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RSE Club Report – Miles and Miles

Running All the Miles

Well done to Gareth Roberts who has spent the weekend completing a 48 hour running challenge, cheered on by some of our RSE members. Taking to routes around Latton and Cricklade, Gareth’s 48 hour feat will end at midnight tonight, in which he plans to have completed 48 miles! Fantastic running by one of our ultra-veterans!

Social Quiz Night

Club members tested their knowledge at a Zoom quiz hosted by Kevin and Caroline Joynes-Creed. 3 teams competed in knowledge challenges based on rounds of Question of Sport and House of Cards – members were asked to name famous runners, guess who from blurred images of RSE club members, and guess the sentence when only the 1st letter was shown. Well done to team 2, who won by only 1 point!

March Pledges

Following the news from England Athletics that we can commence club activities again from 29th March, this week we launched ‘The March Back to Club’, made up of a series of pledges for members to commit to throughout the four weeks of March.

The pledges vary from committing to a number of walks/runs per week, to completing a set distance to achieve it – the NHS recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Below is a breakdown of the pledges made by our members:

In addition to the pledges above, we also have a number of members who have made pledges but want to keep them under the radar.

Over the next few weeks we’ll update on each member’s progress, so watch this space…

RSE March History – Gloucester 20!

Gloucester 20, 2018!

Our club championship may be on pause, but the achievements our club members have attained during the club races are not forgotten! For the past few years, March has been a chance for members to compete in the longest race in the championship, Gloucester 20! This race is perfect for those training for Spring marathons, and has also been a chance for some members to do back-to-back 20 mile races alongside Fission 20 (Kevin Joynes-Creed and David Whitlow!).

Gloucester 20, 2020!

The 2020 wet and windy event saw current members David Witnall, Istvan Vegh and Liz Farooq achieving PBs, some members completing their first ever 20-miler, and Sharon Smith setting the all time fastest time in the V70 female category for 20 miles in the UK Rankings!

There’s something about the Gloucester 20… club race, club support, club atmosphere. Great scenic 3-loop race, nice little hill in each, perfect for pacing and knowing what you need to do, good mindset run – works for me every time!

Emma Thomas, who has completed the race 2 times, from 2018-2019.

New Route Suggestions

Libby Butler has been hard at work creating some fantastic trail routes around the Woodmancote/ Colesbourne/ Cirencester area. Here’s a selection of some of the routes:

Woodmancote – Old Park – Hackpenny Wood – edge of Eycot Wood – Colesbourne – towards Elkstone – road past edge of Combend, Bromsley Wood and Shewel Wood – Woodmancote

9m Colesbourne Trail – https://strava.app.link/IQYvVWHfreb

Woodmancote – Rendcombe – White Way – North Cerney – Woodmancote

North Cerney, Rendcomb Loop – https://strava.app.link/7rzJohLfreb

Woodmancote – towards North Cerney, turning right before Scrubditch Care Farm – Cutham Lane – Welsh Way – Over A417 – Dower’s Lane – Daglingworth – Duntisbourne – Welsh Way – Woodmancote

Daglingworth 8 miler – https://strava.app.link/u3dmsFYfreb

The full set of routes Libby has created range from 5 miles to marathon distance. If you are a friend of Libby’s on Strava, you can access the routes via her profile, where Strava gives GPS directional guidance (similar to a Sat Nav!). Make sure you check the elevation before setting off, some of the routes are hilly!

RSE Club Report – Runners, Explorers and Artists

Runner Achievements

After another month of lockdown, the sun is finally shining, the daffodils are blooming and there are blue skies!

But as runners, we are out no matter the weather! As some of our club members have shown with their fantastic achievements over the last month.

Well done to Zoe Markham-Lee, who completed 100 miles over February! Not an easy feat given the short month and cold winds.

It was hard going when it was cold, but going out with Emma and Amanda (on separate runs) helped, or I wouldn’t have made it!

Zoe Markham-Lee

Linda Edwards and Cathy Steer have also passed their personal goals of reaching 4 miles following illness and injury! Using the NHS coach to 5k, Cathy and Linda inspired each other to keep going.

It was great because we could run the same step on the programme without running together all the the time. It was gradual, which helped. We are both glad to get to the point where we could join in a park run or club night when they resume.

Linda Edwards

Returning after a period away from running can be tough, both mentally and physically – congratulations to both Linda and Cathy!

New Route Suggestion

I know where I am, I just don’t know where I’m going…

Nadine Brown

Trying to recreate a route shown to her by Carol Sworn, Nadine Brown took on the task of navigator for her and Ellie Taylor, discovering a beautiful trail and road route, perfect for a spring morning. Checkout the video above for the 15 mile route starting and ending in Cirencester. Ellie completed 13.1 miles, cutting out the beginning part around Cirencester farm.

Strava Art

When there are no races, our runners set themselves new, and sometimes creative, challenges.

Well done to Cheri Edwards, who has set herself the task of creating a new Strava picture per month – in December she drew an angel, and January was a mermaid tail. This month:

Valentine’s inspired for February!

Cathy Steer has also ‘accidentally’ been creating masterpieces:

When you go for a run and it turns into a kangaroo…

In the words of Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

England Athletic Announcement

In case you missed it…
Earlier this week England Athletics confirmed the news we have all been waiting for releasing the following statement:

“We are pleased to confirm that clubs, groups, coaching and competition can return outdoors from 29 March for both adults and children, in line with the UK Government’s roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions announced on 22 February.”

Tomorrow (1st March) your coaching team will be launching ‘The March back to club’ consisting of four weeks worth of pledges to get you active and ready for the big return at the end of March…

Watch this space over the next few days/weeks for more information!

Weekly Club Totals

*According to Strava, 28/02/2021 at 5pm

RSE Club Report – How it all began!

The Start of RSE

Running Somewhere Else has entered its 14th official year as a running club in Cirencester, but club members may not know that the basis of the club was around some time before that. We still have some original club members at sessions today!

An interview with Ollie Wakefield – Founder, member and former coach

“The roots of Running Somewhere Else started as a gym running club at the old Cotswold Leisure Centre in January 2005. The plan was to set up a running club to help train for 3 events – the 5k Royal Marines Commando Challenge, 10k Royal Marines Commando Challenge and Tough Guy Nettle Warrior 2005. It was a great year with over 12 gym members and staff competing in each event raising over £500 for various charities. The success of 2005 created a lot more interest and we entered the same events for 2006 with more training on Monday and Wednesday evenings so we didn’t clash with Cirencester Athletics Club.

As popularity increased to take part in the events, we formed a partnership with the Alexcars coach company to drive us to the event in Exeter. We now boasted over 40 entries for the Commando Challenge event (although not everyone joined the training on Monday and Wednesday nights) and the buzz around the gym could be noticed. Many members talked about the events and looked at pictures from 2005 that helped promote the next event. 

Commando Challenge 2007

Very early on the running club suddenly felt like a community and it was in 2006, I met John Buck (known to some club members as ‘Bucky’). John was determined to improve on his running and find something that involved running but not on a treadmill – mainly due to 2 epic fails, one was when he stopped mid flow on the treadmill to watch something on the TV screen. I’m sure it’s when he got the winner at the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

John was hooked straight away, and whilst he felt the benefits both physically and emotionally, I occasionally felt when I talked to him that his mind was wandering elsewhere and knew it wasn’t because he didn’t care. Quite the opposite, he was thinking about how much this has helped him and how it could grow.

BBQ at Somewhere Else after Cirencester 10k, 2010

Unfortunately things came to stand still when the leisure centre closed and we had to wait until the new leisure centre opened in 2007. After the closure of Cotswold Leisure Centre, we spoke to a neutral friend Andy Sampson (‘Sampo’), who was manager of the Somewhere Else bar in the town centre, and asked if we could use the pub as a base for the running club whilst we wait for the new leisure centre to open. He welcomed us in straight away and the following week we started training Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm with beers and squash served as refreshments after the running session. Obviously, we paid for the beers!

A few weeks passed and it was apparent this was becoming something quite special. No longer attached to a gym, we started to attract anyone and everyone. It was a real sociable community, great friendships were formed, runners fell in love (Alastair and Jo Wood) and it was quite obvious some healthy competition was forming with Cirencester Athletics Club.

After a few (many) drinks, John and I spoke about how to get the club affiliated in 2007 – It was pretty simple, like any community based programme, you have to form a constitution. So, the first official roles were handed out to form the constitution and I carried on my role as Head Coach.

The Jamaican style running vest was something I wanted to use to stand out and with the constitution all on board and with approval from Phillipa Sawyer to amend the Somewhere Else logo and add the runner. It was off to print to purchase our first batch of running vests for members. The credit to the name ‘Running Somewhere Else’ has to go to Craig Gill – a local osteopath, who was often part of the social setup despite not being a keen runner!”

Favourite Race and Memory?

“For me it has to be organising the St James’s Place Charity run with the local Bathurst Estate and the rest of RSE (our first running event before Fairford 10k). The club and volunteers helped organise an event that raised over £20,000 for St James’ Place Children foundation and it was a proud moment to see runners in our yellow vests taking part, some volunteering to help marshal the event and celebrate afterwards with beers at Somewhere Else bar.

My personal favourite race was Bourton 10k in 2008 – my first 10k in a yellow vest under 40 minutes.”

Ollie Wakefield running the Bourton 10k

What I’m doing now?

“Still equally passionate about running – probably just as many miles just a lot slower.”

Jo Wood Running in RSE’s red, yellow and black since the beginning!

“I’m one of the few still in, alongside Andy Sampson, Tracey Pitts and Sallie Clatworthy! It was the brainchild of a few notable people who used to go the gym. A group of likeminded people who wanted to run races, get quicker as well as be sociable. We used to run from the leisure centre every Wednesday night.

There are some names of note who set the ethos of the club as we know it today – John Buck who made sure we were adhering to the rules, Philippa Sawyer and Sampo, who provided the venue, club name and conviviality that is now a mainstay of the club ethos. Ollie Wakefield we can credit with the club colours and the idea of training properly, not just going for a jog! Sallie and Tracey have also done so much for the club over the years, and continue to do so!

Over the years, the challenges have got harder, quicker and further, and as the word got out and our colours were seen across town, I guess we just grew!

When Ollie hired a coach from Alexacars in 2009, we had a fab day out at Reading half. It was such fun! They parked us right by the main start – properly VIP!”

Reading Half Marathon, 2009 – How many current club members can you spot?

RSE, quite literally, Running Somewhere Else

Over the years, club members have entered races in all part of the world – most notably, Mark Manley, who has completed the Abbott World Marathon Majors and aims to run on every continent in the world. Another club member to have run in some interesting locations is Linda Edwards, who has run Sofia Half Marathon and Berlin marathon since she joined RSE. A club trip in 2017 to Amsterdam marathon also saw many members running their first marathon, getting sunburn and painting the town red, yellow and black!

In the upcoming reports, we plan to re-visit some of the club’s achievements all over the world, so stay tuned!

If you can see a country you’ve raced in that hasn’t been coloured on the map above, contact Ellie Taylor know – let’s see how much of the world we can colour as a club.

Club Championship

All of the Club Championship winners since the beginning

The club championship has been running since 2008, when club members Debbie Barrie and Barry Sampson took the trophies. There have been many winners over the years, and some who have won more than once! (We’re looking at you Sharon Smith!)

As well as the club championship, Running Somewhere Else now has the Short and Long Stuff Specialists and the Park Run Cup, designed to put all runners on an even playing field!

Club captains Elaine Chapman and David Witnall are staying up-to-date on race protocols and guidelines during the Covid pandemic. Hopefully we’ll be back racing soon!

RSE Club Report – Dedicated to all frontline workers

Thank You

RSE would like to give a huge thank you to all of those working on the frontline as key workers over the last year. There are many members of the club who have friends and family working in high-risk areas, as well as some of our runners themselves. Thank you for all of your hard-work in this difficult time. Without you, we could not have got through the last year, and we appreciate all you have done to keep our community running.

Let’s hope that it isn’t too long before our club can get back together and celebrate properly.

Kev + Caroline Joynes-Creeds’ hilarious medals from the Shouty Dave 10k!

Kev’s Question

For those of you who haven’t seen on social media, head coach Kevin Joynes-Creed has a question for you:

If you are learning a new skill, or trying to improve upon one you already have, do you believe that practise makes perfect?

Answer below, or login to RSE pages on Facebook or Instagram to share your view. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Club Weekly Totals

*According to Strava at 17:50 on 14/02/2021

When the total was checked at 3pm, the mileage was 1,280 – that means club runners ran over 50 miles in the last few hours! Well done team RSE!