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RSE’s “Not so Royal” Variety Show & Awards Evening 2020

RSE invites club members to join them for the annual awards night and “Not so Royal” variety performance on the:

12th December 2020 at 7:30pm

This year is a little different as it will be held via Zoom – so performing acts can choose to pre-record or perform on the night! Zoom details will be sent via WhatsApp.

We suggest grabbing a glass (or two) of something you fancy, dressing festive and inviting your family members and pets. This will be a chance to see your club peers as you’ve never seen them before…

Variety Show Entries

Sing, dance or simply tell some jokes, either way, we’d love to see your act! Please send your pre-recorded entries to Ellie Taylor by midday on Saturday 5th December.

Charity Draw

This year we will be doing a virtual charity draw to raise money for the club charity, Cotswold Counselling!

All you have do is donate £5 to the club charity account online, labelled as “50/50 [Your name]”, for a chance to win half the total pot collected! Cut off time for entries is the 12th December at 6pm. The winner will be drawn at random on the night!

If you have any questions about the evening’s events, just let a member of the RSE committee know.

RSE Race Report – 29/11/2020 – A Virtual Centurion and Lockdown Escapee!

Races may not be taking part in their usual format, but that hasn’t stopped Running Somewhere Else club members from taking on some great challenges across Lockdown – virtually, of course!

DB Max Escape Lockdown Virtual Mileage Challenge

Encouraging runners to set their own mileage targets, DB Max challenged participants to run as far as they could across the 4-week lockdown period. RSE’s Elliot Gardiner took on the task, aiming for over 50 miles to achieve the Escape Lockdown medal.

I found it a good motivational tool to get me out running at least 3 times a week. Without the promise of a medal, I wouldn’t have gone out in the rain and cold as much!


Elliot completed a total of 54.18 miles, despite the cold weather and losing a shoe on the ‘muddiest route possible’! Fantastic running, Elliot!

The missing shoe…

Centurion Running One Community Run

Running in every weather!

The Centurion Running One Community hosted a 7 day virtual event where runners chose targets from 5k – 100m. Never one to shy away from the longer distances, RSE’s Sarah Reynolds selected the 100 mile option!

Sarah completed 9 runs over 7 days to reach the target, ending on a total of 101 miles for the week. Her shortest run was 6 miles, while the longest was 17.4 miles – that’s an average of 15 miles a day!

I loved it to be honest. 6 of those runs were made a lot easier by being joined by RSE friends!

Sarah on her final run of the week!

Congratulations Sarah on achieving a tremendous amount of miles across the week!

The Great Lockdown Time Team Challenge

For week two of the RSE Virtual Lockdown Challenge Series our runners were set a Time Team Challenge. Rather than the traditional speed or distance challenges, our runners were split into two teams and asked to pledge an amount of time they were able to dedicate to their running.
The participating runners were asked to select a fun running record to recreate across the week before each individual pledge was combined to create the team target.

Runners chose their own targets based on the above pledges.

Although the individual team members set their own pledges, it was surprising how close the two teams targets were, with Felicity’s Faculty pledging 54hrs 11mins 6secs and Cheri’s Crew pledging 55hrs 43mins 13secs.

The starter pistol was sounded on Monday morning and the race to the target was on…
The teams were close all week with Wednesday’s update revealing Cheri’s Crew had completed 48% of their target, holding a slender lead over Felicity’s Faculty, who had completed 47%. By Friday, Cheri’s Crew were still holding the lead but the margin was exactly the same – 76% vs 75%.
Saturday lunchtime the race was done, with Cheri’s Crew taking the first victory and achieving their team target time. However, Sunday morning Felicity’s Faculty levelled the playing field by being the first team to have every team member achieve their individual pledges.

With this in mind, there’s only one thing we can do and that’s declare the race an honourable draw…

Report by Kevin Joynes-Creed

RSE Race Report – 01/11/10 – Wet, Windy and Westonbirt House!

Westonbirt House ‘Easter’ 10k

Postponed from Easter, DB Max hosted their Westonbirt House 10k race instead on the 31st October 2020. Representing Running Somewhere Else were Felicity Crotty and Istvan Vegh, who ignored the torrential rain in the morning to brave the race around the stunning Westonbirt gardens. The 10k race included 3 laps of the site, taking in views of the grounds and the historic house.

Jo Crotty, RSE’s Felicity Crotty and Darren Jenner

Talking on the race, Felicity said:

It was sunny the whole time we ran! Think I would have been less smiley at the end if it had been raining as well as the mud and wind!

The multi terrain run saw nearly 300 runners take to the route, already churned up from DB Max’s duathlon at the same location earlier in the day.

Finishing times from RSE club members were:

  • Istvan Vegh – 53:58
  • Felicity Crotty – 1:04:18

Great running both of you!