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RSE Race Report – Family, Feats and Fantastic Scenery

Gower Ultra 50

Following the Wales coastal path around the Gower Peninsula, this trail run takes in some incredible views as runners cross cliffs, beaches, farmland and marsh terrain.

RSE’s Sarah Reynolds entered the race, finishing in a brilliant time of 11:45:58 and 4th lady overall!

The first half was relatively flat along marshland but in the second half the hills kept coming, lots of them on soft sand which was very challenging! It was my first 50 mile race and I loved it – stunning scenery and perfect weather. Carol and Andy came to support and Carol ran with me for a bit.

Sarah Reynolds

Sarah would like to give a huge thank you to Carol and Andy for their support!

Congratulations Sarah on a brilliant run!

Yorkshire Marathon

The York Marathon is a popular one amongst runners, offering a one lap course around the historic sights of York as well as the surrounding countryside. The route is mainly flat with great support from the crowds.

Completing her 10th marathon was RSE’s Linda Edwards! Linda finished in a brilliant time of 4:44:18, smashing her sub 5 hour goal.

This was my 10th marathon and undoubtedly the hardest physically. The marathon runs past York Minster with the bells ringing which was quite atmospheric. A lovely marathon and really well supported and organized. I also ran a nice warm up York park run at the racecourse on Saturday. Anyone not doing a marathon the day after should try this one as its a PB park run course and flat.

Linda Edwards

Well done Linda on 10 marathons! Did you remember to ‘do the Y’ at the end?

Centurion Autumn 100

Not content with running 2 marathons in 2 weeks, RSE’s Sarah Hancock took on an even longer challenge for her 3rd week of races. The Centurion Autumn 100 is based in the twinned villages of Goring and Streatley on the river Thames. The difficulty of the run is stressed on the website, pointing to the dramatically changing conditions dependant on weather.

Sarah completed an incredible 75 miles of the course! Fantastic work, Sarah!

Great South Run

Taking place in Portsmouth, the Great South run follows a fast and flat 10 mile course along the coast and through the city. Runners past iconic sites including the HMS Victory and Spinnaker Tower. The Great South race weekend attracts thousands of participants, making a fantastic race atmosphere.

Running for RSE was Paul Coates, who ran with his son, Dan.

The course was good flat and fast, with perfect running weather, great atmosphere and support, and a run along the sea coming to the finish line. [I was] supported by Caroline on grandma duties and my granddaughter Florence.

Paul Coates

What a perfect family day out!

Paul finished in 1:25:42 – a new course record! Congratulations, Paul!


York Parkrun

  • Linda Edwards – 31:26

Worcester Parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 26:02
  • Felicity Crotty – 30:29

Aberystwyth Parkrun

  • Cathy Steer – 28:59

Cirencester Parkrun

  • Elaine Chapman – 24:38
  • Caroline Joynes-Creed – 32:06 – a new course PB!

Parkrun result not mentioned? It may be that you’re not listed as Running Somewhere Else in the parkrun results online. For information on how to change/add RSE as your listed club, click here.

RSE Club Report – 3 Countries, 2 City Marathons, an Ultra and a Race Track!

Manchester Marathon

The Manchester Marathon is fast and flat, taking runners mainly around the city centre roads. The marathon took place on a surprisingly hot day and the Manchester residents were out in force, cheering, offering words of encouragement and loudly playing music from famous Manchester bands (🎵 Don’t look back in anger!). 6 RSE members took to the course, which now measures the full 26.2 miles (*cough* see 2013-2015) and ran some incredible times.

  • Andy Poole – 3:43:09 – a 6 minute PB!
  • David Witnall – 3:48:22
  • Lesley Hinsley – 3:58:38 – a 25 minute PB!
  • Sarah Page – 4:13:28 – First marathon!
  • Phil Scoble – 4:27:29
  • Ellie Taylor – 4:41:29

Really enjoyable day-weather was perfect and the support all around the course was fantastic.

Andy Poole

It was a brilliant day with brilliant weather (usually rains in Manchester, always) so very lucky. A whole lot of nostalgia for me as been in Cirencester for last 20yrs, so lots of memories. Loved it. I have Mark Manley to thank for that with all his coaching, training and advice. Everyone did so well.

Lesley Hinsley

Some brilliant times, fantastic PBs and great team spirit! A huge thank you to the RSE cheering squad – Vanessa Poole, Cathy Steer, Martin Page and Paul Hinsley!

Run Mhor Hidden Glen 10k

Voted the best 10k in Scotland, the Run Mhor Hidden Glen 10k is an out and back mixed-terrain course, following grass, trail and roads. The run boasts stunning views of the countryside surrounding Loch Doine. Running for RSE was Kay Kipling who finished in a fantastic time of 1:39:28.

Starting from the Monachyle Mhor Hotel, the race takes
runners along Loch Doine before turning back towards Loch Voil and up into the surrounding forestry. The route is described as 2.5K undulating, 3.5K uphill, 4K downhill. It’s a beautiful and brutal race and worth trying at least once.

Kay Kipling

A huge well done to Kay!

Chicago Marathon

Only a week after completing the London marathon, RSE’s Sarah Hancock crossed the pond to complete Chicago marathon, a fast and flat course, starting and finishing in Grant Park. That’s 2 marathon world majors in 2 weeks! The route follows iconic landmarks, including The Lions Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, the Aon Centre and Buckingham Fountain.

Sarah Hancock finished in a brilliant time of 3:56:21!

Well done, Sarah!

Swindon Ultra 50k

Taking place from Lydiard Park in Swindon, the Ultra 50k follows an undulating road and trail course around Shaw Forest Park, Coate Water Park and on to Barbury Castle. It’s the first year the 50k marathon has run and Swindon’s first Ultra!

RSE’s ultra-specialist Mark Manley took on the course, completing it in an incredible time of 6:14:00!

A huge congratulations, Mark! We look forward to hearing about your next ultra…

Silverstone Half Marathon

The iconic Silverstone track swapped race cars for runners this Sunday, with 5k, 10k and half marathon options available. As the official website states – ‘Lewis Hamilton’s fastest qualifying lap time of 1min 24sec is hard to beat, but why not set yourself a challenge!!’ [Source]. The course is not as flat as you might expect from a race track but the route is well worth checking out for it’s…spiral(?).. shape – check it out here.

A huge well done to Paul Robertson who completed the course in a speedy time of 1:37:18!

A good course but a course that is more difficult than you would assume. Lots of small inclines that seem to stretch forever. A must for F1 racing fans who want to see the inside of the garages and run on the hallowed tarmac. A highlight was being set off with sparklers going off at the start line as you ran through.

Paul Robertson

Well done, Paul!


Worcester Parkrun

  • Felicity Crotty – 31:04

Cirencester Parkrun

  • Paul Coates – 26:45
  • David Witnall – 28:13
  • Carol Sworn – 29:08
  • Vicki Mason – 30:04
  • Elaine Chapman – 35:43

RSE Club Report – Marathon Season!

Virgin Money London Marathon

Alan and Paul, post marathon

The most famous marathon in the UK was back on the streets of London this year, the course taking in iconic sites such as the Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben, before finishing at Buckingham Palace. This is a race a lot of runners aspire to take part in, so it’s no wonder that places are hard to get, even with options for the ballot, best in age category and charity placings. Finding out if you’ve been selected is an event in itself!

Sarah with a shiny medal

This year Running Somewhere Else were excited to have 4 members take part in London – Caroline Terry, Richard ‘Ryo’ Taylor, Sarah Hancock and Sharon Smith.

And two runners taking part in the virtual option – Paul Robertson and Alan Powderhill! Paul and Alan ran a figure of 8, 1-lap course taking in Ewen, Somerford Keynes, Cerney Wick and Down Ampney – a proper Cotswold tour!

Virtual Times:

Ryo showing off his medal
  • Paul Robertson – 4:22:10
  • Alan Powderhill – 4:25:18
Caroline and her support crew!

London Times:

  • Sharon Smith – 3:32:24 – 2nd LV70!! And a new PB by 6 minutes!
  • Sarah Hancock – 3:53:09
  • Caroline Terry – 5:50:48
  • Ryo Taylor – 5:51:06

Brilliant times from everyone!

Baxters Loch Ness Marathon

Gareth and Becca on marathon eve

While the buzz of London paraded our screens with full TV coverage, another marathon was taking place around the remote but breath-taking shores of Loch Ness. This stunning marathon follows the River Ness and moorlands, starting in Fort Augustus and Foyers, and finishing in Bught Park in the centre of Inverness. Runners who are delirious with excitement (and possibly dehydration) can catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster, racing them to the finish.

Entering for RSE were club members Becca Wilson and Gareth Roberts.

  • Gareth Roberts – 5:01:00
  • Becca Wilson – 5:41:37

Loch Ness marathon was a gorgeous race, a pretty undulating course with awesome views across the loch. Definitely a race to recommend. I finished in 5:01 not my best time but certainly my best marathon.

Gareth Roberts

Fantastic running both of you!

Berkeley 10k

Linda and The Pimms

Hosted by Dursley running club, this is a fast, flat 10k around the historic town and countryside of Berkeley. The day was stormy and rainy, a stark contrast to the sunshine in London, but it was all worth it for the can of Pimms the runners earnt at the end!

Running for RSE was Linda Edwards, her second 10k in 2 weeks!

Linda Edwards – 56:26

Well done on a brilliant time and enjoy the Pimms, Linda!


Edinburgh Parkrun

  • Paul Beaumont – 23:45

Tamar Trails Parkrun

  • Darren Jenner – 26:29
  • Felicity Crotty – 32:32

Cirencester Parkrun

  • William Gardiner – 29:52

Dinton Pastures Parkrun

  • Taryn Hancock – 29:33

RSE Club Report – From 5ks to marathons – that’s a lot of Racing!

Hawkesbury Upton 5k

Starting and finishing in Hawkesbury Upton, this race follows an undulating course over the Cotswold way. Half road and half trails, the route boasts impressive views of the countryside.

Running for RSE was Rosie Hartland, who completed the race in an exceptional time of 20:39!

It’s really pretty as you’d expect on the Cotswold way and the race had a nice community feel to it as they included a fundraising for the primary school!

Rosie Hartland

Rosie also finished 1st lady overall! 🥳  Brilliant running!

Hullavington 10k

Hosted by Stampede Sports, the next race in the RSE club championship took place in Hullavington, a location known for its undulation and hills. Stampede Sports have been popular over the last year for their Covid-safe races, and for the notorious cake at the end! Starting at the Hullavington Arms, the race followed quiet country roads along a picturesque route.

RSE club members are eagerly awaiting the official results, but here are their current watch times:

  • Mark Garrett – 40:14
  • David Witnall – 41:06
  • Rosie Hartland – 44:11 – 2nd lady! 🥳 
  • Sharon Smith – 46:09 – 1st LV60 and a new PB! 🥳 
  • Ellie Taylor – 49:50
  • Elaine Chapman – 50:14
  • Darren Jenner – 50:19
  • Paul Coates – 50:48
  • Istvan Vegh – 54:53
  • Zoe Markham-Lee – 56:53
  • Linda Edwards – 57:44
  • Felicity Crotty – 1:02:20

A nice, local event with a ‘mildly’ undulating course. Everyone ran really well – well done to everyone who took part, especially Cheri for completing the marathon!

David Witnall

A beautiful country route with plenty of manageable undulations, and worth it for the flapjack and great medal!

Linda Edwards

Yet more hills! Really enjoyed the quiet lanes and it was so nice to be back running with RSE again!

Shout out to Cathy for cheering! Really helped at the top of that big hill!

Rosie Hartland

Hullavington Marathon

Before and after the marathon!

Starting just before the 10k was the Hullavington Marathon, the 1st marathon held in Wiltshire for the last 30 years! [source]. The race take runners along country roads and over the undulating hills around Grittleton, Castle Coombe, Alderton and Hullavington.

Cheri Edwards took on the course, finishing in a brilliant time of 4 hours 25 minutes!

Great event, marshalls fantastic, plenty of aid stations and support. Fantastic spinning medal and free cake at the end too! Only problem was the heat which really took it out of me in the second half. Oh and the “undulating” route 😂 who puts uphills at mile 25?! The route crosses the M4 twice and goes over/under the train line 4 times (I think) – I saw a train!

Kev and Caroline were marshalling which was lovely as they gave me my medal!

Cheri Edwards

A massive well done to Cheri!

Hanley Economic Potter’s ‘Arf Marathon

Setting himself a personal challenge to complete 4 half marathons in 4 weeks, Tim Wainwright left the hardest course until last.

Starting and finishing in Hanley town centre, the race follows a tough course including the infamous ‘heartbreak hill’. The day includes 4 events: a relay, walk and junior race, as well as the half, making for a brilliant atmosphere on the day.

I ran a great last one [for the] 4 in 4 – a PB to finish, beating my previous time by 2 and a half minutes 😲😲 previous time 2.17.36. I’m well chuffed. I’m flying high after doing what I wanted do!

Tim Wainwright

A huge well done to Tim, who finished in 2:14:46, a personal course record! 🥳 

Coresham 10k

Postponed from April, the Coresham 10k was reorganised to the 26th September, where over 1,000 entries took part. The route follows an undulating course with one particular hill listed as tough – the race website helpfully explains it ‘just takes a bit of head down determination, [and] a good few deep breaths’ to run to the top. [source]

Let’s hope Ted Pitts followed their advice, as he took to the route in RSE colours.

It was a nice but undulating course with a mix of town and country lanes and a beast of hill at 9k!

Ted Pitts

A huge well done to Ted who finished in 53:27!

Forest of Dean Half Marathon

With the sun shining, it was a beautiful day to run in the Forest of Dean, and that’s just what Kate Potter did, taking on a half marathon challenge in the process.

Starting and finishing at Speech House, the course follows forest trail paths, up many hills and through leafy canopies. The race is organised by the Rotary Club of the Royal Forest of Dean and supported by the local Forestry Commission, with profits going to charity.

Congratulations to Kate who completing the run in 2:38:34 and achieving the 1st LV70 placing! 🥳 

Just about recovered from Chedworth 10 to have a super run in glorious Autumn sunshine!

Kate Potter


Cirencester Parkrun

  • Zan Futter – 27:34 – 1st in age category! 🥳 
  • Wayne Edginton – 28:29
  • Taryn Hancock – 30:40
  • William Gardiner – 31:24
  • Felicity Crotty – 32:14
  • Elaine Chapman – 35:56