathon, who not only achieved a great time of 5:19:34 but also raised over £800 for Macmillan.

Bourne ‘Run in the Woods’ 10k

The ‘Run in the Woods’ is a picturesque route on hard tracks in the beautiful and historic Bourne Woods in Lincolnshire. Vicki Mason took part in the small, well organised and undulating trail run completing the 10k in 55:42. Well done Vicki.

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

Dave and Ellie are all smiles at the end of Paris Marathon

The Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris is now one of the biggest marathons in the world; as much for the size of its field as the performances of its runners. Nearly 145 nationalities and 55,000 runners come to tackle the 26.2 miles. The route across Paris, takes in the Champs Elysées, the Bois de Vincennes and Boulogne and offers an incomparable backdrop, with spectacular views and landmarks all along the route.

Three RSE members made the journey to Paris to take part in the prestigious event and each of them certainly reaped the rewards of successful training over recent months. Well done to Dave Witnall who took over 8 minutes off his previous PB finishing in 3:10:56; Dave Whitlow recorded a time of 3:35:47, taking 5 minutes off his York time last October and Ellie Taylor achieved a London ‘Good for Age’ time in 3:42:28, smashing her previous marathon PB by 22 minutes! Well done all.


Swindon parkrun

Steve Sandercock 25:08

Caroline Sandercock 35:21

Cirencester parkrun

Ollie Hazel with his Mum 35:44


We conclude the race report this week with some incredibly exciting news. After running over 26 miles Dave Witnall was still able to muster up not only the courage but energy and adrenaline required to get down on one knee and propose to the beautiful Ellie. She, of course, accepted and I know we all at RSE send them the biggest of congratulations. Lovely news 🙂